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Daenerys Targaryen / Khaleesi Makeup Tutorial

Photo by Billy B Photography
Is there anyone who doesn't want to be Khaleesi when they grow up?  She is my, and millions of other people's, favorite character from Game of Thrones and was a super fun makeup job.  It worked into the AC Lens Halloween Shoot because all of the Targaryens in the books have violet eyes.  Apparently they had the actors wear violet contacts during the first season but they ended up ditching them after that - we went by the book and added them for this shoot and they made the look beautiful and other worldly.  Here's what we used:
Put in violet/purple contact lenses contacts (Night Vixen - AC Lens)
Apply primer to eyelids (Brightening Eyeshadow Primer - Erin’s Faces)
Use a matte ivory shade under the brow, a terra cotta shade all over the lid (and under eye as liner) and a mix of soft matte brown and cream shadows in the crease to blend it all together (Ivory Mineral Shadow, Calla Mineral Blush and mix of Earth and Cream Mineral Shadows – Erin’s Faces)
Black mascara top and bottom (Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara)
Bump brows up a shade or two color wise so they are deep (Earth Mineral Shadow – Erin’s Faces)

My beautiful model, Heather, with just eyeshadow on and then we gave her a stronger brow and some foundation
Foundation/concealer/powder (Erin’s Faces Mineral Foundation (Linen)/Mineral Concealer (Light)/Aloe Powder)

Photo by Billy B Photography
Matte Bronzer (Sunkissed Mineral Bronzer - Erin’s Faces) to contour/hollow out cheekbone
Very soft swipe of blush across cheeks to look flushed (Rose Mineral Blush - Erin’s Faces)
Soft highlighter on cheekbones/browbones (Brightening Pen in Champagne - Erin’s Faces)

Nude lipliner all over lips (Natural Lip Liner - Erin’s Faces)
Soft nude sheer gloss (Goddess Mineral Lipgloss - Erin’s Faces)

Pretty braids that Candice put in

Photographer - Billy B Photography

Makeup - Erin Williams 

Model - Heather Botts

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