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Girl Crush - Jenna Dewan-Tatum

I first fell in love with Jenna Dewan-Tatum back in 2006 in the movie, Step Up.  I also fell in love with her now husband, Channing Tatum, but this is called Girl Crush, not Boy Crush and I digress.  Back to Jenna - she's a beautiful dancer and loves to girl it up with different hairstyles and will play with everything from a colorful smoky eye to a statement lip - what's not to like?

In 2006 with Channing Tatum

Daniel DiTomasso, Jenna and Eric Winter in 2013 on "Witches of East End"
Hair Down -  
The girl has great hair and loves her eyeliner - she's rarely without it 

Bronzey and beachy with oceany waves

Lashes for days and a shorter 'do

Looking sultry with a sideswept bang and strong lip

The one time I've seen her with bangs fully fringed in front 

Ombre'd hair and a natural glow

40's inspired hair and a green eyeliner with a coral lip - working it on all sorts of levels here
Half Up

One of my faves - I feel like she looks like a princess here

And then total girl-next-door with natural waves

And then 60's chic with a nude lip, heavy lash and poof to the hair - she's a chameleon
Updos and Ponytails

Love this soft gray smoke with raspberry lip

And does her skin not always look AMAZING?!  It's a little nuts.

Love the circle braid on this one

Liner in the waterline and a soft pony

She's really good at the whole "soft smoky" thing

Another thing I really like is she always looks glowy - never super matte - as a slightly oily girl I'm into that

Love this strong brow and lip combo with hair up off the face

And then a low pony with a winged smoky eye - so pretty!

And my other fave - a tousled updo, soft smoke and watermelon lip - and she happened to be SUPER PREGNANT - I know, that's why she's a Girl Crush


Halloween Fun Part II

The Queen of Hallowee, Heidi Klum
So many fun things to do for Halloween!  Check out these ideas - most are pretty do-able!  To see pics from last year's post click HERE.

Scarecrow - all you need is a black eyeliner pencil and a pumpkin colored lipstick - done!

Not sure what she is but it could be spidery with a black liquid liner and merlot glossy lip.

Marie Antoinette yourself to the hilt with some white pancake makeup and fake blood.

Lion/cat it out with glam makeup, some whisker marks and a black nose - easy way to still look cute but like you tried.

This is my favorite one for this year - a broken china doll - LOVE

Gwen Stefani did the EASIEST makeup ever - just do glam makeup and then, sorry for the violence, a bloody ouchy in the hairline - done!

No idea what she is but it's creepy and I like it.

A little spirit gum on the brow, white pancake and lots of black and pink make a creep-tastic doll.

The Queen of Hearts! Pretty simple to accomplish with white pancake (they must sell a lot of white pancake makeup in Oct!), blue shadow and red bow mouth.

Love this too - skeleton'ed out.

This is what I imagine the Silent Brothers look like if you read "City of Bones".

Pop Art ladies are super fun and can cover any problem skin you may be experiencing!

Fun with sequins!

I always need a sugar skull in there - love them.
Little Mix rocking some spooky doll faces with - you guessed it - white pancake!


Video Blog - How to Get Awesome Lashes

One of the number one questions I get is what is my favorite mascaras and how can one get longer lashes - all things lash related actually - people have lots of questions about that :).  So I wanted to put my three "blow it out" lash products together so you can turn it out on the daily!  Click below to hear all about them - 


For a product breakdown we've got Mally Volumizing Mascara (which is on sale right now since it's holiday!) - my FAVE mascara like ever -

Next is Alcone's Fast Lash - magic fibers that extend your mascara

and then Erin's Faces Eyelash Enhancing Serum which literally helps your lashes become longer.  It's magic in a tube.

Talk about a triple threat!!


Friends Don't Let Friends Share Lipstick

Smart girls!  Each have their own lip product.
Friends don't let friends share lipstick (or lipgloss....or lipbalm).  No really, they don't.  And really, friends don't ask friends to share their lipstick.  Why?  Because it is bad for you and if you wouldn't give your gal pal a full smooch on the lips you shouldn't share your lip goodies.  

I was in a hurry to shoot a video blog and did something I NEVER would do with anyone else - I skipped dousing the lipstick I was going to use in alcohol.  Watch the video to find out why and what happened - 

And here's what happened to a woman at a Rhianna concert who allegedly got herpes from a lipstick tester.



Big Fish Opening Night Goodies

The beautiful Kate Baldwin is the lead in the newly opened "Big Fish" on Broadway and she is crazy generous when it comes to gift giving and gave these awesome presents from Erin's Faces to all of the women in the cast. 

Kate's dressing room backstage at "Big Fish" with some of her Erin's Faces goodies as well as a picture of her in the show!

Each of the ladies in the cast was given a Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, Shea Butter Body Balm and an All Natural Peppermint SPF 15 Lipbalm so they'll be retexturized and hydrated.  I wrapped them in blue bags to mimic the blue dress Kate wears in one of the key scenes and did little cards with the show's daffodil-backed logo.  We had done different products for their Chicago opening and wanted to give them winter friendly products this go round.  

If you've got a holiday party coming up, bridesmaids to find something fun for or a wedding/baby shower Erin's Faces can customize a gift set for you that will be custom made for your ladies - it's super healthy for them and they'll love it!

To see Mamma Mia! Opening Night Goodies click HERE.

Palette Winner Announced!

Madge, Lena, Beth, Emily and Jennifer - so cute!
Huge thank you to all of the ladies who contributed photos to the Makeup Palette contest I ran - it was SO MUCH FUN getting to see each of your photos!!

Auri's awesome entry - fancy apps are fun!
If you go to my Facebook Page HERE you can see how I chose the winner - which was by using the website Random.org (I taped it so it would be legit!).  Entry number 31 was the number the site picked as the winner and it was the beautiful Miss Auri Marcus!!  Yay Auri :)!