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Girl Crush - Emma Stone

Alright folks, I am starting a new series to the Erin's Faces blog called Girl Crush - it'll focus on a girl who does fun things with her makeup and hair and we'll look at lots of pictures of her :).  She has to be nice to be crush-worthy so who better to start with than Emma Stone?!  Can you handle the picture above?  She looks AMAZING at the Spiderman premiere - I love her from head to toe - it's possibly my favorite look on her.  

Emma seems to fall into one of three main makeup situations - LOTS of liner - in and out of the waterline and probably with a smoky eye, liquid liner with a wing or a super bold lipcolor.  But no matter what seems to be going on this girl has not met an eyeliner pencil she didn't like ~ 

Liner for days:

Super smoked out in blue/gray tones - liner all over
Messy blowout with sidepart

Again with the grays/blues and some liner - rest of the face is clean
Updo with sidepart, bangs on the left (a trend we will see MANY times with Ms. Stone)

A sunnier look with some bronzer and a stonger lip but still lots of liner
Messy beachy hair with straight bangs

Liner for days and black/silver/slate smoky eye
Upper East Side blowout 

Very fresh with lots of liner, concentrated at the outer corners
Beachy bun

Looking very age appropriate in the makeup/hair department - love a twist/braid

Super fresh with a does of liner and pretty, soft hair

Smoked out liner with beachy bangs

Liquid Liner:

A hint of liner in the waterline but focus on the liquid on top with a wing
Bump-it volume on top updo with wispies

Even more of a wing
Sleek and polished with nary a frizzie in sight!

Teeny tiny little baby wing
Minor 70's hair

Smokey liner, waterline, liquid, winged bonanza!
German milkmaid hair - she does love a strong bang!
Lots of colors, lots of liner
Soft updo
Bold Lips:

Hot pink lips are NOT the norm for her but she gives it a whirl
Messy beachy updo

Orangey red with liquid liner
Hair sleek but still a little messy

Love this one - Hollywood glamour (with liner in waterline!)
Veronica Lake waves

Berry shade (liner again)
Still in the 40's genre with the hair

Berry red (with the winged liner!)
Clean and simple blowout

Softer lip but very present when the rest of the face is so clean
Super pretty soft updo

Raspberry lipshade here with more blush than usual (which I totally support!)
Lots of whimsy in this updo with some hair jewelry going on

Softer pink lip with some eyeliner
Tried and true clean bun

And then my other two favorite pic of her from last year's Golden Globes - stepping totally out of her box (the liner really just looks like it's the lashes more than liner) - lovely!

And from this year's Tony Awards - fresh, soft, smudged liner (none in the waterline) and dewy skin with another soft updo ~

Who is YOUR girl crush?


New Product! Deet-Free Mosquito Repellent

Okay guys, I don't know about you but mosquitoes think of me as an all-you-can-eat buffet situation.  My Casper-white legs end up covered in red bumps after an outdoor BBQ and, frankly, it sucks. 

As a result I have spent many summers getting sprayed with OFF which uses DEET as the active ingredient.  DEET was originally developed to be used as a pesticide on farm fields and now we spray our bodies with it.  And breathe it in.  And get it on our fingers which we lick while we're eating various goodies off of the grill.  And in our eyes when we rub them.  No bueno.

My biggest concern in testing out different "natural alternative" mosquito repellents was basically that they wouldn't work.  But ladies and gents - this formula is AWESOME!  It has a witch hazel base so it is quick drying and then I add equal parts of Citronella, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus Oils.  It smells yummy, doesn't hurt you or your clothes and is safe for little people over the age of 6 months. 

You have to spray every inch of exposed skin (which was also true for me with OFF) but if you do that you're good to go.  I have tested it in multiple mosquito-filled yards and it's a necessity for me now for any outdoor activities. 

It's avail HERE so if you're getting eaten by bugs or have some BBQs planned, check it out!


Argan Oil - What's the Deal?

Fruit of the Argan Tree and the Argan Oil

Argan Oil seems to be the hot ingredient as of late and it's deserving of the attention.  Argan Oil comes from Argan Trees which grow exclusively in Morocco and the fruit takes years to ripen.  The oil is high in Vitamin E and fatty acids and it helps in all sorts of skin problems: dry skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles.  Moroccans use them on their hair and nails and even their babies.

Women's Co-operatives in Morocco are the ones garnering the oil - they first crack the shells with sharp stones.  They are then placed between two Flintstone-size slabs of rock, and then they are ground into a brown paste.  This paste is kneaded by hand to extract the oil.  After being kneaded the paste is transformed into a solid hunk which is sent to the nearby factories.  There the oil is extracted by a press.*

Argon tree full of goats - they have great skin :)

Here are the benefits of this "liquid gold"
* Softens dry skin — Argan Oil's naturally high concentration in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids work to alleviate dry skin and rough patches.
* Helps to minimize fine lines — Smooth Argan Oil over skin and under your eyes for intense moisture and to reduce appearance of fine lines.
* Helps to heal acne blemishes and scarring — With regular use, Argan Oil is widely reported to heal existing acne blemishes, prevent the occurrence of new breakouts and help reduce scarring.
* Softens cuticles — Massage a few drops of Argan Oil onto your cuticles to soften and condition.
* Treats split ends — Rub oil between your hands and smooth through hair to minimize fly-aways and treat split ends.
* Gives skin a fresh, youthful look — Argan Oil easily absorbs into skin to give you a youthful, dewy glow.
* And it's safe enough for use on your baby — 100% pure, organic Argan Oil is safe enough to use on your baby's delicate skin to help treat dryness and soothe redness. You can also smooth over your stomach during pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks.**

Here are my thoughts - my skin used to break out a bunch - from my high school years through mid 20's.  I still get the occasional breakout situation, but I was a serious acne girl back in the day.  When I used Argan Oil I felt like I had my teenage skin back, sans blemishes, for about four days.  It felt crazy hydrated, pretty shiny (which I like) and I felt like it was helping red marks from blemishes fade more quickly. 

However, after four days my chin broke out like mad, just like it did in high school, as did my forehead.  My pores on my nose also appeared to double in size.  Not a part of my youth I'd like to relive, thank you very much.  So, I'm figuring out how much works for me and how often I can use it.  Not a lot is what I'm finding, but I DO like it and am basically skipping my T-zone.  If you have normal to dry skin or are an oily girl who works really well with oil (they do exist!) I think you would be in love with it - I have girlfriends who swear by it. 

I feel like Josie Maran put Argan Oil on the map here in the United States and hers is the one I worked with.  She will give it to you in three different sizes to work with: .5 oz, 1.7 oz and 4 oz. and it's Certified Organic.   

100% Pure has a great Organic Argan Oil based SPF 30 using Zinc Oxide as its chemical-free sunscreen and Rosehip Oil and Green Tea to compliment the Argan Oil base. 

I'm currently fairly obsessed with Josie's Argan Balm - a super thick salve that is perfect for elbows, knees, nails - you name it.  Paired with Shea Butter and numerous fruit oils it hydrates dry skin in an instant.

This awesome Argan Oil set from Pre de Provence up on www.OpenSky.com is a great deal ringing in at $80.  It comes with Argan Oil (1 oz.), Body Scrub, Beth Gel, Body Oil, Cleansing Oil, and Shea Butter Soap - all based with Argan Oil.

And they don't spell it out but Moroccan Oil is obviously from Morocco, as is Argan Oil, and it's high in Vitamin E and fatty acids, as is Argan Oil so I'm thinking they're related if not one and the same.  It's hard to find an ingredient listing for this hair treatment so I would keep it to your hair and go with the organic options for your pretty face. 

So what's the bottom line?  To me, if you have normal/dry skin it's a slam dunk.  If you're oily/acne-prone then I would go slow and just use a little bit.  Test it out and see how you do.  Let me know if Argan Oil works for you! 

*Information taken from the Argan Oil Society
** Information taken from the Josie Maran website


Beauty Tips My Daddy Taught Me

My dad and me 12 years ago

It's a short list peeps as my dad did not have a wealth of knowledge to share on the whole beauty front, as is to be expected.  But I did pick up a few tips which I am happy to share:

Chlorine is very drying!  My dad, brother Jonathan and myself.
Always use cream after you get out of the shower (it was always "cream" to my dad, not lotion).  My dad was oddly good at this - he should have purchased stock in Vaseline Intensive Care - the yellow 16 oz. bottle with a pump.  To this day that smell reminds me of him.  He has, since having a daughter who got quite educated on ingredients, flipped to other body lotions/creams that are not petroleum and mineral oil based, but that was the original.

If you're worried about getting sweaty, throw some powder on.  This is going to get me into trouble but I have this image of my dad taking Johnson & Johnson's Baby Talcum Powder and puffing it onto himself after said shower, once he was in his skivvies, and snapping the waistband of said skivvies and a puff of powder would appear from where he had dispensed it.  I have utilized this technique in the summer when it is hotter than Hades and my thighs are rubbing together (yes, I have to give equally embarrassing information about myself).  Powder helps ya'll (though of course I now use a talc-free version).

My brother and I after putting charcoal all over our faces and holding a sign saying we were "Nancy Williams' children" as she was not impressed with our decision to sully ourselves and disowned us for about 15 minutes and we were smart-alecks. 

My dad was also really big on his children having a clean face - he would take out his handkerchief at any moment, spit on it and wipe our faces (which seriously grossed me out).  I'm currently a fan of cleansers instead of spit, but whatever works.

He also always had a tube of the Original Chapstick, or Mint, in his pocket at all times and possibly one to spare because lip hydration was key to him.  He has since flipped over to Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (yay!) and I totally inherited the lip balm gene. 

He also was my first masseuse!  I had HORRIBLE growing pains as a kid and would go into my mom and dad's room at night nearly in tears and every time my dad would rub my calves for me til they stopped hurting. 

Happy Father's Day Daddy!  I love you lots - here are some of my favorite pictures :) - xxoo Erin

I think we're in San Antonio here
Christmas circa 1984 - I'm sure that I had something to do with his lei and Care Bear but I take no responsibility for that hat 
This is what we do in Texas - bake cakes in the shape of our state.  It happens a lot.

My dad is always good for a dance

Quite possibly my favorite photo of my Texas Executive-level-business-man dad - doing the hula for me wrapped up in a blanket on my birthday when I was in high school


Girl Crush - Sookie's Back!

Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer

I am focusing on PB "True Blood" Anna Paquin, meaning Post Blonde - otherwise I associate her brunette-headed self with the X-Men series and this blog post would be a million miles long.  I kind of love Anna because she hasn't had her teeth fixed and she has some gappage that would give Lauren Hutton a run for her money. 

Anna is also fun because she'll do a lot of different things with her hair while sticking to a pretty strict regimen of smoky eyes with a soft lip.  Here are some fun looks: 

Tons of lashes, charcoal smoke and a soft pink lip with a bump in the hair

Brown smoky eye, pink lip, hair up

Soft and super approachable

Love this!  Soft updo, bolder lip color, sharper liner under the eye

Super smoky with black to match her dress, clean skin, nude lip

Polished updo and a strong brow

Soft curls, smoky eyes, soft pink lip

With her best accessory, her husband :)

Beachy hair, natural makeup

Uber blonde, strong brow (are we noticing a theme here on the strong brow front?!) and natural makeup

Love this - honey blonde hair, juicy lips, smoky eyes

She likes volume at the crown doesn't she?  I'm from Texas so I support that

Mermaidy hair with soft makeup and, you guessed it!, a strong brow