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Erin's Face of the Month - Afshawn Ostowari

What you love most about your job?
Being able to help customers and building that personal relationship with them.
Any fun interests/hobbies?
I love to dance, cook/bake, hike and go wine tasting. I like reading and learning more information about where our produce and meat come from as well as educating myself on where my skincare/makeup products come from - being aware of what ingredients are in them. 

Best Skincare Advice?
Keep yourself hydrated - it will help the look of your skin. Also, use high quality natural skin care products - make sure to read and understand the labels/ingredients in products.
Speaking of hydration - do you have a favorite moisturizer?

Silk Cream
Any other skincare faves?

Firming Serum
Best Makeup Advice?
Less is more. I love my makeup to look natural/effortless/flawless. 
What's a must have for that natural look?

Mineral Sheer Tint
Highlighters are so in right now - what do you like to use?

Fairy Dust
Why do you use Erin’s Faces?
I love that Erin's Faces is green/clean skincare/makeup line. Cruelty free. Erin only uses the highest quality ingredients (organic wherever possible) in her products and really connects to her clientele unlike other makeup/skincare lines I've inquired about. She answers any questions you may have and helps pair you with products she thinks will be compatible for your skin type.

Aww, thanks Afshawn! xo