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Bronzer Video How-To

Do you want to look like Jennifer?

Or Snookie?
Alright ladies, I am fully aware that we are entering December and there is no sun happening past 5pm here in the NYC, BUT, I am forever getting asked how to put bronzer on so I wanted to post this video that I did back in September.  So, if you're feeling the winter blues, warm it up with some sunkissed cheeks!
Click HERE if you can't see the video below.


Holiday Gifts From Erin's Faces

In case we haven't met, hi my name is Erin and I LOVE a holiday gift guide!!!  Seriously - I used to write for a beauty website and my favorite time of year, by far, was getting to cover all of the fun holiday offerings companies had in December.  So the fact that I got to CREATE my own gifts this year for my own line was a little heady.  A lot heady.  And selfish.  I just made what I would want to get :).  So here we go (all gifts are viewable up on my newly overhauled website www.erinsfaces.com - please check it out!): 

How many of us love a body scrub?  Now, take your favorite body scrub in the whole wide world and multiply it to the tenth power and you have my new Organic Body Scrubs.  No lie - they are AMAZING!!  100% Organic, even made with Fair-Trade Sugar, they are packed with essential oils to leave you feeling super hydrated while the sugar gets all of the dead winter skin off without stinging like salt can.  There are two "flavors":  Peppermint Kiss, which is made with Organic Peppermint Oil, and Chocolate Kiss, which is made with, yep, real chocolate.  Real. Chocolate.  No artificial fragrances here folks.  They both smell heavenly and I am obsessed with them to the point that I put them in multiple gift options. The best part is that they're perfect for guys and girls so you can stash some in your closet and not be stuck with a box of peony soaps for your Uncle Larry when he makes an impromptu visit - and you know he will. 8 oz. size is above for $25.  16 oz. is also available for $40.

Then we have the Organic  Body Scrub Duo ($25) which has each of the scrubs in a 4 oz. size so you can have your full York Peppermint Patty experience.  Tre yum!

If you love the idea of a scrub and then packing the moisture in after your shower Chocolate and Cream or Peppermint and Cream ($25/set in 4 oz. jars) are perfect for you.  You pick which scrub you like and it's paired with the yummiest Shea Butter Body Balm you'll ever get your hands on.  It melts into parched skin and heals it with said Shea Butter, Neem and Jojoba Oils and Vitamin E.  Again, great for guys and girls.
With holiday and New Year's Eve parties in great abundance who doesn't need a little shine?  This Mineral Gloss & Eye Shimmer Duo ($25) will add the proper amount of shimmer, not glitter, to your festivities.  Ruby Slippers is a clear shade with tons of rose pink shimmer and Buff is a beautiful neutral champagne with a tiny hit of copper.  Both the healthy lipgloss and shimmer (great for eyes or cheek highlight - or shoulders!) are gorgeous on literally ANY skintone - from the lightest to the darkest - so you can't mess up.  They're perfect for your girlfriend who loves makeup or your daughter who you'd rather not leave the house looking like someone who receives coal in her stocking.
If you've got a lavender lover on your gift list (teachers, aunts or nurses) this Lavender Body Duo ($25 in 4 oz. jar and bottle) will knock their socks off!  Both of these Vegan products are infused with Organic Lavender Essential Oil so you get an authentic Lavender experience, not a cloying fake flowery situation.  The Lavender Body Balm is the Shea Butter Body Balm with some added  Organic Lavender Essential Oil and the Organic Lavender Body Wash is actually for infants but it smelled so good I wanted everyone to get to have it :).

I have been getting asked a lot for a Brush Set ($100) and you generally have to sacrifice quality for quantity on sets (meaning the brush fibers are lackluster to save money) and I just didn't want to do that.  When I finally settled on this collection of synthetic brushes I was elated!  Included are a Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Foundation/Contour Brush, Blender Eyeshadow Brush, Corner Eyeshadow Brush and an Eyeliner Brush.  Silky soft Taklon fibers kiss skin and feel like silk across your cheeks.
The other thing I got asked for was a Travel Brush Set ($65) which, again, gives you the silky Taklon synthetic fibers but in a travel-friendly size.  Included are a Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Corner Eyeshadow Brush, Blender Eyeshadow Brush, Lip/Concealer Brush, Eyeliner Brush and Mascara/Brow Spoolie.  Carrying case is black and has a zip pocket for stowing a lipgloss or eyeshadow on the go. Case measures 3.25" L x 5.5" W x 1" D.
Gift Certificates are also available for any dollar amount you can dream up - just shoot me an email and we'll make it happen.  Your recipient will get a discount code for the dollar amount so they can shop at will!
Each bath gift set comes in a pretty silver organza bag with a super cute holiday gift tag for you to fill out - totally ready to get given away or tucked into your own bathroom.  So get your list out and start giving those "nice" boys and girls some goodies! 


New Lipstick Shades!

In general I am a gloss girl.  I do not rock a lipstick on a regular basis.  I like a softer color and find lipsticks to be pretty drying in general or too emollient so they slide all over your face.  Except for these!!  I just launched some beautiful new shades at Erin's Faces and I wanted to share them with you because they are AWESOME!  They are super on-trend and flattering for everyone.  I'm also showing women wearing the same type of lipshade as the ones I'm launching ~

Salma Hayek, Gabrielle Union and Rose McGowan

First is SPICE, which is a satin lipstick, is the perfect shade of pumpkin - none of the lipsticks we're going to be talking about have any shimmer.  This lipstick works with Coconut and Caster Seed Oils, Shea Butter, Illipe Butter and Hyaluronic Acid which condition while Vitamin A, C, E, Safflower Oil and Beeswax moisturize, soothe and protect.

Emma Stone

FLAMINGO is in the same satin lipstick camp and is a beautiful punch of fuchsia.
These next two are inspired by screen sirens, Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe - who doesn't want to look like them?!  They are mattes but have a really hydrating formula with Hyaluronic Acid (holds 1,000 times its weight in water), Squalene (from olives) and Vitamin E so you don't get cracked dry matte lips.  Instead you get a long-wearing lipstick that smooths on over lips, stays put and feels great!
Ava Gardner

Charlize Theron, Rachel Wood, Naomi Watts, Elizabeth Olsen
AVA is a beautiful wine/berry combo that is the color for the season.

Marilyn Monroe
Kerry Washington

Scarlett Johansson
MARILYN is an amazing warm orange-based red (if you want a blue based red I have a satin lipstick called Red which is perfect) that gives a classic pinup kisser - perfect for the holidays!
So give them a gander and let me know what you think!  xoxo


Opening Night of "Giant" at the Public with Kate Baldwin

Kate and Brian d'Arcy James

I had the pleasure of getting to work with the crazy nice and super talented, Kate Baldwin, last night at the opening of the new musical, "Giant", at the Public Theater here in NYC.  We met at my stylist friend, George Brescia's, Fashion on Broadway event during Fashion Week where Kate spoke and I got to do her makeup (click HERE to read the post and see pics).

The way it works on opening nights is the cast finishes the show takes their bow and then runs offstage to get changed for their party which they have about 20 minutes to get ready to go to - for real.  What needs to happen in those 20 minutes is their wig needs to come off, millions of pin curls need to come out (doesn't her hair look amazing?  Especially for having been under a wig in pin curls for hours?!), they need to get out of their costume and into their event dress and shoes and their makeup needs to get addressed.  We had 12 minutes to do her face.  LITERALLY.  And we did a seriously smoky eye folks!  Good news is that Kate happens to be gorgeous and super chill so it worked out just fine and I think she looks really pretty :).

Here are pics of her from opening night as well as a list of products we used on her pretty face ~

I made this one huge so you can see her eye makeup - so fun!  Oh, and the guy is P.J. Griffith :).

Kate with her handsome husband, who is in "Mamma Mia!" right now, Graham Rowat.

Kate is wearing these items from Erin's Faces:

Mineral Eyeshadows in Ivory, Navy, Night
Onyx Cream Eyeliner
Mineral Foundation in Linen
Mineral Concealer in Light
Aloe Powder
Mineral Blush in Begonia
Mineral Bronzer in Sunkissed
Natural Lipliner
Mineral Lipglosses in Jewel and Enchanted

Silver Dusk from MAC on inner corners of eyes and highlight of cheek
Did I mention that George dressed Kate for this as well - she looked stunning!


Midwest & Texas Trips

Sampling serums with some Houston ladies

You guys, I have gotten to meet so many new ladies in the past two months while sharing Erin's Faces in Kansas City, St. Louis, Ft. Worth and Houston and it has been AWESOME!!  So many fun visits, tasty meals and reconnecting with old friends while meeting new ones - love it!

Goodies laid out

I did a better job this time of getting pics with my hostess ladies except for the first party in Kansas City where my lovely friend, Kari Roehr, hosted for me while juggling her school gig and her daughter (not literally juggling her daughter - no babies were harmed while we wore lipgloss).

Devon and me with our pretty hair and her pooch, Stewie

Next came another dear friend, Devon Barnes who hosted for me.  Sidenote - if you live in KC we got our hair done at Skyline Downtown Salon and Angi Ouderkirk did an AMAZING job on my hair - it made it through a windstorm and multiple nights of me sleeping on it and still looked awesome!  Back to Devon - we had a wonderful time with her friends who are all involved in the theatre community or happen to make the most yummy flourless chocolate cake you'll ever eat.

Julie and me, both wearing our fall green

After that I jetted over to St. Louis and visited with Rich and Julie Fitzer who live in the prettiest 100 year old house and have the sweetest friends!  I loved taking a walk with their dogs and getting to see, and eat!, all of the tasty treats Julie made from Pinterest pics :). 

Leslie, Courtney and me

My beautiful model, Carol, at Nicole's party

Nicole "doesn't do pictures" :) so she said she'd take a picture of Courtney with me after we gave her a plum smoky eye

A month later I got to go to Ft. Worth and stay with my college girlfriend, Courtney Scott, and cuddle with her two-year old when she woke up early one morning.  Courtney hosted a party for me in February and two of her girlfriends, Leslie Brooks and Nicole Davault, were there and they both hosted their own parties for me when I was in Ft. Worth.  They are all inspirational women to me because they have strong careers, great marriages and multiple children - I have no idea how they get anything done! - but they do and they do a phenomenal job. 

Then I popped over to my hometown, Houston, and went to my preschool (which now has an elementary and middle school) The Branch School straight off the plane and met with teachers on breaks and we found goodies that fit them - love teachers!

The next day we went to a reading for my aunt, Jane Williams, and a book she has contributed to, Coping with Transition: Men, Motherhood, Money and Magic.  She wrote about how she adopted a brother and sister, ages 9 and 11, (my beautiful cousins, August and Julianna) from Brazil and how that all went down - it's a crazy heartrending journey that I highly suggest you check out! 

I NEVER wear red lips but I was feeling it that day so I rocked it out at Christine's party

Giving my dad a post-party smooch

Later that evening my stepmom, Christine, hosted a party that included a really special group of women, including one of my former Sunday School teachers, Ann, who is a chemical engineer (who I pumped for information about ingredients!  Long story short - we're on the right track with Erin's Faces :)).  I got to do Christine's makeup since everyone made a food run right before we did the makeup portion of the evening and I didn't want to separate anyone from their homemade apple cake!

In Melinda's beautiful backyard - and yes, same dress multiple times - long story :)

The next day I got to spend the afternoon with the super sweet and fun Melinda Hickey who also hosted a party in February.  It was such lovely weather that we got to do the party outside poolside which felt very non-New-Yorky since it just snowed here - love Texas!  I got to see some ladies who I had met before as well as some new girlies - all super busy and involved moms!

Top sellers for the trips were
Cream Eyeliners
Rose Quench Serum
Oil Free Night Treatment
Mineral Concealers
Mineral Sheer Tints
Firming Cream Concentrate for Eyes
Foundation Brushes
Enchanted Mineral Lipgloss - coming soon online!
Organic Chocolate & Peppermint Body Scrub Gift Duo - also coming soon online!
and Rhubarb Sheer SPF Lipstick
Thanks so much to everyone who hosted me - I had a wonderful time and can't wait to hear how your products are working out for you! 


Girl Crush - Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato's latest look - strong brow, winged liner and bold lip - hair up in a bun

You guys, I am becoming obsessed with this girl.  I thoroughly enjoyed her serious makeup and hair situations on The X Factor but I didn't know much about Miss Lovato's style.  After sifting through pictures of her I'm kind of in love. 

Demi rocks every look you could possibly imagine as well as hair color - there are no limits for her.  I feel like if she never got into singing she would be working at one of the flagship MAC stores in NYC.  She LOVES a strong brow but everything else is up for change - so fun!!

Strong lip -

She's really comfy with her boobs too so get ready to see them a bunch but they look good so who can blame her?!   She classes it up with an updo and classic red lip.

Similar makeup but more of a true red lip with smokier eye and a pompadour in the hair.

Fun to see the same red with a different hair color - a little more boxy of a brow and LONG lashes.

Sexpot McGee! Burgundy red lip, clean skin and curls for days.

Wavy ombre hair and a rare coral lip with strong black liner and Demi's traditional arched brow.

Classic beauty with a more squared off, thicker brow - she looks like a combo of Kate Winslet and Eva Peron to me - am I nuts?!
Fun with Hair Colors -

Her blue fishtail braid

And some pink ends for you, just for fun.

Strong Eyes -

Come on!!  SO beautiful - my favorite look of all.

Arched brow, winged liner from the bottom (instead of the top), peach blush and a nude lip.

LOVE.  Smoky eyes, clean skin - gorgeous.

Pink hair, winged liner on top, clean skin.

It looks kind of boring, right?  After so many fun things, it's kind of funny.  She looks beautiful though.

Back to some sizzle!  I feel like she's channeling her inner Jennifer Lopez here from head to toe. 

And again - I love that she will dye her hair blue and then she'll dye it chocolate brown and pair it with a blush toned dress and soft makeup - told you - obsessed.
More fun pics -
Love the hair here

Love it or hate it, she's not afraid of a bold choice!

And this was her just four years ago - kind of nuts right?