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TV Spot on Veria Living's "Naturally Beautiful" - Scar Treatment & Cover Up

In February of last year I got asked to go on an awesome TV show, "Naturally Beautiful" on Veria Living.  Nitika Chopra is the host and she's kind of awesome.  After having a blog, and turning said blog into a huge website, Bella Life, she booked this hosting gig and she's great at it.  

Nitika Chopra
So I got to go and tape one show and then got asked to come back for another one (yay!) which is the one that has aired first.  Click on this picture to see the video - 


We were discussing different natural treatments that help to fade scars - 
Aloe Vera
Salicylic Acid (Willow Bark)
Onion (active ingredient in Mederma)
We talked about how the Erin's Faces Organic Firming Serum has an Aloe Vera base and the Organic Silk Cream has both Aloe Vera and Coconut as the top ingredients.

Makeup wise primer is KEY to dealing with scars since they generally have texture issues as well as dryness.  

Then you can follow with your foundation and concealer

or use your regular foundation and a loose mineral powder foundation with a fluffy eyeshadow brush instead of your cream/liquid concealer.  

Ann's Before & After

So pretty!!

                                             To watch the full interview with Ann click HERE.


B-Sides Productions Broadway Gala

Max Kumangai, Brent Di Roma, Kilty Reidy, Teal Wicks, Kimberly Marable and Lael Van Keuren
I had a wonderful time getting to work with an awesome new theatre company founded by Jasper Grant, B-Sides Productions, who had their annual gala this winter.  The proceeds went to the Ali Forney Center, a wonderful facility that houses LGBT youth here in NYC.

They put together a wonderful group of Broadway singers to do a concert of Bill Russell and Janet Hood's "Elegies for Angels, Punks, and Raging Queens" and Erin's Faces got to do the makeup for the performers and the beautiful women on their board.  Here's how it all turned out:

Getting the performers ready - Kimberly, Teal, me and Lael 

Erin's Faces Artist, Kimberly Chin (middle) did Liz Asti (left) and Josey Roberts' (right) makeup.  Liz & Josey are amazing performers who are two of the three folks on the Advisory Board of the B-Sides (Amos Wolff being the third).

Josey and Liz looking tre glam out of their coats at the gala

I did Teal's makeup MANY moons ago so it was fun to get to do it again - she looks cute in a paper sack so it's pretty easy.

Lael was so sweet and has such pretty porcelain skin - loved her!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Kimberly because I feel like it embodies the incredible amount of life she exudes.  

The girls were AMAZING in the show!  The boys were pretty fantastic as well :) and that's founder, Jasper Grant, at the keys!

And a shout out to Maggie McNeil who was wearing her Erin's Faces Satin Lipstick in Red - isn't she beautimous?!!