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Holly Golightly Mother-Daughter Halloween Costumes

When I was mapping out the looks for the AC Lens Halloween shoot I was doing I knew they wanted a look that incorporated sunglasses into a costume.  I wanted something that would be more imaginative than a beachy type of look and was so excited when the concept of Audrey Hepburn's character of Holly Golightly from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" came to me.  I thought it would be even cuter if we made it a mother-daughter situation and we had the perfect models in Jenny and Klara - here's what we used for mom -
It's THE easiest makeup ever as you get to skip your eyes completely - we just did some

Klara wore this dress, Jenny wore her own and both ladies wore this tiara.  I got the pearls (which we taped to be the right length) and gloves at Party City.

Then the ladies threw on sunnies (Fantas Eyes Niagra (adult) and Zoobug ZB (child) - AC Lens) and channeled their inner Audreys :).

Photographer - Billy B Photography

Makeup - Erin Williams 

Model - Jenny Neale and Klara Mueller


Vampire Makeup Tutorial

I love a vampire and had fun figuring out what I wanted the makeup to look like on this one.  It looked really good but I have to tell you that those colored contacts from AC Lens take it to the total next level - it was nuts!  Here's what we used -
Put in your red lenses in (Angelic Red - AC Lens) - we put them in after and I rec doing it first
Apply primer to eyelids (Brightening Eyeshadow Primer - Erin’s Faces)

Heather still had her Khaleesi braids in :)
Apply matte black shadow all over lid and bring almost to brow but leave a sliver of space for skintone to show through right under brow (Night Mineral Shadow – Erin’s Faces)
On the outer corner, on top of the black, pop a matte navy (Navy Mineral Shadow – Erin’s Faces) and on the inner half of the eye apply an eggplant shade on top of the black (Plum Mineral Shadow – Erin’s Faces)
Run the black shadow (Night) under the eye as a liner and soften with a fluffier brush so the line isn’t harsh.  Pull a little Navy in on the outer corner.
Line lower waterline and tightline with waterproof black eyeliner (Onyx Cream Eyeliner – Erin’s Faces)
Black mascara on top and bottom lashes (Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara)
Apply feathery long false lashes (Alcone Lash #315)
Deepen brows with a deep matte gray/soft black shadow/pencil (Twilight Mineral Shadow – Erin’s Faces)

Apply a pale foundation shade all over the face (Death Flesh Crème Foundation – Ben Nye)
Use gray shadows to contour cheeks (Dove & Twilight Mineral Eyeshadows – Erin’s Faces)
Apply loose white shimmer to cheekbones/browbone (Ice Lumiere Luxe Powder – Ben Nye)

Line lips with black eyeliner pencil and smudge so the line isn’t sharp (Baby’s Got Black Kohl Crayons for Eyes – Wet N’ Wild)
Fill in lips with wine lipstick shade or do what we did which was take red lipstick and mix a little brown eyeshadow in to it to make the perfect shade (Red Satin Lipstick & Espresso Mineral Shadow – Erin’s Faces)

Apply fake fangs to teeth (Scarecrow Deluxe Vampire Fangs) and I got the lace top here.

Photographer - Billy B Photography

Makeup - Erin Williams 

Model - Heather Botts


Alex Vause - Orange is the New Black - Makeup Tutorial and Costume Breakdown

When we were doing the Halloween shoot for AC Lens we wanted to show an easy way to incorporate glasses into a costume and Alex Vouse seemed like a timely fit (sidenote - there's an odd amount of Velma's from Scooby Doo being rec'ed for girls with glasses and I wanted to do something more edgy).  Her makeup is actually really soft and pretty with an awesome wing (I was going after replicating this look) and would be pretty with or without glasses so give it a gander -
Apply cream colored matte shadow to lid (Cream Mineral Shadow - Erin’s Faces), a matte milk chocolate shade in crease (Earth Mineral Shadow  - Erin’s Faces) and a matte ivory under the brow (Ivory Mineral Shadow – Erin’s Faces)

Use a black liquid liner or gel eyeliner (Onyx Cream Eyeliner – Erin’s Faces) along the lashline and draw a medium thick line and extend the wing out at the edges as much as you like
Black mascara top and bottom (Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara)
Fill in brows and round out/extend (Espresso Mineral Shadow – Erin’s Faces)


Contour cheekbone a LOT with matte bronzer (Sunkissed Mineral Bronzer – Erin’s Faces)
Soft application of matte brown blush that has a hit of pink on outer apples (Calla Mineral Blush – Erin’s Faces)
Soft glowy highlighter along cheekbones/browbones – not too shimmery and not too silver (Brightening Pen in Champagne – Erin’s Faces)

Apply a natural pinky/brown lipstick shade (Mocha Satin Lipstick – Erin’s Faces)

We got this tattoo to put on Emily's arm and grabbed this khaki scrubs top to match the prison uniforms.

Put on your John Lennon Winston black framed glasses from AC Lens and rock it!

Photographer - Billy B Photography

Makeup - Erin Williams 


Daenerys Targaryen / Khaleesi Makeup Tutorial

Photo by Billy B Photography
Is there anyone who doesn't want to be Khaleesi when they grow up?  She is my, and millions of other people's, favorite character from Game of Thrones and was a super fun makeup job.  It worked into the AC Lens Halloween Shoot because all of the Targaryens in the books have violet eyes.  Apparently they had the actors wear violet contacts during the first season but they ended up ditching them after that - we went by the book and added them for this shoot and they made the look beautiful and other worldly.  Here's what we used:
Put in violet/purple contact lenses contacts (Night Vixen - AC Lens)
Apply primer to eyelids (Brightening Eyeshadow Primer - Erin’s Faces)
Use a matte ivory shade under the brow, a terra cotta shade all over the lid (and under eye as liner) and a mix of soft matte brown and cream shadows in the crease to blend it all together (Ivory Mineral Shadow, Calla Mineral Blush and mix of Earth and Cream Mineral Shadows – Erin’s Faces)
Black mascara top and bottom (Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara)
Bump brows up a shade or two color wise so they are deep (Earth Mineral Shadow – Erin’s Faces)

My beautiful model, Heather, with just eyeshadow on and then we gave her a stronger brow and some foundation
Foundation/concealer/powder (Erin’s Faces Mineral Foundation (Linen)/Mineral Concealer (Light)/Aloe Powder)

Photo by Billy B Photography
Matte Bronzer (Sunkissed Mineral Bronzer - Erin’s Faces) to contour/hollow out cheekbone
Very soft swipe of blush across cheeks to look flushed (Rose Mineral Blush - Erin’s Faces)
Soft highlighter on cheekbones/browbones (Brightening Pen in Champagne - Erin’s Faces)

Nude lipliner all over lips (Natural Lip Liner - Erin’s Faces)
Soft nude sheer gloss (Goddess Mineral Lipgloss - Erin’s Faces)

Pretty braids that Candice put in

Photographer - Billy B Photography

Makeup - Erin Williams 

Model - Heather Botts


Butterfly Fairy Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I got to do a shoot for AC Lens (which is an awesome online store that has glasses/sunnies/colored contacts) for Halloween looks that are do-able - some are easier than others but there will be one in the mix of five that I'm going to share over the course of this week that you will feel totally equipped implementing.

I'm starting with a super fun one which is my Butterfly Fairy - isn't she so pretty?!!  I'm obsessed.

Here's how I did it -
Pop in Zombie Blue contact lenses from AC Lens - I rec doing this first so that you're not messing up your amazing makeup job later by putting them in once you're finished (we didn't do that so I'm saving you some heartache here)

Apply white cream makeup to the entire eye area – lash line to brow (Crème Foundation in White – Ben Nye) - doing this, even on fair skin, allows the bright colors to read as vibrantly as possible
Apply yellow shadow to inner corner of eye (Lemon Pressed Eye Shadow – Ben Nye)
Apply orange shadow in outer corner of eye and up into entire area under brow as well as under the eye as a liner (Clay Eye Shadow Compact Matt – Kryolan)
Fill in the middle section of lid with mustardy/orange shade (Banana Eye Shadow Compact Matt – Kryolan)
Apply shimmering orange loose shadow over outer corner and under eye (Tangerine Lumiere Luxe Powder – Ben Nye)
Apply a loose soft gold shimmer to inner corner of eye (Magic Dust – Erin’s Faces)
Fill in brows so they are defined (Espresso Mineral Eyeshadow – Erin’s Faces)
Black mascara top and bottom (Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara)
Apply false lashes of choice (Alcone Lashes #314)

We did a test shot before we put the lenses in and it was too pretty not to share!

Use the shimmering orange loose powder as your contour on cheek and blend (Tangerine)
Apply the loose soft gold as highlight on cheek and pull in to the apples – use a lot (Magic Dust)
Apply a bright deep pink shade to apples of cheeks (Tulip Mineral Blush – Erin’s Faces)

Cut wings off of your butterfly (we used Ashland Nature Center Butterflies from Michael's)
Cut a small triangle out of the center of the wings which is where the corner of your eye will go
Use lash glue to affix the wings – just near the triangle you cut out as that’s the part that will be touching your skin (Duo Lash Glue)

Use a matte white pencil and a black pencil to draw dots along the cheek, under and over the brow in a pattern you like (You’re Always White & Baby’s Got Black Kohl Crayons for Eyes – Wet N’ Wild)

Jenny with and without the lenses on (Ice Walker - different from the ones we used at the shoot) with no other makeup on and no retouching and then me after we did the demo for press looking slightly alarmed as Jenny looked really pretty and really creepy all at once
Use a bright coral gloss on lips (Coral Crush Mineral Lipgloss – Erins Faces) and press in a little of the orange or yellow shadow into the center of the lip

Photographer (of the pretty pictures) - Billy B Photography

Makeup - Erin Williams 

Model - Jenny Neale