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Celeb Makeup Mishaps & Fixes

Okay - so first off, I am not into bashing anyone so that's not what this post is about.  I just think it's fascinating to see how makeup can makeup people look awesome and also makeup people look not their best - but their face is the same!!  So the issue isn't with them, it's with their makeup artist.  AND, all of these women look pretty amazing with not a stitch of makeup on though it is fun to see what color, lashes and contouring will do for a girl.  Here we go -

Eva Longoria
Eva looks about 15 years old with no makeup - kind of nuts right?  Sometimes when we put our concealer on in "normal light" it looks just fine but with a flash of a camera it can blast white.  So, if you know you're going to be photographed just make sure that everything is super blended and in the right color family.  As you can see she normally nails this and looks fantastic.

With Rihanna it's blended a lot better but you can still see it - the deeper your skintone the easier this can happen.  You also have to be careful with silver shades on warmer skintones as they can cast ashy.  It works, for me on her eyebrow and cheek highlight but the under eye concealer is just too light.  She is nailing it, however, in the red lip pic.  And her skin is immaculate in the no makeup pic so there's that.

Christina Aguilera
So I find this comparison so fascinating.  Christina's makeup in the second and third pictures is actually pretty similar - the main difference is that everything is refined in the third pic.  Her blush's placement is higher and warmer but it would have been fine if they kept it on her apples and in the pink family - the issue is with the amount of color going on and the lack of blending.  See how seamless it is in the third pic?  It just melts into her skin.  The other main difference is thinner lip lining (they didn't overdraw her lips) in the third pic.  She's another one with beautiful skin as you can tell who also looks like a teenager.  

Jennifer Lopez
So this set is great to me too because it shows how to do a nude lip.  You can see how that color in pic two is not working, while I would still call the color in pic three a nude lip but it doesn't have white/gray in it which is sucking the life out of Jennifer Lopez's face - ESPECIALLY when she is tanned within an inch of her life!  And you can see her natural skintone in the no makeup pic - no one needs that much bronzer folks.  She is one of my FAVORITE beauty icons so I generally feel like she can do no wrong but it's nice to know everyone makes mistakes :).

Gwyneth Paltrow
This is an EASY fix ya'll - and one that we all have - we get too shiny and need powder - that's kind of it.  Gwyneth Paltrow looks great with and without makeup but she looks way better when her forehead isn't reflecting light, agreed?  Agreed - but she isn't overpowdered and matte, there's still a nice glow to her skin .

Kim Kardashian
Okay - so my thing with this one is that I'm not trying to get everyone into super natural makeup, just makeup that doesn't make me think you might be in Cirque de Soleil.  So in the second pic you can see that Kim Kardashian brought her eyeliner to points on the inner eye.  That makes me think you're in "Aladdin".  She gets the same smoky effect by lining the inner rim with kohl liner but looks current by losing the points.    

Britney Spears
Let me first say that I love me some Britney Spears and I think she is stunning.  She can, however, swing on both sides of the makeup pendulum.  If you hear nothing from me please hear this - BLEND YOUR EYESHADOW!  See how unflattering it can be on such a pretty girl?!  And if you're doing a red lip you have to make sure that it is immaculate - otherwise it will end up looking no bueno.  She looks like my old Peaches and Cream Barbie in the third pic and I'm obsessed with it.

Jessica Simpson
It's J-Lo again but J-Simp.  Jessica Simpson is STUNNING but when you over tan, over bronze and put on a cool-toned lip in the nude tone it is not going to work out folks!  You can see that she's been tanned in the third pic but it's MUCH more natural and her lip is a nude shade but it's warmer so, again, it isn't sapping her face of life.  She is another one who rolls out of bed looking gorgeous.  

Tyra Banks
Again with this, Tyra Banks looks like she's on a runway or channeling her inner Barbie raccoon and it is not my favorite.  This is easy.  When you can look as good as she does in the third pic don't put black eyeshadow all over and pair it with an orchid lip.  Just go with nothing - she looks amazing with nothing!

Catherine Zeta Jones
Okay - so this is a very popular situation - we are told all the time to throw a little bronzer on the tip of your nose and this is the reason why I am like 90% never in favor of it - because it oxidizes and you look dirty.  You can see in the third pic that Catherine Zeta Jones has moved the bronzer color to be more of a contour shade with very little actual blush happening.  She does have a very warm, but soft, pink on the apples but it's hitting on the outer edge of them.  It looks GREAT.  

Lindsay Lohan
I'm not saying you need to throw a red lip on, just have some color somewhere.  Lindsay Lohan is all sorts of shades of beige/blonde in the second pic - hair, overtanned skin (if you're a natural redhead tan skin rarely works out in my opinion), no blush, nude lip, brown shadow.  You can tell that God knew what he was doing when he made her a redhead - doesn't that color just do half of the work for her?!  She could have a soft lip on and she would still look amazing.  I also am into her natural fair skintone, especially with the hair.  Doesn't she look cute with no makeup?  Love.  

So take heart and know that everybody has an off day, even when there are professionals involved, and embrace what makes you look, and most importantly, feel your best!


Khirma Elizaov Shoot

I worked on this super fun shoot for Khirma Elizaov who has an AMAZING line of handbags that have been on the arms of the likes of Jennifer Lopez and in magazines such as Vogue.  Bottom line, Khirma is no slouch.  Allison Berlin styled the fabulous looks for the shoot and Betsi Ewing was the super sweet photog. 

Ava Matte Lipstick looking tre bellissima!

Looks and shoes for the shoot, TONS of Khirma's beautiful bags as well as inspiration pulls and makeup for days.  Betsi did not take these pics :) - she took the fancy looking ones.

Khirma getting ready for the shoot.

And back to Betsi's pics:


Makeup Artist Must Haves

I have so many talented friends who are awesome makeup artists - I thought it would be fun to ask them to pick the one thing in their kit that they couldn't live without.  Here's what they voted for (and links to their sites so you can check out how they're using all these goodies!) - 

Just like the name suggests, I'm obsessed with the Lip Tars from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics ($18)! Why? The pigment is unmatched and the tiniest bit of product, applied with a lip brush, gives rich, long-lasting color. The travel-friendly packaging also makes it so easy to custom blend your own colors!! My favorite shade at the moment: Black Dahlia.
Victoria Hoffman
I love Laura Mercier's Silk Creme Foundation ($45) because it is an oil free, natural matte, full coverage foundation that can be blended down to a sheer coverage without streaking or blotching. It's self-setting, so powder is not necessary (but optional). Either way it always looks like clean, fine skin. Laura Mercier is extending the shade range soon, so that's something else to get excited about!
~ Jody Formica

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre ($16) - It's such an amazing multitasker; moisturizer, primer, and makeup remover.   It works for all skin types, absorbs quickly, works well under all foundations, is ultra gentle and hydrating, and is fragrance-free!  I use it on almost everyone.  It's always in my kit.  And it comes in three sizes, including a little travel-sized one for one-client days.  And it's inexpensive; which is something to consider since I go through so much of the stuff!  

My favorite item in my makeup kit is Nanoblur ($15).  Nanoblur  is an instant skin perfector. Nanoblur is used on the face after you have applied foundation but before powder.  You will see a visible difference in lines, crows feet or any imperfection. Skin looks smooth and flawless. I just take a very small amount and dab into skin. I work in the TV makeup world so this has become a staple in my kit to get that he flawless look. So far works on all.skin types.  

Sonia Kashuk's Arch Alert - Brow Kit ($9.99).  Of all the brow pencils, powders, and gels, this is my absolute favorite and it's a bargain!  It's perfect for a makeup artist because you have 4 shades to blend to match any hair color.  It's a gel palette that adheres well to existing brows and also the skin if your brows are super thin or sparse.  Apply with an angled brow brush and blend with a clean spoolie or mascara wand.
Meredith Hayman

Eufora Elevate Finishing Spray ($25) - An organic workable spray that provides medium to firm hold with ingredients to help to improve the health of the hair. Aloe Vera complex adds moisturizing benefits. Essential oil aroma, no synthetic fragrances. It's safe to use it as a makeup setting spray, it will add moisture on your skin and set the makeup at the same time. Love this product! Ah! it's also safe to use for the environment.
~ Selda Cortes

Since I started freelancing I have never been without my RCMA Foundation Palettes ($71.50). They have been my favorite foundations. For any photo shoots, fashion, editorial, look book, wedding and sometimes even for beauty shoots. I have also used RCMA for video and I just simply love it. I have a variety of foundations in my kit including MAC, Makeup Forever, Christian Dior and Graftobian. But lately I have stopped even carrying any other foundation. This has been doing an amazing job for me.
~ Kirti Tewani
And one of my faves is Ardell's Duralash Natural Knot Free Flares Individual Lashes ($3.25) in Short Black or Medium Black, depending on the lash you're working with (Longs are LONG).  They look more natural than any other fake lash I've every worked with because you can customize the look with different lengths (getting shorter as you go into the nose), there's no band and there's no knots on the ends.  They take longer than a strip of lashes to apply but if you're at an event, vs. being on stage, they are the way to go.


NBC's New York Live "Makeup For Every Skintone" Video Segment

I'm so excited to share this clip with our group!!  We shot this segment with Lilliana Vazquez for NBC's New York Live at DryBar in Murray Hill back in November and it just aired this week.


The concept I wanted to implement was finding a color palette that would work on literally any skintone at all - light, medium or deep.  So I started off applying the proper complexion products on each girl as those would, of course, be different.  I then applied these Erin's Faces products to each model -

Magic Dust, Mineral Eyeshadow in Sunset, Mineral Blush in Tulip, Satin Lipstick in Spice, Mineral Lipgloss in Enchanted - for individual products click on each name or click HERE for all of them in one spot

On Maggie we focused on a bold lip and did Spice Lipstick full force with just a hit of gloss on top.  Because Tulip is so bright we just used a hit of it on her apples.  Because her lip was the focus I went softer on Maggie's eyes and used Magic Dust on the inner half and the Sunset on the outer half.  Her complexion colors were Mineral Foundation - Linen and Mineral Concealer - Light.

For Di Ana I wanted a look that would work be easy breezey/work appropriate - we went super soft on everything - shadow and cheeks with Magic Dust as a cheek highlight.  For lips I did a stain effect with the lipstick meaning I just dotted it on the lip and smudged it in with my finger/lipbrush and then put TONS of Enchanted gloss on top.  Di Ana's complexion colors were Mineral Foundation - Natural Beige and Mineral Concealer - Medium.

On Yvonne I wanted an eye that would draw you in so I wet the shadow brush, squeezed it out and then went into the Sunset shadow.  What that does is give you a heavier, more saturated pigment (and Sunset is pretty pigmented anyhow!).  I blended the edges with a dry shadow brush and threw Magic Dust on the inner corners of the eyes.  Lipwise was a pretty equal pairing of lipstick and gloss.  Yvonne's complexion colors were Mineral Foundations - Fawn & Honey Bronze.


Video Blog - New Brightening Eyeshadow Primer

I have been touting the benefits of eyeshadow primer since the beginning of time.  As a concept what it is supposed to do is MAKE YOUR EYESHADOW STAY - through hell or high water it should stay on if you apply eyeshadow primer first.  Now, not all eyeshadow primers are created equal - I can't tell you how many samples I have from my labs that never measured up - which is why it has taken me nearly three years to find one for Erin's Faces.  Here's the lowdown:

 With and without eyeshadow primer - creasing is no bueno ladies.

Why is yours different?
Not only does this one nail everything down until you wash your makeup off but it brightens too - I know!  So exciting!  Meaning - any red or blue that you may have in your lid gets cancelled by the primer as it has a tint.  If you have a fair/medium skintone it will just look like your eyelids are a little brightened and evened out.  If you have a tan or deep skintone it makes your lid a bit lighter so that the eyeshadow color can read true as opposed to losing its pigment in the depth of a deeper skintone.

Click below for the video explaining it all with a demo:

The silky texture allows eyeshadows and liners to go on smoothly and the water-resistant formula helps keep everything put.

What's in it?
Coconut, Beeswax and Betonite Clay are some awesome ingredients in the paraben-free formula.  

I have sensitive skin - will it work for me?
It was clinically, allergy and dermatologist tested and is non-irritating.

Do I really need it?
If your eyeshadow is gone midday, creased or doesn't show up upon application then yes.  And to most people the answer is YES.  I don't say this about very many things but if you don't wear eyeshadow because it creases up through the day or disappears this Eyeshadow Primer will change your life - for REAL.  All of your hard work will not be wasted and your eyes will look as great at 9pm as they do at 9am.  

Can I just use my face primer as my eye primer?
In my experience, no.  Which is why I've been rec'ing the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer to folks even if they purchased a makeup primer from Erin's Faces.  Facial primers tend to be hydrating and a bit slippery which doesn't work on eyes - it just creases things.  Eye primers tend to be drier (see the video above) as that's what's needed to keep shadow in place.  

What will it run me?

Where do I get it?!


New Organic Peptide Eye Cream

Ladies and gents - I am BEYOND excited to share my new Organic Peptide Eye Cream with you - there are so many things I love about it we're going to break it down -

Why add a new eye cream when you already have two?
I was looking for an organic eye cream option since the two that I have area awesome but not organic.  The issue for me was that a lot of organic options are full of yummy natural hydrators but they don't cover anti-aging as much as I'd like.  After looking through multiple samples I found this one, used it for a few months, loved it and started to consider adding it to the line.

What made the difference?
Peptides.  Hexapeptide-11 specifically.  "Peptides, or mini proteins if you want to think of them that way, are active molecules that send signals to your cells.  When collagen breaks down, it forms specific peptides that signal to your skint hat it was damaged and needs to make new collagen.  So by applying peptides topically, we are [tricking] our skin into thinking that it has lost collagen recently and needs to make more." (TruthInAging.com).  The way it was explained to me years ago that made the most sense was your skin's elasticity is like a screen door.  Screen doors get holes.  Peptides are the screen door patches that help the screen to stay taught and upright.  Hexapeptide-11 is derived from yeast and significantly helps with fine lines and elasticity.

Aloe Leaf, Roseroot, Borage Seed Pods, Sea Fennel (clockwise)
What else is in it?
It has an Aloe Leaf Juice base, as opposed to a water base, so you're starting with a soothing and healing ingredient.  Sea Fennel also soothes and cools, Mediterranean Pine acts as an antioxidant, Roseroot depuffs and increases circulation, Borage Extract restores while Sunflower Seed Oil and Hyaluronic Acid hydrate.

Who is it targeting?
Anyone wanting to address fine lines, elasticity and/or puffiness.

Any feedback from a focus group?
Yes!  One user had been using a $185 eye cream from the department store and they fell in love with this one (and were really excited to find a product they loved even more as well as save over $100 on it!).  Another was an esthetician who often felt eye cream didn't "make it through the day" but loved that her undereye felt hydrated all day with this eye cream.  Another user felt it was a great balance of creamy texture without being heavy.  And multiple others saw a difference in fine lines and hydration levels after continued use.

What's the bottom line - size and price?
This is where I gilded the lily you guys.  My Organic Peptide Eye Cream is 1 full ounce and retails for $49.  My other eye creams were half of an ounce and were $45.  Check around and you'll find that the old eye creams were a good deal.  Most eye creams with similar active ingredients to the new one are half an ounce and retail for anywhere from $60-200. This new one is a GREAT deal at a FULL ounce for under $50 which was really important to me.

Amazing!  Where do I get it?!


Makeup Palette Giveaway!!

This palette is so fun!  It has 12 Eyeshadows, 8 Tinted Lipbalms and 4 Mineral Concealers (great for contouring if they're too deep for you) - all targeting the trends of Spring - and, best of all - one of you can win it!

To Enter:  Leave a review for any product you've worked with on Erin's Faces (you'll see the little stars under products showing how many reviews each product has had).  
Every review you leave is an entry for the giveaway.  
If you see a product that has NO stars (no reviews) and you're the first to review it then that counts as TWO entries!  
There's no limit to entries so review away!

Please note, I'm not trying to garner reviews of items people haven't used or get you to say everything is awesome.  I want your honest opinion because I feel like those help other ladies like you who may have questions about a product and YOUR responses can help inform them if said product is right for them.  It's important to me that my reviews come from REAL clients so I'm just giving you a great reason to leave one :).

Don't know what to write?  Here are some helpers - 

What was your main concern about buying this product?  Was it addressed?
What feature did you like about this product?
Has this product helped you in any way?  If so, how?
Would you recommend it to others?  If yes, why?
And anything else you'd like to add :)

The giveaway will be open through Friday, March 7, 2014 at midnight EST and is only open to readers over the age of 18 and those living in the lower 48 states.  A winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Monday, March 10, 2014.  Good luck!! 

Girl Crush - Oscar Beauties of 2014

The Oscars are always a dress and beauty fest and it looks like everyone had a good time!  

I decided for this year to pick my faves, in no particular order, based on a particular thing they did so here we go - 

Angelina Jolie - Dewy Skin
Penelope Cruz - Kohl Eyeliner

Lupita Nyong'o - GORGEOUS skin

Sandra Bullock - Veronica Lake hair

Cate Blanchett - SKII must be good stuff you guys 

Charlize Theron - Eyebrows

Idina Menzel - Bedhead Hair

Coco Rocha - Dramatic Smoky Eye

Kate Hudson - Wearable Smoky Eye

Olivia Wilde - Updo

Kristen Bell - Luminous Skin

Kerry Washington - Merlot Lip

Selena Gomez - Shoulder Shimmer :)

Viola Davis - Fingerwaves