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Fall Le Curate Shoot

Allison Berlin and Sara Pollen Dimedio are the dream team behind Le Curate and we worked together for a couple of their September stories for their blog, Curate Diem (which you can go to get all kinds of styling tips!).  Here are some images ~

We wanted a super merlot-y lip so I mixed my Ava lipstick with Espresso Mineral Eyeshadow to make it crazy saturated.

Model - Nicole Nadeau
Photographer - Rush Zimmerman


PETA Approved!

You guys I'm so excited!!

As of 9.24.14 Erin's Faces is officially recognized by PETA (People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as being a Cruelty-Free Line.

We get to be listed on their site as well as in their shopping guide - so neat!

The good news is that all of my labs/vendors have been cruelty-free the entire time, I just had to prove it with letters from each of them to send to PETA as well as an application going into much detail on what I carry and who I get it from.  

But we're official and I'm so happy to share that no bunnies, or any other little critters, will be harmed in the making of any of Erin's Faces makeup, skincare, bodycare or household products.


Erin's Faces on Veria Living's "Naturally Beautiful" - Day to Night Makeup

Halli Binova, Nitika Chopra, myself and Courtney Spritzer
You guys, I shot this segment in January 2013 and it has finally aired!!  I'm so happy to get to share it with you.  

Veria Living's "Naturally Beautiful" was my first TV spot ever and this was a doozy for a first swim in the water - after walking through a day to night transition I did a smoky eye at a fun angle while answering a bunch of questions and attempting to sound intelligent.  Then I had 12 minutes to take my girl from day to night for an HD camera.  I was nervous but I think it went alright!  See what you think :)

The colors I used on the girls were:


Girl Crush - The Ladies of Fashion on Broadway

Isabel Leonard, George Brescia, Kate Baldwin, Randi Rahm
On the last day of Fashion Week my dear friend, George Brescia, hosted "Fashion on Broadway" at Lincoln Center (and did a book signing for his new book Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life..because you can't go naked!) and I got to do the makeup for the beautiful Broadway starlets - here are some pics!

Courtney Reed plays Jasmin in "Aladdin" and has THE most beautiful skin!  She's wearing my Red Lipstick, Onyx Eyeliner and Mineral Foundation in Natural Beige.

Elizabeth Stanley plays Claire DeLoone in the upcoming "On The Town" (I can't wait!) and was working a fun rocker look - love!  She's wearing my Tender Beige Mineral Foundation, Mineral Blush in Impatiens and Lipstick in Pure.

My classic beauty, Kate Baldwin, is in rehearsals for Papermill's Broadway Bound "Can-Can" playing Pistache (so excited to see it!) and was as warm and yummy as ever.  She's wearing my Spice Lipstick, Afternoon Delight Cheek Duo for contour, Magic Dust cheek highlight  and Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation in Linen.

Leslie Kritzer was full of so much joy and I loved meeting her and just closed "Piece of My Heart".  She's wearing a mix of Passion Plum and Coral Crush Mineral Lipglosses, Mineral Blush in Tulip and Mineral Eyeshadow in Sunset.

Fancy photos courtesy of Stage 17; Not fancy photos courtesy of my phone :).


Girl Crush - Uprising of Love Benefit Concert

I got to be a part of an amazing benefit last night, Uprising of Love: A Benefit Concert for Global Equality, whose proceeds went to Fueling the Frontlines, an LGBTI rights group led by the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice.  My team of awesome artists, Jody Formica and Neil Scibelli, and I got to paint some super talented faces - here's a look!

Stephanie J. Block sang "For Good" with Stephen Schwartz and the cast of Wicked and it was AMAZING.  She's wearing Erin's Faces Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation in Pale Beige, Mineral Blush in Tulip, and Lipstick in Pure/Mineral Lipgloss in Enchanted.

The legend that is Patti LuPone sang "Being Alive" and "Not While I'm Around" - watching from the wings was a huge treat!  She's wearing my Mineral Concealer in Light/Medium, Aloe Powder and Gerber Mineral Blush.

Stephanie and Celina Jaitly shared a dressing room and I Magic Dusted Celina all over so she looked like a shimmery Barbie :).  Celina sang her song "The Welcome" from an inspiring video she did with the United Nations.  

Neil did Jane Lynch's makeup and kept her fresh and beautiful so she could host the evening in style.

Country singer, Chely Wright, looked luminous after spending some time with Jody and sang "It Was".

Did I mention Sting was there??!  We didn't touch him but watching him sing from the wings was one of THE coolest things EVER.

Such a wonderful evening!!


Erin's Faces Fall 2014 Product Launches!

Oh man you guys!  I have been sitting on this stuff and am bursting to share these goodies with you!  They're all in their own type of category and each and every one is a response to what you guys have asked for - here we go!

It looks a lot darker on paper but you can see on my freckly hand that in real life they're pretty darn similar
My top selling lipstick is the Sheer Lipstick, Tea Rose.  You guys love it and so do I but I've been asked for the same type of color in my long wear Satin Lipstick formula.  Enter MOCHA ($16).  Ignore the name because it makes it sound coffee brown-esque - it isn't - it's a hair deeper but has the same beautiful pinky brown as Tea Rose but it's a less shiny and will not fade.  Coconut and Caster Seed Oils, Shea Butter, Illipe Buter and Hyaluronic Acid condition while Vitamins A, C and E, Safflower Oil and Beeswax moisturize, soothe and protect.

You guys love the Cream Eyeliners, and so do I!, but I've gotten the request for something a little more mobile.  I have tested tons of liners and this one was the winner!  My DARK CHOCOLATE FELT TIPPED LINER ($18) is my new favorite thing.  It's the same espresso brown as the Mahogany Cream Liner but in a pen allowing for a super skinny, clean line that will not move once it dries.  It's easy to travel with (no brush required) and doesn't dry out like so many liquid liners can.

Highlighting, as you know, is my jam.  But not everyone likes to shimmer and I have spent about a year looking for a highlighter that met the criteria I was looking to fill - a luminous formula that read as a glow-from-within rather than a shimmer and a paraben-free hydrating formula.  I found it you guys!  My new BRIGHTENING PEN in CHAMPAGNE ($26) is GORGEOUS - it looks like skin and utilizes Olive and Jojoba Oils to nourish the eye area while mineral pigments brighten.  No brush necessary, just twist it up, bop it on and soften with your finger - done!  Radiance achieved!

And for my ladies who want a highlight but want zero shimmer, either due to on-camera situations or age, I have added DAISY ($15) to my Mineral Blush line.  The talc-free powder formula feels creamy and reads beautifully on light-medium skintones.  It has no shimmer but gives you a beautiful highlight for those who want a matte finish (and doubles as a great eyeshadow base color).

I am tired of my friends spending $20 on fancy sponges that they won't throw away because they spent $20 ON A SPONGE.  So I am coming out with my non latex foam BLENDING SPONGE ($6) and it is awesome - I recommend using it wet to soften the edges of your foundation or soften where you want coverage but don't want to buff it in with your Foundation Brush.  The shape allows you to work around the contours of your nose and face easily and with the price you can toss it, LIKE YOU SHOULD, after three months.  I have lots of feelings about sponges :).


Fancy Folks - George Brescia - Stylist to the Stars

George Brescia will be a familiar name to my regular readers as I've done posts about working with him on Fashion on Broadway, dressing Kate Baldwin for the opening night of "Giant" and giving awesome Erin's Faces shout outs on NBC's New York Live.  As of late he has been keeping busy with his own web series, Dress Up! With George B. Style (you MUST watch it!), becoming the spokesperson for Donna Karan on HSN AND he just wrote a book!!

George – you’re fancy and you have a book!! What made you want to write it?
First and foremost I wanted to empower women to be able to have the world see them the way they want and deserve to be seen, and to give them the confidence and the tools to do it.

What’s different about your book than other image books on the market?
I like to think of my book as both great advice on style and fashion but with a deeper and more spiritual understanding of how our inner and outer selves can reflect and compliment each other. When a person first meets you, they make all sorts of decisions about who and what they think you are within seconds.....why not use your image to communicate exactly what you want people to think of you. To put it simply, your clothing speaks before you do! Why not have it say clearly what you want?

What do you feel women need to know about picking out clothing for themselves?
They need to know their color palette, their silhouette based on body type, their strengths and their challenges, and most importantly, exactly what they want to say to the world in each individual setting with their clothing.

Your book recommends clothing colors based on hair colors – what if you’ve been brunette your whole life but then dye your hair red (ahem….) does your whole color palette change?
No, but some of it will.... you still have your skin tones and your eye color, but you’ll definitely have to add some new colors that will compliment your new hair color. Your appearance is a combination of the three, not just one of them. As a person ages and they become what I call a “Silver” they also make adjustments on their palette.

Is there any “cross coloring”? Meaning, if you’re blonde would you ever wear colors meant for gingers?
Oh yes... there are similar shades and colors which can be used by more than one group. For example, I love the combination of both camel and cream on both Blondes and Gingers.

What is a color that looks great on almost everyone?
I would say that red can look great on any woman provided it’s the right shade of red!

How do you feel about prints?
Sparingly in your wardrobe. Too much print and all we see is “PRINT” and not YOU!

Do you discuss body types in your book? Any tips on that?
Well, of course! I always say “Accentuate the positive!...and camouflage the challenges!... Read the book! There are some secret tips!

What are your feelings on trends?
I don’t believe in trends, because they come and go, and you are here to stay! Find what looks good on you, and as you shop each season, you’ll pick only the trends that look good on you.

What’s one of the biggest mistakes women make when putting together outfits?
They let the clothes wear them! They don’t wear the clothes!

How do you feel about leggings as pants?
I love leggings. They have to be paired with the right tops and the right circumstances.  But as a concept, I LOVE THEM.

Jeans – what cut are we doing – boyfriend/boot/skinny? What’s happening?
Seriously?.... you know I’m going to say the cut that looks best on your body! However, I have to say personally I am loving DKNY jeans and the boot-cut for evening with a great heel.

Who needs this book?
Every woman that wants to be empowered and live the life that she desires. This book is meant to help women find confidence and joy when they open their closets in the morning, so that they are ready to take on the world each day and live an extraordinary life.

Any other words of wisdom for us?
Yes. Remember you can’t go naked. It’s against the law. You are legally bound to buy and wear clothes, so they might as well be great! Just like you!

George has a book signing for Change Your Clothes! Change Your Life! ...because you can't go naked! at his second Fashion on Broadway Symposium at Lincoln Center during Fashion Week this Thursday, September 11 at 6pm - join me there!


Fancy Folks - Katie Rooprai of Bun Bun & Monkey

Katie and her daughter, Marin
It is always really inspiring to me to meet other women entrepreneurs and it's even better when they've been long-time friends!  Katie Rooprai and I went to high school together and she was gracious enough to host a group of awesome ladies in her home in Denver this past May for a trunk show for Erin's Faces.  Katie has developed a super successful line of some of THE cutest handmade dresses for little girls (avail in 3 months - 5T) called Bun Bun & Monkey (the perfect gift for this aunt of two nieces!) and even Martha Stewart has taken notice, but more on that later - read on!

When did you start Bun Bun & Monkey?
I officially launched Bun Bun & Monkey in October 2013. Prior to that I had been sewing a lot for my kids, and making a lot of gifts for friends, but I launched my Etsy site last October.

Pierson (Starboy TShirt), Marin (Chinese Lantern Playdress) and friend (Citrus Slices Playdress)
How did the name come about?
I named my company after my kids’ two luvvies; the beloved stuffed animals that feel like my third and fourth children. My son, Pierson, has a monkey that has been his best friend since birth, and my daughter, Marin, has the same relationship with a white bunny. I’m constantly walking around the house saying, “Where are Bun Bun and Monkey? Has anyone seen Monkey or Bun Bun?” One day as I was on the hunt for Bun Bun & Monkey I thought their names together sounded like a catchy name for the business.  I originally named the company Double Luvvies, but after a few weeks I switched to Bun Bun & Monkey—it just had a great ring to it.

What made you decide to turn sewing from something you did for your children into a business?
Five years ago I didn’t own a sewing machine and I didn’t know how to sew. But then I left my corporate marketing job to stay at home with my son.  I finally had the time to learn to sew; a life skill that is quickly becoming a lost art. My Mom was the perfect teacher, as she had sewn for me throughout my childhood. I just wanted to sew a few baby clothes and maybe a throw pillow. Two years later we were blessed with a baby girl. There’s just something about a little girl that makes you want to sew, and sew, and sew. I started creating new outfits for Marin and giving handmade gifts at baby showers. It was the incredible response from friends and family that encouraged me to start Bun Bun & Monkey. Eventually after enough people say, “You could sell this, you should start a business,” I finally listened.

What makes Bun Bun & Monkey stand out?
What draws people to my Playdresses is how polished and put together they look. Without being overly frilly or fussy, my dresses are an elegant solution for everyday dressing. I use on-trend fabrics that help little girls standout in a crowd because of their classic beauty, a welcome break from mass-produced, commercialized princess dresses. In the summer I love to work with timeless fabrics like seersucker and nautical prints, as well as modern floral patterns. For my fall/winter collection I move toward bold geometric prints and tartan plaids in the holiday season. These fabric choices often remind mom/grandma of their own childhood, but in an updated dress for today’s fashion forward little girl. And because I do a matching hair bow and fabric bead necklace with each Playdress, the total look is classic, custom, adorable.
Coral Floral and Patriotic Princess Playdresses
What’s your most popular print?
This summer the most popular design was the one I named “Patriotic Princess” (see above) – it features a white sleeveless top and a skirt in blue and white seersucker with red polka dot trim. I love that it is super summery and patriotic. For the Fall collection, the Fall Flowers Playdress (see below) has been a big hit. The skirt has bold, modern flowers in warm autumn tones of browns, reds, and a touch of yellow.  My favorite part is the trim that features a broken line pattern in the same colors.

Fall Flowers Playdress
How do you pick your fabrics for the next season?
Designing for each new season is my favorite part of the whole process.  I shop all over the place, in boutique fabric stores and online. And I look for patterns that really catch my eye. I try to have a good mix of colors—some pink and purple, but also brown, red, green, etc. And my husband is the best sounding board, I always consult him on the fabrics I choose.

Hairbows, Luxe Car Seat Covers and more at a Denver market
Do you do boys clothes too or just girls?
Boys are included too! I have Birthday Shirts for boys in a fun robot pattern, and I always make a coordinating StarBoy T-Shirt (see 2nd photo in post) to match the girls’ dresses when the print allows. For instance any print that isn’t heavy on pink and purple makes a great boys shirt. And I’m a total sucker for matching boy/girl outfits. My next project is to work on developing a line of bow ties for boys. This summer we were attending a wedding and I had forgotten to pack my son’s bow tie. He had a total meltdown, so I grabbed one of my daughter’s Hair Bows and clipped it to his shirt. It looked great all night long. So I have a bit of product development to do, but I’m excited about the idea.

Cherry Festival Playdress and Play Pearls
Anything for moms?
Yes! We can’t forget about Mom! I make an accessory called Play Pearls — fabric bead necklaces in all the wonderful prints that match our Playdresses. These are a great accessory for mom, and the best part is they are virtually indestructible. My kids were forever pulling on my delicate necklaces and breaking them, so I decided to make “jewelry” that was super kid friendly. I also have a lot of moms that use the Play Pearls as teething or nursing necklaces. 

Spooky Sweet Playdress
What’s new for Fall?
The start of Fall is truly my favorite time of year—I can’t wait for the weather to get cool, and I can never get enough pumpkin everything. So this year’s Fall collection features some of my favorite fabrics and prints: the Flannel Fans dress with a super soft single-nap flannel in greys and pink on the skirt, and the Spooky Sweet Playdress which is perfect for Halloween season (which in my house starts now and last for a full two months!) Spooky Sweet is has a black long-sleeve top, and a spider web/moth pattern on the bottom in muted tones of mauve and grey. My description really doesn’t do it justice, it’s delightfully unique for Halloween without the traditional orange/black combo. Also this Fall I’m featuring even more designs in the larger sizes, 2T-5T, which have been increasingly popular for Bun Bun & Monkey.

I’ve been to your house – you are always mothering, cleaning, cooking, etc - when do you have time to sew?!
That’s a very good question! I am a full-time Mom first and foremost.  And like most Momtrepreneurs, I have to fit my business in around the rest of my non-stop life. It’s a constant balancing act. My “sewing studio” is in my basement, which makes it convenient to work whenever life allows. I always joke that my office hours are from 10pm-2pm, but it’s really not a joke!

What’s the story on this Martha Stewart Nomination?
Bun Bun & Monkey is a 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards Nominee!  We’re so honored and excited! For the past two years the Martha Stewart organization has been celebrating American Made products from a wide variety of categories…everything from jars of jam and wheels of cheese to bikes and scarves. Bun Bun & Monkey meets the qualifications of being proudly American Made. In the nomination, I had the chance to answer the question, “What does American Made mean to me?”  It’s very thought-provoking to consider why this movement is so important to our country and our economy.
When I choose an American Made product, I expect it to last longer and have a higher degree of craftsmanship. These values inspire my work at Bun Bun & Monkey. 

Our Playdress has an extended wear cycle and can be worn for multiple years. The first year it fits as a dress, hitting at the knee or slightly below. Next year it pairs perfectly with leggings as a peplum top or tunic. Long after mass produced kids clothes have shrunk, faded, or fallen apart, our Playdresses are ready to be passed down to little sisters or neighbors for many more seasons of wear. And there’s something special about this notion of “small batch” that has cropped up in the retail world. Whether it’s chocolate, bourbon, or clothing, it indicates that more time was taken to create the product; that more hands and fewer machines were involved in the process. And that makes us feel as if we’re getting a product truer to our roots, maybe a few degrees closer to what our great-grandparents experienced.

Can we vote for you?!
To help Bun Bun & Monkey advance from a Nominee to a Finalist in the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards, here's how you can help: SHARE this link on Facebook and Twitter as widely as possible before this Tuesday, Sept. 9.

 Where do I find Bun Bun and Monkey?
You can find me on Etsy and connect with me on Facebook.

Upcoming Markets
You can come visit Bun Bun & Monkey at the Boulder Green Streets Market on Sunday, Sept. 14 from 10am-4pm, and at the last Sweet William Market of the year in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver on Saturday, Sept. 27 from 9am-2pm.