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Girl Crush - Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain
Since I just dyed my hair it should come as no surprise that I have a crush on Jessica Chastain - one of the many pretty redheads walking the red carpet.  Something I thoroughly enjoy about this girl is that she's kind of throw-back to me because she enjoys a bold lip - loves it!  It's very 1940's to me - she often has some pincurl-style waves with a strong lipcolor.  And, you never see her in a gloss, it's always a lipstick.  I just think it's fun and different and makes her seem like a grown up to me.

Here's the story on said strong lip choices:

Stong red with curls pulled to the side

Super bold berry/brick situation with an updo

Fuchsia lip shade (isn't she adventurous?!) at the theatre of her Bway show

This is her post-show jam - sunglasses and a lip - this time an azalea shade

Lashes and a strong raspberry lipshade with mermaidy hair

Azalea lips again with hair to the side with those waves we like again - if it's not broke, don't fix it

Post talk show with a slash of pink for lips

A true berry shade with hair flatironed and pulled back a bit - changing it up

Trying on a more coral-tinged pink 
Softer Lip Shades:

A total departure for her with a heavily lined smoky eye and a softer (but still  present) lipshade

Hello!  Flatiron, leather dress, nude lips and eyes - who is this girl?!  

An orchid shade for her lips this time around

Straighter hair but it still has a bend and a soft pinky brown lipshade
Similar palette with a soft but present lip and smoothed our hair


20 Minute Event Makeup Video Blog

Hi all!
I had an event to go to this past week and I gave myself 20 minutes to do my makeup with absolutely no plan - here's how it shook out:

Click HERE if you can't view the video above


Beachy Waves Video Tutorial

Hi beauties!

This picture is nuts - if you can't see the video, click HERE

So I have figured out a way I love to curl my hair and get asked what I use a lot when I do it so I wanted to lay it all out for you.  This is great if you actually want to learn how to do it - super boring if not :) - so if that's the case you can watch the beginning for the products and then skip to the end for the finished situation.  

My tools of choice are 

Carol's Daughter Monoi Shampoo
Carol's Daughter Monoi Reparing Hair Mask

Carol's Daughter Monoi Oil 

Sultra 1 inch Bombshell Curling Iron

Bumble and bumble Spray de Mode Hairspray
If you can't see this video, click HERE

I also wanted to include the video that helped me figure out how to do it the best so here's that one too - she was smart and did her makeup first :).  My reasoning for that will come in the NEXT video blog!  


Fun Feature on Marlay Drive!

May Nguyen of Marlay Drive in Erin's Faces lipstick!
So there's this super neat website, www.MarlayDrive.com, which uses all sorts of products and incorporates them into how-to videos with hair, makeup and nails.  There are general tutorials as well as those that recreate specific looks.  AND, Erin's Faces Red Lipstick (Satin) was featured on one of the latest videos!!

Jessica Chastain at the Oscars
Professional makeup artist, May Nguyen, used it in her video which shows how to recreate Jessica Chastain's look from the Oscars.

Click HERE if you can't see the video - lipstick happens around 7:30 

Fun shots:


Free Airbrush Tanning Session with Gotham Glow

No strings ladies and gents - my good friend, Tamar Vezirian, owns the INCREDIBLE airbrush tanning company, Gotham Glow and she is in need of "bodies" to train a new tanner (who will be female) THIS Wednesday, March 6 from 2:45-4:30 here in NYC near the Flatiron building.  What is normally $75 is totally free.

So, if you're feeling pasty email them at booking@gothamglow.com to see if there's an available appointment and get your golden glow on. 

I would rec going straight home - airbrush tans entail quiet afternoons, no working out after and no showers for 8 hours so bear that in mind. 


Current Obsession - Mally Ultimate Performance Brow

I just got back from doing another show with Mally Roncal, makeup artist to the stars, at QVC.  While there I was assigned two models for the "sale" of the Ultimate Performance Brow and I fell in LOVE. 

Having recently dyed my hair red I have been doing some serious struggling to find the right brow situation.  I had been attempting to make due with a red based brown eyeshadow and going over it with a matte orange blush (shout out to Gerber!) and ya'll - it was not the cutest thing ever.  When I had brown hair I was okay with just a powder most days but with red I really needed a pencil/powder combo but, frankly, I was too lazy to get to the store and get one so I just made do with what I had at home.  Please learn from my mistakes and don't do that!

If you can't see the How-To video click HERE

I had done my redheaded model, Anne, and Mally's assistant, Gabby, and I were admiring how the color read on Anne and she (Gabby) looked at me and said, "um, you should have that".  Here, here Gabby!  I'm fully aware that what I was sporting was not top-notch.  So, Gabby was very generous and found me one and the little pot of Auburn happiness and I have been living in bliss ever since. 
So why is it so great - I will tell you.  You get the finish of a pencil and powder in one, it STAYS PUT as it's water-resistant and the color options are awesome.  It comes with a double sided brush so you can groom your brows and then paint them in.  You've got three browns, one blonde, one red and one gray to choose from.  I especially appreciate the last two as they are VERY hard to find in the marketplace and they looked really natural and pretty on my two models (grey was Carol).  You can see the video for it, and where to buy it, HERE

Some of the feedback on QVC says that it can dry out (lots of gel/cream eyeliners do this too if you don't keep them shut) but there's also feedback that a drop of argan oil makes it good as new.  What would also probably work is a drop of waterproof makeup remover (which also works on those cream/gel eyeliner pots too).  However, after you've had these items for a year it's time to toss them.