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Top Skincare Questions Answered

Hi all!
I've been getting a lot of questions on skincare so I thought I would share them in my latest video blog - if you have a skincare question that didn't get asked please post it in the comment section below! 
Here's what gets covered in the video:

*Do I really need an eye cream?  Why?
*Do I really need a serum?  Why?
*Is silicone an okay ingredient in my serum?
*What's your favorite blemish treatment?
*Can an eye cream get rid of undereye circles?
*How often should I exfoliate?
*What order should I be putting my skincare on?
*Can you shrink your pores?

Click HERE for the video


Current Obsession - Eco-Friendly Candles

In case you haven't been to my house I am a big candle girl but in the last few years I've been slowly weaning myself off of waxes that aren't good for you. There are many different roads you can take down the "healthy candles" tour but I'm kind of in the middle.  There are those that are against all added fragrances (why burn a candle then?!) but these are the things that I like to keep in mind when shopping:

Look for a cotton wick (not a lead, tin or zinc one) and always trim it before you burn it (less smoke).

If you've ever wondered what all of that soot is from when you burn a candle, know now that many times it's from paraffin (though it can also happen when a candle doesn't have enough oxygen, like in a bottleneck situation).  I like to avoid paraffin at all costs - it's a by-product of petrochemicals from oil refineries.  Whatever you burn, you're breathing in (sidenote - check out your air fresheners - there's tons of junk in those too) in combo with it leaving funky soot on your walls (and in your lungs).

Look for waxes that burn cleanly (i.e. - won't jack up your insides) inclusive of Soy, Coconut, Vegetable and Beeswax. It would also be great if they weren't day-glow colors since those don't tend to happen in nature either.  Waxes tend to be green, yellow, brown or white.  Not pretty.  But you're not watching them burn so that should be okay.

Paraffin wax
If you can't find out what wax your candle company uses it's probably going to be Paraffin.  If they use something healthy and good they tend to talk about it on the box.  

Random candle tip - if your candles are "tunneling" down a lot keep in mind that for every inch of diameter you need to burn them for one hour.  So if your candle is three inches across, don't light it unless you can burn it for three hours.  Sometimes you luck out and they burn more quickly but it's a good rule of thumb.  That way they'll melt all the way across and, thus, melt evenly all the way down.

Here are some of my faves:

Voluspa's Goji Tarocco Orange Candle is $24, has 100 hours of burn time and employs a Coconut Wax Blend for its Gogi Berry, Mango & Tarocco Orange fragrance - perfect for summer - and the jar is the prettiest on the block!

I got a couple of Qualitas Candles off of Gilt Groupe and fell in love (I bought Grapefruit and Gardenia - they are YUM)!  They use  white beeswax  as a base and essential oils and natural fragrance oils to make everything smell yummy and all-cotton wicks to burn clean.  $60 for 60 hours of burn time.  
I love Milkhouse Candles!  Natural Soy Wax is blended with pure Beeswax, there's a cotton wick and they've eliminated all unnatural dyes.  The jars are made from 40% recycled glassware and you can reuse the milk bottles, jelly jars and crocks.  Votives start at $5.99 and large candles run $30-60.  

Beeswax tapers are super easy to find and these do come in various colors if it's killing you not to mix it up shade-wise.

Tea Lights are harder to find in "good" wax but you can always look at Etsy and Amazon since they always have some.  They cost more than the big pack of them at Ikea but you're doing the Earth a good turn so think of it that way.


Drama Desk Red Carpet Pretties

The Drama Desk Awards were yesterday here in rainy NYC - they're a precursor to the TONY Awards but the fun thing is that all NYC productions are up for consideration, not just Broadway (www.dramadesk.org). 

Kate and her husband, Graham Rowat, who is in "Mamma Mia!"
My lovely girl, Kate Baldwin, was nominated for Best Actress in a Musical for "Giant" which ran at The Public Theatre and despite the rain looked so pretty in her green jumpsuit styled by GeorgeBStyle.  I did her beautiful face and she did her own hair.

We had to do makeup that would really stay put because Kate was attending a wedding before the Drama Desks and it was raining like the dickens.  I think it stayed really well!

Jenny Powers

Back of Jenny's hair
I got a call asking if I knew any hair people for another nominee, Jenny Powers, who was nominated for Best Actress in a Musical for "Donnybrook!" which ran at the Irish Reperatory Theatre, and I immediately thought of my friend, Steve Berg.  He did this fabulous updo (very weather appropriate!) which showed off Jenny's super pretty earrings and shoulders and Jenny did her own makeup.

Yay for pretty and talented ladies in green!


Victoria Clark from Broadway's "Cinderella"

This is going to be a quicky but I got to do the fabulous Victoria Clark's makeup this morning for "Good Day New York" where she was promoting "Cinderella" (which she's nominated for a Tony for!). 

To view the video click HERE

Here's a quick list of Erin's Faces Products we used:
*Mineral Eyeshadows in Cafe, Espresso, Earth and Sunset
*Mahogany Eyeliner
*Retexturizing Face Primer SPF 20
*Mineral Liquid Powder Foundations in Cream Beige and Linen
*Mineral Concealers in Light and Light/Medium
*Cheek Duo in Pickup Artist
*Aloe Powder
*Magic Dust
*Natural Lipliner
*Peach Daquiri Lip Sheer Lipstick

*Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara
*Urban Decay Primer Potion for Eyes
*Joey Healy Eyebrow Pencil in Wicker
*Vicky's own gloss


Fun in California!

 I had an awesome time at the Berkeley Hall School Country Fair this year - we got to introduce Erin's Faces to lots of new moms and young girls - all left smelling sweet (after a scrub demo) and glossed (I can't not gloss people).  I also got to meet my sweet month-old nephew, Desmond, who got in on the fun too.  Here are some pics from the day ~ 

Our super cute sign

My lovely helper, Katie Adams

Pretty flowers surrounded by gift sets and skincare

Awesome organic scrubs - we did hand massages with them at the booth to show how yummy they feel and sold out of the new Monoi Tiari!

My husband, Daniel, demonstrating how "all natural" the scrubs really are

More flowers and makeup goodies, including my new cheek color duos for summer

Lip glosses galore!

I saved the best for last :) - little Desmond getting washed in the Organic Lavender Bath Wash (which is meant for infants but used by all ages)

Post bath, all wrapped up and hydrated up with some Vegan Baby Cream


Monoi Tiari is Here!!

Tiari Flowers from Tahiti
I am BEYOND excited to share these two products with you guys - I have been planning them for months and finally get to put them in your hands and I cannot wait!

Don't you want to go to Tahiti?!  Me too :)
A little back story - I have always been in love with fragrances that smell like summer (as described in THIS blog post) and I got introduced to Monoi Tiari Oil last summer by a company that brings it in from Tahiti. It smelled delicious so I immediately started thinking about Summer 2013 and about how I could incorporate them into some products. 

Info on Monoi Tiari - Monoi de Tahiti designates that the Monoi Oil I use is made in French Polynesia and is created by macerating/crushing ten Tiare blossoms (hand picked as buds that must be used within 24 hours of harvesting) in refined coconut oil. The coconut oil is extracted from mature coconuts gathered from trees growing exclusively in the coral soil in the geographic area of French Polynesia. Only "Tiare" flower buds from the Gardenia Tahitensis species and of Polynesian origin are used.  Fancy right?  It's amazing!
Organic Monoi Tiari Body Lotion, 8 oz. $25
I went through a number of lotion formulas as I wanted something SUPER lightweight, almost gel-like, and very thin since the last thing I want to do in my tiny bathroom is put on a heavy body cream post-shower in the summer (because NYC is HOT).  I finally settled on an Organic formula that uses Milk and Honey to hydrate skin in an Aloe Vera base.  It is fantastic!  I add nearly a full ounce of Monoi Tiari Oil to each 8 ounce bottle of lotion so you get a great lasting fragrance that isn't overpowering. 
Organic Monoi Tiari Sugar Body Scrub, 8 oz. $25
Then I had a conversation with my awesome lady in the Bronx who makes my Organic Sugar Scrubs for me and checked to see if we could do a Monoi Tiari version - she thought it was a great idea and I just it in the mail right before I went to California last week and I was in LOVE.  In fact, we totally sold out of it in Los Angeles so those ladies loved it too! 

So if you are into turning your bathroom into a beachy, island getaway then join me with the Organic Monoi Tiari goodies - they're good for your skin and lovely for your nose!