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New Year's Eve Makeup

I feel like New Year's Eve is one of the only times of year where you can wear glitter and false lashes with no irony whatsoever - here are some of my favorite images from Pinterest, and the web at large, of makeup that is PERFECTO for New Year's Eve:

One shade of a metallic eyeshadow, used wet, all over the lid and it's a wrap!

A soft smoky eye with a fine gold glitter on the lid, doll lashes and a bold lip - seriously, she works for MAC but this is like one of the only days of the year you and I could get away with what is, for her, a regular Tuesday.

Gorgina!  Silver frost shadow laid over black, impeccable skin and a matte pink lip.

This is a test!  If you thought "ooh!  Good look - I've got to try that!" then we need to get you a leotard so you can join Cirque de Soleil.  If you thought I was nuts then we are on the same page - multicolored glitter, pink eyeshadow and a silver star do not a good look make.

Again - super easy - use a cream eyeshadow all over the lid and press a smoky amethyst glitter into it and you're finished!

This is SO pretty!  Basic slate smoky eye with a great winged liner and just a trace of SUPER fine glitter on the lower half of the lid - and a great brow - great brows help.

This is another test!  Please do not put glitter on your eyebrows.  Or wear matte baby blue eyeshadow with white liner on your inner rim and a quarter inch thick lower liner covered in glitter.  Resist!

This chick is working it on multiple levels - she's working her inner peacock with incredible detail - notice that little gold liner on the wing of the black liner - so pretty and fun!
Yes Please!!  Again with the metallics - this time on eyes AND lips which works on her because she has yummy chocolate-y skin.  Part of why it's so beautiful is her immaculate skin but you can pick either the lip or eye and go for it - unless you look like her and then you can rock both :).
Have fun!!!


Soy Candle How-To

Alright guys, so I've gotten a lot of "What? You made your candles?  How do you make candles?!" since bringing out my Soy Candles for holiday (which you guys loved as much as I did since they totally sold out - yay!).  After reading a TON of information online and watching multiple how-to videos, this is how I made mine (and how you can make yours too if you like!).

First off, I rec putting waxed paper down on all of your surfaces - wax or oil will inevitably drip somewhere while you're making your candles - especially if you're doing as many at a time as I did.   

After measuring out the amount of wax you need on a food scale, melt wax (I use 100% Soy Wax) on a hot plate in a stainless steel pitcher - I stir it with a paint stirrer.

Once the wax is totally melted we need to get it to 185 degrees.

Then we can add our fragrance/essential oils.  You need about 1-1.5 oz of fragrance oil per pound of wax.  Essential oil amounts vary by scent.  Anything you use to measure your oil will get totally jacked so don't use a measuring cup you love - it's impossible to get all of the oil out.

Remove from heat and add fragrance oil.  Stir thoroughly and then we need it to cool down to 125 degrees.

While you're waiting you can hot glue/sticker your wicks (which you have to experiment with the sizes of to get the right "melt pool" in your wax) into your container.  I ended up going with hemp wicks.  If you like something more interesting than the typical short glass jar check online at flower arranging/garden sites - their containers will be water tight and more fun.

Wicks glued into the center of the hobnail glass jars.

I think you're technically supposed to glue your wicks in after you put your jars in the oven but my jars are too big for my hands to fit easily without burning them so I do the wicks first.  Back to the oven - you're supposed to warm up your containers, at a really low heat, before pouring in the wax, so the wax doesn't "shrink" away from a cold jar.

Get an electric thermometer to do your temperature readings.  Once you reach 125 degrees you can pour it out.

If you look in the lower right corner you can see the bag of wax (looks like a white plastic bag) on the floor.

To keep your wicks centered you can use popsicle sticks, pencils, etc but I grabbed some wick bars to make it easy.

I don't add any color since I'm not into any additives.

Slowly but surely the wax hardens and you can cut the wicks to 1/4 inch - I've found fingernail clippers - new ones! - to be the easiest way to do it.  If the tops are "craggy" in your wax you can remelt it with a hair dryer.  

Then if you want to decorate with some jute twine you can throw that on there :).

The Hobnail Glass Jars take one pound of wax and the Recycled Zinc Tins take a half of a pound.  
I'll let you guys know if/when I make another set of candles - I'm not going to lie - they are crazy labor intensive and NYC apartments don't tend to be set up well for them so it isn't at the top of my list but people loved them so we may have a batch of Gardenia in the spring :).


Holiday Party Makeup In Two Steps

How many times do you have to dash from work to a holiday party this month?  A LOT.  And you don't necessarily want to look the same way you do at work - here are two ways to bump it up a notch that will take about 30 seconds each.  Literally.


The Two Products I used were:

Erin's Faces Satin Lipstick in RED

Erin's Faces Magic Dust Mineral Shimmer


100% Soy Handmade Candles Are Happening!

Alright folks, let's talk turkey - I have been ridiculously excited about candles, as you know, for a few months now.  You guys picked your faves, we voted, I felt very group oriented about it, and then I got the box in the mail.  You guys - long story short, it was not workable - they were not good enough for my beloved clients.  I was so disappointed but I thought about it for a few days and said "I can do this" and (after much education) I made us some candles (HERE).  And they are AWESOME!!!

So, here's what's happening:  100% Soy Candles with Hemp Wicks that are available in these beautiful jars

16 oz. | 100 hour burn time | Clear Glass Hobnail Jar with Twine Detail | $28

8 oz. | 50 hour burn time | Zinc Tin | $19
And what are the fragrances you ask?  I searched high and low and these were the three that were my faves and fell into what you guys voted for from the survey ~ 

APPLE CIDER has strong base notes of ripened apples and oakmoss, made spectacular with a complex blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, orange zests, lemon peel, and a touch of  tart lychee berries and coumarin.

SPICED ORANGE CLOVE is the wonderful aroma of fresh orange slices with hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove.  

RED CURRANT is a crisp and tart fragrance that begins with top notes of black and red currants, and cassis with base notes of oakmoss and musk.

So think about which one moves your soul and hurry and get them HERE because they are seriously limited edition!!! 


All-Natural Handmade Soaps Are Here!!

Top Row: Cinnamon, Middle Row: Lavender, Bottom Row: Peppermint

How awesome is that box?!  I just opened it this afternoon and am so excited as some of the bars are already presold and folks have been patiently waiting for them. 

I've got soaps on their own ($7)
with Shea Butter Body Balm ($15)
and with Shea Butter Body Balm & Organic Body Scrubs in Peppermint or Lemongrass ($30)


Expiration Dates - Explained Once & For All

Handy Dandy "When-To-Throw-It-Out" Teller
I did a post on this back two and half years ago HERE but wanted to go a little more into detail about WHY you need to throw things out in a timely fashion, hence the video blog on Expiration Dates for Makeup & Skincare.  

Prepare for knowledge bombs :)!