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Girl Crush - Taraji P. Henson

Taraji at Cookie on "Empire"

So, like everyone else, I loved Taraji P. Henson in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button  I was watching Wendy Williams last spring and Taraji was on and I was just sitting on my couch marveling at how flawless she was - and how FUN.  

She's great at letting vanity go and playing characters who are focused on things other than a beauty routine but in real life Taraji is up for just about anything hair/makeup-wise.

Bold lip and polished locks - beautiful!

I love this nod to the 20's with her hair and a switchup with a nude lip

See what I mean???  She will do anything!  

Gorgeous lashes and a tawny berry lip shade - one of my faves

Drama-rama eyes and a red lip

Love the clean skin and sharp bob

Low chignon so we can see her gorgeous skin

She will do a fun lipstick color like this lilac

Love this voluminous hair and orchid lip

Classic beauty at the Oscars with a smoky eye and soft lip 

And she looks like this in a dress.  And has a 20 year old son.  I know.  


Beautiful Brooklyn Wedding

I got to attend a beautiful wedding this fall in Brooklyn where I am friends with the beautiful bride and groom, Tara and Gordon Heal, and got to paint Tara and her bridesmaids faces as well as go to the wedding so I wanted to share - 

Tara and her handsome hubby, Gordon

Putting lips and Magic Dust on Tara and her sweet mom

Lots of lashes :)

Gorgeous hair with fascinator

The flowers were BEYOND

Tara and two of her beauties, Lori and Alli, whose makeup I also got to do

Photographer: Kimberly Mufferi
Fascinator: Peacock Pixies
Shoes: Badgely Mischka
Hair: Steve Berg
Makeup: Erin's Faces
Suit: Custom by Enzo
Rings: Family Heirlooms and Paul C. Lirot Jewelers, CT
Venue: My Moon Bar & Restaurant, Brooklyn, NY


Girl Crush - Ladies of the Golden Globes 2015

The Golden Globes with Instagram
Well, the odds were not in their favor, with tons of rain and no air conditioning in the Beverly Hilton Hotel, but the ladies at the Golden Globes turned it out in spite of it all.

Three main trends emerged - natural beauty was the BIG winner as you'll see below, followed by COMMITTED smoky eyes and then by a bold lip.  Let's look :) - 

Natural Beauties

Amy Adams giving you 40's inspired hair and soft makeup

Amy Poehler whose eyebrows and skin look immaculate

Okay, I'm obsessed - Anna Kendrick is literally wearing every aspect of my Erin's Faces Fresh Face - defined brow, inner eye shimmer, cheek highlight, rosey blush, medium lipcolor - I LOVE IT

Gina Rodriguez is giving you Latina Jessica Rabbit with serious lashes and gorgeous hair

Kiera Knightley with groomed brows, a soft berry lip and a peaches and cream complexion

Reese Witherspoon with shimmering shadow, glossy lips and pretty hair

Jenna Dewan-Tatum - I LOVE HER SKIN

Love the brow, lash and lip on Jennifer Anniston

How sweet was Joanna Froggatt's Heidi braid???

Another one with glowy, gorgeous skin with Kate Beckinsale

Kate Hudson seriously would look good in a paper sack.  No joke.

I thought Rosamund Pike's wispy lashes were so pretty!

Beautiful flowers in her hair, I love that Salma Hayek looks equally beautiful seriously made up as well as in a natural look

Isn't Sienna Miller's hair so cute?!  This bob is so popular right now.

Tina Fey with glowy skin and a little wing for pizazz 

The Smoky Ladies

The smoky look of the evening was a deep shadow all over the lid which is SERIOUS ya'll and Catherine Zeta Jones gave it to you in a major way.  The key is keeping everything else really clean.

I loved Felicity Jones' take on smoke because she kept it soft and sheer which made it youthful and fresh which you rarely see in a smoky eye.

Allison Williams with MAJOR hair and a pulled out smoke

Emma Stone went all in with dark eyes and a bold lip

Jennifer Lopez nails the smoky trifecta - inner eye liner, under eye liner and smoke on the lid - she is everything

I LOVE HER - we're in a streak of some of my faves - I was buying everything Jessica Chastain was selling - and I do not easily buy a winged shadow

I mean, come on.  Julianne Moore's smoky liner and cheek highlight are just beyond

I thought Katie Holmes' hair was out of the box for her and a super fun choice

Kerry Washington's makeup is flawless - eyes, face, lips, brows - yes please

Doesn't Laura Carmichael look beautiful in smoky shades??!  I love seeing Downton Abby folks in real life - it's like seeing animals out of the zoo.  

Bold Lip - 

Amal Clooney - long hair, strong brow, berry lip - like it!

Leslie Mann just looks gorgeous - whoever her facialist is is worth every penny

Lorde giving you gilded lids and a power pucker

Naomi Watts exemplifying classic beauty with a red lip and going subtle on everything else

Don't you love women whose faces actually move?  One of the many reasons I like Patricia Arquette

Taylor Schilling going with the red dress and matching lip

My favorite bold lip!  I thought Viola Davis just looked luminous!

And two ladies who walked their own path - 

Claire Danes matched the blue in her dress to her shadow

and Lupita Nyong'o matched the iris shades in her dress - yay for colors!

All photos from Zimbio