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Halloween Fun!

Beautiful Dia de los Muertos/Sugar Skull Makeup

Isn't Halloween fun?!  I love it and I am all for girls using it as an excuse to dress up in skimpy outfits, throw on some cat ears and call it a costume but I have a special place in my heart for people that REALLY turn it out on the costume front (and click HERE for a second post of Halloween happiness):

Love this!!  You have to do your polka dots well, but otherwise a totally doable makeup

Lydia Hearst as Poison Ivy

Kim Kardashian, also as Poison Ivy

Kim K is a Halloween fanatic - Wonder Woman

As a flapper with red lips and smoky eyes

Vampiric with pale skin, bleached brows and blackened lips

Busy Phillips and her daughter as Tinkerbell

Lisa Rinna as Lucille Ball

Heidi Klum as Hindu Goddess, Kali

Kate Beckinsdale's Bride-of-Frankenstein

Meredith Viera's Pinocchio and Bette Midler as a scary chef

Michelle Tractenberg as Sally from "A Nightmare Before Christmas"

Pull out a slip, grab some wings and blue makeup to rock Minnie Driver's fairy look
Fun with shadow and plastic spiders
Debra Messing - Dia de los Muertos/Sugar Skull
Can you tell I like sugar skulls :)?
Black cream liner, silver liquid liner, oxblood lips, pale foundation, tutu - done!
Crazy lashes on top and bottom, pink and black eyeshadows with creepy contacts
Totally doable - do a smoky eye and use black eyeshadow with a wet brush to paint the web, crystals on eyes, blue eyeliner on lips and fill in with lipstick.

Gwen Stefani as Jessie from "Toy Story"

Have a happy Halloween!!!


Blindfolded Makeup Video Blog

Hi all!
My girlfriend, Katie, came over this afternoon and she had a nutty idea to do one another's makeup - blindfolded.  There is absolutely no redeeming value to these except to laugh at me trying to do someone's makeup without being able to see them (and being very nervous about it!) and watching Katie make me look like a crazy lady. 
Bottom line if you need to laugh or have time to kill they're fun :).
Me doing Katie's makeup - HERE
Part One of Katie doing my makeup - HERE
Part Two of Katie doing my makeup - HERE


Current Obsession - Mally Beauty's Perfect Prep Hydrating Under Eye Brightener

Get thee behind me, dark circles!
So, I was at QVC a week or so ago doing makeup for a couple of Mally Beauty shows.  Our call time was 6am and we got there around 8:30/9am, worked til 3pm, got an hour off and worked til 9pm.  My point in saying that is, I did not look so hot at the end of the day.  Most of my makeup had worn off due to shoving my head into my arm to catch a cat nap on break and I was zonked.

One of our sells in the later show was the Perfect Prep Hydrating Under Eye Brightener - kind of a mouthful, but it looks like a jar of yellow moisturizer.  I had never worked with the product before but applied it to one of my model's who was in the "sell" (for that product) who already had a ton of full coverage foundation and concealer on.  I didn't think the Eye Brightener would change things up much but we needed to put it on since she was selling it. 

You guys, this stuff is amazing.  Her eyes looked even MORE open and bright (I patted it right on top of her concealer) and circles were even less noticeable.  As I said, my makeup was cashed so in a slow moment I threw some on my makeup-less face and the model and I compared my "Eye Brightener-less" eye with the one I had applied the product under.  It was a HUGE difference!  It didn't look like I had any makeup on (which is why I also think it would be great for guys) but my undereye circles were markedly improved and I just looked more awake and cute :).  I promptly threw it under the other eye and looked like I had actually gotten some sleep which was awesome!

My impression is this is a product that you can use under or over concealer and even with or without it.  It is a huge jar that you will never go through and comes in two colors - Lighter is for fair-tan skintones and Deeper is for deep African-American skintones.  It also has some lovely skincare type ingredients but honestly I was just in love with the way it looked so those were a bonus.  It's awesome - check it out!


Girl Crush - Helen Mirren

How amazingly beautiful is Helen Mirren?!  I have a serious girl crush on her because she always has really pretty, and fairly consistent makeup (light shadow, liner all around the eye, raspberry lip and a defined brow) but she gets super creative with her hair - observe:


Soft sweeping bang with a chignon

Bangs and loose curl

Slicked back looking sleek

Messy updo

Beautiful berry lip and soft bang

Bangs off the face, very classic low bun with a sidepart

How trendy is Helen Mirren?!  Rocking a circle braid!

HOT!  That's all I have to say - H.O.T.

Short Hair:

One of my faves - buttery blonde with watermelon lips

Soft red lip with more of a white blonde shade

A little more textured hair-wise
Hair Down:

Soft finger waves

Soft and approachable

Touchable curls and a nuder lip than usual - like it!

More finger waves with pink cheeks

Hot lady!  Red lips and lots of volume with the blow out.

Sleek pageboy

Beautiful hair with body, a little gloss on the lips


New York Live!

Yours truly, Elizabeth Stanley, George Brescia, Teresa Stephenson and Jenny Neale in the hallways of the NBC Studios at 30 Rock
We had such a fun time today at New York Live with George Brescia of georgeBstyle with our beautiful models!
Click HERE to see the video segment from NBC and scroll down to see what Erin's Faces goodies we used on the girls ~

On Elizabeth ~ 
Pore Perfecting Face Primer
Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation in Cream Beige
Mineral Photo Touch Concealers in Light and Light/Medium
Aloe Powder to set
Magic Dust as highlight and around tearducts
Champagne, Navy and Night Mineral Eyeshadows
Onyx Cream Eyeliner
Earth Mineral Eyeshadow on brows
Sunkissed Mineral Bronzer as cheek contour
Rose Mineral Blush
Natural Lipliner
Enchanted Mineral Lipgloss

Teresa's Before

On Teresa ~
Organic Firming Serum
Retexturizing Face Primer SPF 20
Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation in Porcelain
Mineral Photo Touch Concealers in Light and Light/Medium
Aloe Powder to set
Magic Dust as highlight and as eyeshadow
Sunset Mineral Eyeshadow
Mahogany Cream Eyeliner in waterline
Espresso Mineral Eyeshadow on brows
Sunkissed Mineral Bronzer as cheek contour
Gerber and Tiger Lily Mineral Blushes
Natural Lipliner
Ava Matte Lipstick

Jenny's Before

On Jenny ~
Retexturizing Face Primer SPF 20
Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation in Tender Beige
Mineral Photo Touch Concealers in Light and Light/Medium
Aloe Powder to set
Magic Dust as highlight
Snow and Starshine Mineral Eyeshadows
Mahogany Cream Eyeliner in waterline - top only
Espresso Mineral Eyeshadow on brows
Sunkissed Mineral Bronzer as cheek contour
Tulip and Impatiens Mineral Blushes
Natural Lipliner
Micro-Spice Lipstick

My friend took this pic of her TV and it makes me feel fancy :)

We also used Mally Volumizing Mascara and Urban Decay Primer Potion on all the ladies.