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Super Hero Oil - Tamanu

You guys, I am seriously so excited (and I just can't hide it!  or help making bad jokes!) because I have been waiting one year to launch this product!

Okay - short story - our new Tamanu Oil is fantastic for all skin types - normal, oily, acne-prone (yep!), sundamaged, even eczema.  It's a totally organic, virgin, cold-pressed oil and is known for being full of antioxidants as well as for being anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.  All the anti's.  The good ones anyhow :).

Longer story - I've been doing makeup for nearly 20 years now *gulp* and sometimes I would get a client with the softest skin.  I'd always relish the moment because soft skin = good makeup but, more importantly, because my skin has never been soft.  Maybe at birth but I think it lasted a week and then it was over.  The oil kicked in and I always have some sort of texture going on.  Living in the Northeast also adds to this in the winter as my skin has started to get dry in cold weather - but nothing worked for me as everything broke me out!  Not anything we had, not anything anyone else had.  I was getting frustrated and dried out and it was no good.

So I started researching ingredients that would be a good fit for my skin.  Tamanu Oil kept coming up so I got a sample and fell. in. love.  My skin was SOFT (like those clients I've had!) and hydrated and I didn't break out at all.  Like at ALL.  But I thought, "this could just be me, I have to check in with other people too."  So I sent it to clients last winter/spring who were having the same issues I was.  Here's what they said which made me feel like this wasn't going to just be for me:

And then another sent me this before/after and testimonial:

"I reached out to Erin when I was struggling with a major breakout of perioral dermatitis.  She immediately knew what product to recommend for me.  The Tamanu Oil reduced the inflammation within one week of using it and left my skin with not ONE scar.  The area stayed hydrated and I enjoyed the fresh earthy smell!  Besides helping the inflamed area, it gave me my confidence back.  which for me, meant more than anything!" 

What?!  I know!  I was in.  

It does have a nutty/grassy fragrance to it which took me a minute to get used to but, you guys, I did not care once I realized what my skin could be like when using it!

A French nun first brought it over to the West at the turn of the century when she was working with patients suffering from leprosy (what?!) and then another Frenchie used it in 1918 with a patient who had gangrene who was scheduled for amputation - after Tamanu Oil drenched dressings she got to keep her leg!  This stuff is nuts.  Literally actually, as it's from the Tamanu Nut!  In a recent study Calophyllum Inophyllum, aka Tamanu Oil, was tested for its wound-healing abilities and antimicrobial properties and it was concluded to be an alternative therapeutic option to treat infected wounds.  Which is SO SERIOUS!

In my opinion it's best for skintypes that fall under the normal/combo and oily/breakout prone headers.  If you're dry I would go with our Argan Oil.  However, if you have eczema, a rash, a bite, or something that requires an anti-bacterial situation I'd go with the Tamanu.  

So, if all of that sounds good check it out HERE for more specifics and if you pick one up please let me know what you think!


A Case for Organic Bedding with Boll & Branch

Photo used courtesy of Boll & Branch
We spend about 1/3 of our lives in bed.  In one year that's 4 months, which is a long time to hang out in one location!  We're good at making sure our skincare, makeup and food are sourced in clean ways but have you thought about your sheets?  I really hadn't until I sat with the co-founder of Boll & Branch, Missy Tannen, and Milla Leighton, Senior Manager of Design & Development, where I was majorly enlightened about the world of bedding (and wanted to be BFFs with them because they're so fun but that's another story!). 

Milla, Missy and myself
I had reached out to the company after having been given a set of their Signature Sheets as a gift (thanks mom for introducing me to B&B!) and later purchasing a couple more sets.  Since I felt like our motives in having our companies were aligned and I wanted to learn more about what they did.  You guys, I'm so into them :).

It all started with a home remodel - Missy and her husband, Scott, were doing a bedroom renovation and were upgrading their mattress from a queen to a king.  In need of new sheets, Missy went to a local department store to check out the options available and found the choices limited (maybe one organic set) and was unclear as to why certain sheet sets cost so much.  It came to her to ask, "what is the perfect product?" and, after research, she and Scott decided it came down to three major components:

Photo used courtesy of Boll & Branch


Conventionally grown cotton is funky y'all.  It uses more pesticides than any other crop in the world.  Do you want to sleep on that?  And rub your face into it, a la your pillow?  Neither did Missy and Scott, so organic cotton was the goal.  Since cotton fields and bedding manufacturing facilities are limited in the United States, they headed over to India, the largest producer of organic cotton in the world*, and met with local farmers who used rainwater, marigolds, sunflowers (the flowers attract pest eating birds) and manure to grow their crops - and that was it.

Photo used courtesy of Boll & Branch

, short for Global Organic Textile Standard, is the certification that all of their cotton bedding has and here's the layman's breakdown of what that means:

  • at the end of the day the sheets must contain at least 70% organic cotton 
    • Fun Fact - Boll & Branch exceeds this and does 100% organic cotton because they're awesome
  • any dyes used have to meet GOTS environmental and toxicological rules 
  • if there's color dying happening they have to have a functional waste water treatment plant (meaning, they can't use hot pink dye and then dump it in the water system and ruin the water for that community - did you ever think about that?  because I didn't)  

Photo used courtesy of Boll & Branch
"GOTS will literally go in unannounced and audit the location and see how they manage the dye waste.  I wanted rich, vibrant colors that wouldn't wash out but didn't come at an environmental cost" Missy said.  "We also use hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach to get our whites white and we don't do wrinkle resistant chemicals after dying as they tend to contain formaldehyde."  Um, good because that's gross.  And also, WHO KNEW?! 

Photo courtesy of Boll & Branch
GOTS also follows every step of the supply chain - from seed to spinner to weaver to dye house to finishing (cut and sew) - keeping organic fibers separated from conventional ones and regulating chemicals used.

Missy with factory workers
Photo used courtesy of Boll & Branch

This is two-fold - you've got the farmers and you've got the factory workers.  In general, both generally get treated pretty horribly so this was another area Missy and Scott wanted to focus on.  Since they had decided on GOTS certified organic cotton that took care of the farmers.

Photo used courtesy of Boll & Branch
With conventionally grown cotton Missy explained that "the average cotton farmer's lifespan is 35 years old due to the chemicals they're using and the debt they go into purchasing GMO seeds and pesticides to keep them growing." (what?!)  She went on to explain "in India cotton farms are made up of small villages.  It's 1-4 acres per family and, while they'll grow a small amount of food for themselves, the primary amount of land is for cotton which is how they make their income.  We have visions of huge cotton picker machines here in the United States but in India everything is done by hand."  So all of those insecticides and pesticides - those are applied by hand in conventional farming and affect the health of those touching anything in the plot.  So once you eliminate chemicals, not only is it better for YOU but it's better for the farmers.

Factory workers who make Boll & Branch goodies
Photo used courtesy of Boll & Branch
Then we get to the factory workers.  Missy cared about the labor conditions of manufacturing  because "I'm a mom of three children, I was a teacher and I just wanted to know who was making our products and thank them."  Missy got samples from a number of factories in India and ended up loving the ones from a particular factory, and after meeting the owner, loved him too!  She asked if he would undergo Fair Trade Certification for his factory and he said yes.

Photo used courtesy of Boll & Branch

The Fair Trade Certification guidelines ensure
  • workers make a fair wage set by the country they're in + Fair Trade together (rare in factories)
  • workers are not discriminated against due to gender, age or religion
  • there's no child labor (do you want an 8 year old making your sheets?)
  • the prohibition of harmful chemicals
And then, one of the coolest parts to me, was the "Fair Trade Premium" - with every purchase order companies make to a Fair Trade Certified facility, a premium is paid.  A board of factory workers is elected by the workers themselves and they decide what to do with these premiums which end up being about 3 months extra wages.  Sometimes it's handing out cash bonuses to everyone, other times it's investing in healthcare supplies or even hotpots to cook in for all employees.  Excellent all round!

Photo courtesy of Boll & Branch

"A majority of our customers haven't slept on organic sheets before so it might just be a bonus for them instead of a requirement" Missy explained, though after reading this far aren't you SO on board for organic sheets?!  Also, "they had to visually hold up to the sheet sets at Bloomingdale's, Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn".  Each set comes in a beautiful box tied with a ribbon, instead of wrapped in plastic, as Missy wanted people to feel "that it was worth the wait of ordering online and that it's a special purchase."

Photo courtesy of Boll & Branch
And then they had to be SOFT - crazy soft.  Their Signature Soft Sheets have a loose weave that wraps around you.  The more you wash them, the softer they get without having a deceptively high thread count.  "We promise the you your best, softest sleep" Missy said.  

So all of this - quality raw materials, fair and humane labor conditions and beautiful aesthetics all combine to make up everything that Boll & Branch creates.  Missy said "I truly love that we're making amazing products that people love.  Knowing that the more we sell means it's a positive impact on our supply chain - it means so much!"

And that's what you're paying for - clean cotton, fair wages, healthy farmers and luxurious bedding.  The organic cotton alone, straight off the field, costs Boll & Branch $20-30/sheet set (depending on size), which is nutty if you think of the sets you see for $30 at big box stores.  It starts to make you think about how much those sheets actually cost.

Percale sheets
Photo courtesy of Boll & Branch
In that list of goodies are, of course, sheets, as well as blankets, throws, duvet covers and pillows.  And new for summer are their Percale Sheets.

"We have thoughtful product launches that come from customer requests" Missy shared, and the Percale was no exception as the team was getting asked for them.  Think of a men's dress button down shirt - it has a tighter weave and a crisp "hotel sheet" feel.  They're great for people who get hot in the summer as they "sleep cool" since the sheets tents over you, creating more airflow, as opposed to hugging you as other sheets can.  The ladies were very generous and gave me a set of Percale sheets and you guys, they're SO LIGHT.  It feels like little angels are holding the sheets up over you so you don't get too hot - I can actually spoon my husband, or be spooned!, for more than 30 seconds and not overheat in the summer!  It's magical!

Photo courtesy of Boll & Branch
Tricks of the Trade from Missy & Milla:
  • always wash new sheets - even if they're organic they've been touched by multiple hands and you should wash them before you do a face plant into your bed
  • don't wash sheets with other items - towels and clothing can be abrasive and break your sheets down more quickly and leave lint
  • you need two sets of sheets - one for on the bed, one in the wash - that's it!
  • Erin's tip - if you're going to the trouble to using clean sheets use clean laundry detergent - check organic options from Whole Foods or lines like this one from Molly's Suds or from Eco Nuts .  
I'll put it to you this way - my husband is going to go work at a camp this summer for a couple of weeks, and probably will for many summers after.  He has to bring his own bedding and said "I guess I'll go pick up a set of twin sheets from Marshall's before I go"  - at which I think steam started coming out of my ears *lol*.  I'm ordering a twin set of Boll & Branch today!


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Ladies of Hamilton & Erin's Faces

In light of the Tonys happening this past weekend I am thrilled to share pictures of all of the women in the Broadway cast of Hamilton: An American Musical who all use our Mineral Foundation and Mineral Concealer (and most use our Aloe Setting Powder as well!).  I thought it would be SUPER fun to show their selfies wearing our product to demonstrate how the colors read on different people and the Hamilton cast was the perfect group since they cover almost every shade!  And they’re remarkably talented so there’s that :). First the short version: 

And now I'll break it down a little more :):

Whether playing Angelica Schuyler or leading her Fearless Squad, Mandy Gonzalez is a perfect match for our Cream Beige Mineral Foundation and Light Mineral Concealer.  

Lexi Lawson (left) plays Hamilton's wife, Eliza, and obviously brings joy to whatever she does!  She wears our foundation in Almond and concealer in Medium set with our Aloe Setting Powder.  

In the midst of seducing Hamilton as Maria Reynolds, and playing the perky little sister Peggy Schuyler, Joanna Jones (right) throws on our foundation in Almond, concealer in Warm Honey and our Aloe Setting Powder.  

Can you imagine learning all three lead tracks and being able to perform them at the drop of a hat?  That's what Jennie Harney does as the Universal Standby for the Schuyler sisters and she looks fab doing it in our Natural Beige foundation, Warm Honey concealer and Aloe Setting Powder :)!

Natural beauty Eliza Ohman is the Co-Dance Captain and a swing who headed up figuring out who was what shade with all of our foundations for the group.  Eliza is our lightest shade in our Mineral Foundation – Linen – and is also wearing our Mineral Concealer in Light and our Aloe Setting Powder. 


Decked out in costume *yes please*  Sasha Iman wears our Mineral Foundation in Sandy Beige and Mineral Concealer in Warm Honey.  To keep everything in place from start to finish in her ensemble track Sasha uses our Aloe Setting Powder.

That skin and those cute bows!  Lauren Boyd is in the ensemble and also an understudy for Peggy.  Lauren is wearing our Mineral Foundation in Pale Beige and our Mineral Concealer in Medium.

I always think it’s fun when Erins use our line as everything is personalized just for them at all times J.  And Erin Clemmons is just joy on a stick in her Mineral Foundation in Sandy Beige and Mineral Concealer in Warm Honey.  She sets it all with our Aloe Setting Powder when she’s in the ensemble OR when she’s understudying the role of Angelica.

Karla Puno Garcia is an amazing dancer (go check her videos out on her Instagram!) who wears our Mineral Foundation in Honey Bronze and our Mineral Concealer in Warm Honey.  She also uses our Aloe Setting Powder which makes me so happy as it shows that it can work on all different skintones – just use a little bit and buff it in if you get too much. 

Understudying Angelica when she's not in the ensemble Elizabeth Judd wears our foundation in Almond and concealer in Warm Honey.

Wearing our foundation in Almond, Tanairi Sade Vazquez brightens up the undereye area with our Mineral Concealer in Light/Medium while she looks fierce every night in the ensemble.

Christina Glur is a beautiful dancer and a swing in Hamilton.  She’s wearing our Mineral Foundation in Tender Beige that she set with our Aloe Setting Powder.

Ensemble member Lexi Garcia is super cute in our Linen Mineral Foundation and Light Mineral Concealer.

You can always grab a sample of any of the foundations, concealers or the Aloe Setting Powder HERE to make sure a color is right for you!


Mother's Day Green Beauty Gifts

You gave your mom a handprint, a noodle necklace, a subpar bowl you made in art class and a haiku you wrote in third grade.  This woman deserves something good this Mother's Day.  We've got green beauty goodies for everyone in a few price points - noodle necklace-free:

Roses on the Go ($75) is the perfect gift for someone you'd love to pamper!  Valued at $82.50 it contains:

  • 2 oz Rosewater Tonic Spray - vegan
  • 1 oz Rose Quench Serum - vegan
  • Erin's Faces Logo Makeup Bag
  • Gift Card
Let's get real for a minute - I don't know a single mother who isn't in to lifting, firming and brightening and the Rose Quench Serum is our top selling product for just that.  It will work on normal/combo/dry skin and is a lovely lightweight texture.  The Rosewater Tonic is perfect to use in the toner slot, after cleanser, to set makeup or even as a mid-day hydration boost (and theis size makes it TSA-friendly!).  And then there's our cotton catch-all makeup bag to fit all of her lotions and potions in - Mom is ready for her next vacation!

If she's a fan of growing things in the backyard our Garden Goodies Bundle ($50) is a flower and fruit combo (yep, cucumbers are fruit!) that's sure to please.  Valued at $55 it contains:
  • 4 oz Rosewater Tonic - vegan
  • 1 oz Firming Eye Gel - vegan
  • Gift Card
The glass bottle of the full size Rosewater Tonic is just super pretty and feels luxurious on her bathroom counter or vanity, in addition to being soothing and hydrating.  And the Firming Eye Gel is a DREAM - made with an Organic Aloe base and Cucumber Seed Oil it elevates the whole "cucumbers on your eyes" situation to one that depuffs, tightens and feels (and smells) like a spa treatment.  

What mom doesn't love a smooch from their little, or big, ones?  Kisses + Roses ($25) keeps her kisser looking cute and her skin in good shape.  Valued at $27 it contains:
  • 2 oz Rosewater Tonic Spray - vegan
  • Blushed Fair Trade Tinted Lip Balm (soft sheer pink shade)
  • Flushed Fair Trade Tinted Lip Balm (deeper strawberry shade)
  • USDA Certified Organic Lip Balm in Peppermint
  • Gift Card
Our best-selling Peppermint Lip Balm keeps her protected any time while the Tinted Lip Balms can be for a laid back day with Blushed or fancier occasion with Flushed.  And the Rosewater Tonic - can you tell we're super into it?!  

And what's this gift card we keep talking about?  Not to be confused with a $ gift card, this is one of those old fashioned things that people used to write a note on back in the old days, around the time you drew that portrait of your mom with stick arms and pasta for hair.
We'll personalize our beautiful new gift cards, or leave them blank for you to fill out, and include them with any purchase of these three goodies.  Aren't they so pretty?  I just want to frame it.  

And if you just want to grab a bundle for yourself that's good too :) - Happy Mother's Day everybody!


Easy Ways to Go Green

You go to the gym on a regular basis, you eat organic when you can, you’re a fan of green juice but you’re not sure how to navigate the world of “green beauty” – what should you avoid, where should you start?  It can be overwhelming!  Here’s an easy way to make a few changes to start with – we’ll bump up to other options in coming months.

First off, I’d look at who’s cruelty-free – we’ll do a post just about this in the future but it’s worth checking a website to see if your fave products are tested on animals or not because, at this point in the game, testing on animals isn’t necessary or, honestly, very nice so I’d rec checking it out.  PETA and Leaping Bunny are good places to start and most companies will say if they are cruelty-free even if they’re not certified.  Cruelty-free doesn't mean vegan, but it does mean that they don't test on animals.

Photo from Instagram @meowmeowtweet

Aluminum and parabens aren't awesome for your armpits so grabbing a deodorant that is aluminum and paraben-free is a great place to start (studies are mixed on if these ingredients play a part in cancer but most people who get cancer are advised to switch to an aluminum and paraben-free deodorant by their doctor so it's up to you to be the judge).  Pit Paste is a great line that works well for people who aren’t sensitive (in a jar or in a stick).  If you are sensitive, the Lemon Eucalyptus stick from Meow Meow Tweet is effective and won’t irritate or you can go baking soda-free from them and do the Grapefruit or Tea Tree options. 


Okay, if you (or your husband or children) are using ChapStick, Blistex, Aquaphor, Carmex, Vaseline, C.O. Bigelow or Khiel’s lip balms chances are high that they’re petroleum based.  Ingredients to avoid in your lip products are Petroleum, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil or Polyisobutene as they all fall under the petrochemical umbrella and, long story short, you’re eating it.  You eat the equivalent of one tube of lip balm/year and it ends up being 7-9 pounds in your lifetime – it’s serious y’all!  It's what made me want to create ours which are USDA Certified Organic and come in Peppermint, Coconut, Lemonade and Lumberjack which have the slip of a petrochemical based balm without the nasty ingredients.

Photo from Instagram @drbronner

There are all kinds of ingredients in our toothpastes that are no bueno for you: Triclosan, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Artificial Sweetners, Flouride and Propylene Glycol are ingredients to look out for.  My current favorite is the Dr. Bronner's Toothpaste in Peppermint  (it also comes in Cinnamon and in Anise).  Mouthwash is another area where there’s Alcohol, Aspartame, Dyes (bright blue anyone?) so avoiding those is a good goal.  My two faves are this one from Tom's of Maine or this one from Dr. Brite (also avail in Strawberry). 


I wrote a whole blog post and did a video on this but here’s the short story – you want physical, not chemical, SPFs.  What does that mean?  The FDA sees sunscreens as drugs so look at the “Drug Facts” or “Active Ingredients”.  You want physical SPFs, not chemical ones:

Most chemical SPF's are linked to unfortunate stuff , the worst being Oxybenzone.  It hurts you and the coral reefs (you've seen reef-safe SPFs) so just skip it and stick with Non-Nano Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide, preferably in a liquid/cream format and not a powder or spray.  Want to know more?  Read that blog post :).

For a safe daily sunscreen I love our Peptide SPF 30 which is a triple hitter - SPF, firming serum and lightweight moisturizer all in one.  We've also got an SPF for body, a stick for easy application and a lip balm with sunscreen.

Aren't you glad this isn't our reality?!

I typed "feminine hygiene" and it sounded like I was in a 6th grade health class so I'm going to go with "period stuff" instead.  Long story short you guys, at the very least use fragrance-free tampons/pads.  At the LEAST.  Your vagina is a receptive lady and she will absorb whatever she encounters.  Fragrance is linked to endocrine and reproductive issues so I vote to skip it.

Photo from Cora

Studies are mixed on if the levels of dioxin in conventional tampons is harmful, same story for having rayon in your tampons but, to me, if we can negate even having them in the equation then let's jump on the organic tampon bandwagon.  For every purchase of a box of their organic tampons CORA  provides pads and reproductive health education to girls in need around the globe - I'm super into their situation.  You can also use a menstrual cup from Lena or the Diva Cup which you can reuse.

We'll talk about other ways you can go green but I feel like these are an easy way to start - let me know if you have any questions!

*this post contains affiliate links from products I use and love :)


Green Beauty Holiday Gift Guide 2017

*cue music* "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" - and it IS you guys!  We've been bottling and jarring everything up and are so excited to get it out to you!  We'll start with the new goodies and you can see how much I love my rainbow wool garland :) :

In a recent client survey you guys said yes to an oil-based body moisturizer and Orange was the scent that was your top pick.  Enter our new Valencia Orange Body Butter which literally smells like freshly sliced oranges due to the massive amount of Orange Oil we pack into it!  Coconut and Almond Oils round out the formula for a major thirst quencher.  Avail in 8 oz ($25) & 4 oz ($15) sizes.  Vegan.

Our new Sugar Lip Scrubs ($14) are made with Brown Sugar, Honey, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, amongst other goodies, and feel SO good!   They come in Valencia Orange (see what we did there?) and in Peppermint and they are a great gift for guys and girls alike.  The scent comes from essential oil and the flavor, yep! flavor!, comes from Organic Orange and Organic Peppermint Flavoring.  Give an exfoliation to your lips and follow with your favorite lip balm.

And speaking of lip balms we have a new one!  Our USDA Certified Organic Lumberjack Lip Balm is perfect for the lumberjack, or lumberjane!, in your life.  They're flavored with Peppermint Oil and hydrate, have a great slip and have a super outdoorsy axe on them - manly enough?  Available on its own ($4), or in a trio ($10), all of our lip balms also come in trio sets - PeppermintLemonade and Coconut - and are GREAT stocking stuffers.  Or, great to pair with a Sugar Lip Scrub :).

Our Aromatherapy Spray Set ($18) is always a hit as you can split it up or give it as a single gift and it's super versatile - as a room, pillow or body spray (it's based with Organic Aloe Juice) and can even be used at a diaper changing table, post yoga classes and to spruce up a car full of kids.  SO, this year we made our usual Classic Set with essential oils of Lavender, Grapefruit and Peppermint scents and added a new Holiday Set -

with essential oils for Orange Clove, Forest Crunch (evergreen) and Cinnamon that works with our candle fragrances of the same name and the Sugardoodle candle for the Cinnamon.  Vegan.

We've got majorly cute, new Erin's Faces Logo Makeup Bags ($12) that are my new favorite thing - they've got gussets at the bottom so you can fit a LOT of stuff!  And, if you've got a makeup fan, we have our top-selling Enchanted Mineral Lip Gloss and choice of Magic (gold) or Fairy (champagne) Dust Mini in our Mineral Lip Gloss & Holiday Shimmer Set ($35) which is a $48 value!

The Mason Jar Soy/Beeswax Candles ($24) are great to keep in your gift closet - they burn 50+ hours, have cotton wicks, use phthalate-free fragrance oils and are ranked 0 on Think Dirty (that means they're super clean!).  Grab a white paint pen, write "Happy Holidays" on the chalkboard top, tie a ribbon on it and you're done.  They come in 
  • Forest Crunch - freshly cut pine and evergreen
  • Orange Clove - Valencia oranges, cloves, chili pepper, bergamot and cassis - a beautiful pomander
  • Sugardoodle - it literally smells like cookies baking in the oven - vanilla, maple syrup and creamed butter with cane sugar and cinnamon
  • Applejack Cider - apples and citrus zest mulled in cinnamon and spice
  • Blushing Grapefruit - a true grapefruit - tart and bright with hints of jasmine and vanilla

Want a mini version?  These Mini Soy/Beeswax Candles ($6) are the baby sisters of the Mason Jars.  They burn 5 hours and are the perfect teacher/nurse/postal worker gift.

Our Handmade Soaps ($8) got a makeover this year and are even more giftable with their super cute boxes.  Made with filtered rainwater, oils and mineral pigments, they are triple hitters as they're safe for use on your face, body and are also a great shave bar.  Vegan.

As you know, we've got the Valencia Orange Body Butter and also returning this year is the Shea Butter Body Balm ($15-25) which is fragrance-free and more of a whipped texture.  It's VERY hydrating, is a little lighter weight texture-wise than the Orange is is perfect for moisturizing winter skin.

Oversharing but our body scrubs save my booty, literally!, in cold weather - the Peppermint and the Chocolate Sugar Body Scrubs ($15-25) are oil and sugar based and leave you feeling hydrated.  The Peppermint uses Peppermint Essential Oil and Olive Oil while the Chocolate uses real Organic Cocoa Powder and Organic Coconut Oil.   For a cleaner rinse the Lemongrass Bamboo Body Scrub ($15-25) is a great bet as it's a drier formula that foams up with water and is great pre-shave, self-tanning or even post gardening.

Can't decide?  I feel you - which is why we've got a ton of combos ($25)!  Mix and match to your heart's delight -