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Newness Galore!

Okay guys - we have a lot going on so here's the breakdown - 

First off - I have a new logo!!  Kristin Serafini of Krisanthemum Graphics did it for me and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!  I was going for apothecary and old French soap labels with a bit of whimsy and she nailed it.  Woo hoo!

Okay - onto business


My Oil Defense (8 oz - $30)) and Papaya Enzyme Cleanser (8 oz - $30) are on Last Call and here's why - I want the entire skincare line to be sulfate, dye and fragrance-free.  So I had my top buyers of those two cleansers vote on their replacement and we have some AWESOME newbies as a result!

In the Oily/Normal Category (replacing the Oil Defense Cleanser) I've got my new Clarifying Charcoal Cleanser (8 oz - $30) which is FULL of goodies - Coconut for cleansing, Charcoal (which makes it black) to detoxify skin, Organic Antioxidants of Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Lemon, Orange and Cranberry, DMAE (anti-aging) and Lavender and Chamomille Waters.  It leaves skin feeling squeaky clean but not stripped. 

In the Combination/Normal Category (replacing the Papaya Enzyme Cleanser) we have the Soothing Aloe Cleanser (8 oz - $30) which was a hit amongst the testers.  The formula is very gentle but effective at cleansing employing Aloe Vera (healing), Oat Protein (anti-inflammatory), Panthenol (hydrating), Centipeda Cunninghamii (Aboriginal Australian herb that is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial), Phospholipids (anti-oxidant) and Zinc (soothing).


My Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub (4 oz - $35) is on Last Call because it has dye and fragrance BUT the new one, also chosen by you ladies, is AMAZING!  My Antioxidant Facial Polish (4 oz - $35) is 70% Organic and has the same Micro-Jojoba Beads you love as well as real fibers of Raspberry, Cranberry, Bayberry, Organic Grape and Hibiscus Buds for additional gentle exfoliation.  Organic Aloe, Tangerine Oil and Bamboo heal and tone skin and it smells phenom but has no synthetic fragrance!


You guys - let me break it down for you - I have sold 105 of my All-Natural Peppermint Lipbalms ($4) in the last year.  I took the new Organic Peppermint Lipbalms ($4 for one, $10 for three) to Houston last weekend and sold 50!  In three days!  After our poll you guys voted for organic and no chemical SPF in the lipbalm and they are a HIT!  This USDA Certified Organic (seriously big deal) formula is petroleum-free and packed with Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Beeswax and Organic Coconut Oil.  Vitamin E heals dry lips while Organic Peppermint Oil makes it smell super yum.  I literally went through about 20 formulas to settle on this one and I'm obsessed (plus the packaging is a hint of things to come for the whole line!).


I have been waiting for this for three years!!  I love my Firming Eye Gel (was $25, now $18) - great formula, does what it says plus depuffs, heals, bueno - I'm in.  From the beginning though I wanted a stainless steel ball applicator but they were too expensive and no one made them unless I wanted 10,000 produced in Korea (not kidding) - until now.  This little baby is literally a dream come true for me.  It comes in a squeezy plastic tube the size of a lipgloss and has a magical stainless steel roller ball that instantly cools, depuffs and seriously feels like a "Calgon Take Me Away" Moment for the seconds that you circle it around your entire eye.  It's less product than the previous product but SO worth it for the new packaging (and I took the price down because I look out for my peeps).  

So dive in at www.erinsfaces.com - holiday goodies are slowly being added and I'll send out an email with everything once it's official.  


Fancy Folks - Donia Lilly

Quite possibly my favorite work of Donia's, Blue Moon, which we have a print of :)

I LOVE love love original art and I am majorly into supporting small artists.  It is a habit I have had to curb because we have run out of wall space (and we live in like 750 square feet so there's not a lot of room for art storage).

This is at our house but you can get a print of Coral, Pink and Teal Swirl

One of my FAVORITE artists is my dear friend, Donia Lilly who has two fantastic Etsy shops HERE and HERE.  She is so good that someone literally stole one of her paintings off of the wall of our school in high school :).  We have three of her paintings in our home as well as one print.  She also does commissions which I have done for my mom and my dad and they were so special and unique.

One thing that Donia does a lot of is moon situations and super autumnal leaves which are SO much more chic than your run of the mill scarecrow and jack o'lantern come Halloween.  She also has THE most beautiful ornaments for the holidays so scroll down and check it all out.

Lunar Eclipse: Parto

Grab some Greeting Cards to get a little slice of goodness without breaking the bank

These Christmas/Hanukkah Ornaments are so pretty I just leave mine up all year hanging on my front doorknob


How To Get Longer Eyelashes - For Real!

I hear you - we all want longer lashes but don't want creepy side effects that can come with some lash enhancing products.  This one is AMAZING, totally works and won't do strange things to your irises.  You can get it HERE.

If you can't view the video please click HERE.


How To Make Cream/Gel Eyeliners Last Longer

I love my little eyeliner pots but after about 6 months they start to dry out. Here's a video showing you a trick to make them last 1-2 months longer without having to purchase anything!

If you can't view the video please click HERE.


How To Apply Basic Liquid Liner - Felt Tip Pen

I get LOTS of questions on how to apply eyeliner and I wanted to give a little tutorial on how to apply a super natural liner using a felt-tipped liquid liner pen so check it out!

If you can't view the video above please click on THIS link.