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Opening Night of "Giant" at the Public with Kate Baldwin

Kate and Brian d'Arcy James

I had the pleasure of getting to work with the crazy nice and super talented, Kate Baldwin, last night at the opening of the new musical, "Giant", at the Public Theater here in NYC.  We met at my stylist friend, George Brescia's, Fashion on Broadway event during Fashion Week where Kate spoke and I got to do her makeup (click HERE to read the post and see pics).

The way it works on opening nights is the cast finishes the show takes their bow and then runs offstage to get changed for their party which they have about 20 minutes to get ready to go to - for real.  What needs to happen in those 20 minutes is their wig needs to come off, millions of pin curls need to come out (doesn't her hair look amazing?  Especially for having been under a wig in pin curls for hours?!), they need to get out of their costume and into their event dress and shoes and their makeup needs to get addressed.  We had 12 minutes to do her face.  LITERALLY.  And we did a seriously smoky eye folks!  Good news is that Kate happens to be gorgeous and super chill so it worked out just fine and I think she looks really pretty :).

Here are pics of her from opening night as well as a list of products we used on her pretty face ~

I made this one huge so you can see her eye makeup - so fun!  Oh, and the guy is P.J. Griffith :).

Kate with her handsome husband, who is in "Mamma Mia!" right now, Graham Rowat.

Kate is wearing these items from Erin's Faces:

Mineral Eyeshadows in Ivory, Navy, Night
Onyx Cream Eyeliner
Mineral Foundation in Linen
Mineral Concealer in Light
Aloe Powder
Mineral Blush in Begonia
Mineral Bronzer in Sunkissed
Natural Lipliner
Mineral Lipglosses in Jewel and Enchanted

Silver Dusk from MAC on inner corners of eyes and highlight of cheek
Did I mention that George dressed Kate for this as well - she looked stunning!


Midwest & Texas Trips

Sampling serums with some Houston ladies

You guys, I have gotten to meet so many new ladies in the past two months while sharing Erin's Faces in Kansas City, St. Louis, Ft. Worth and Houston and it has been AWESOME!!  So many fun visits, tasty meals and reconnecting with old friends while meeting new ones - love it!

Goodies laid out

I did a better job this time of getting pics with my hostess ladies except for the first party in Kansas City where my lovely friend, Kari Roehr, hosted for me while juggling her school gig and her daughter (not literally juggling her daughter - no babies were harmed while we wore lipgloss).

Devon and me with our pretty hair and her pooch, Stewie

Next came another dear friend, Devon Barnes who hosted for me.  Sidenote - if you live in KC we got our hair done at Skyline Downtown Salon and Angi Ouderkirk did an AMAZING job on my hair - it made it through a windstorm and multiple nights of me sleeping on it and still looked awesome!  Back to Devon - we had a wonderful time with her friends who are all involved in the theatre community or happen to make the most yummy flourless chocolate cake you'll ever eat.

Julie and me, both wearing our fall green

After that I jetted over to St. Louis and visited with Rich and Julie Fitzer who live in the prettiest 100 year old house and have the sweetest friends!  I loved taking a walk with their dogs and getting to see, and eat!, all of the tasty treats Julie made from Pinterest pics :). 

Leslie, Courtney and me

My beautiful model, Carol, at Nicole's party

Nicole "doesn't do pictures" :) so she said she'd take a picture of Courtney with me after we gave her a plum smoky eye

A month later I got to go to Ft. Worth and stay with my college girlfriend, Courtney Scott, and cuddle with her two-year old when she woke up early one morning.  Courtney hosted a party for me in February and two of her girlfriends, Leslie Brooks and Nicole Davault, were there and they both hosted their own parties for me when I was in Ft. Worth.  They are all inspirational women to me because they have strong careers, great marriages and multiple children - I have no idea how they get anything done! - but they do and they do a phenomenal job. 

Then I popped over to my hometown, Houston, and went to my preschool (which now has an elementary and middle school) The Branch School straight off the plane and met with teachers on breaks and we found goodies that fit them - love teachers!

The next day we went to a reading for my aunt, Jane Williams, and a book she has contributed to, Coping with Transition: Men, Motherhood, Money and Magic.  She wrote about how she adopted a brother and sister, ages 9 and 11, (my beautiful cousins, August and Julianna) from Brazil and how that all went down - it's a crazy heartrending journey that I highly suggest you check out! 

I NEVER wear red lips but I was feeling it that day so I rocked it out at Christine's party

Giving my dad a post-party smooch

Later that evening my stepmom, Christine, hosted a party that included a really special group of women, including one of my former Sunday School teachers, Ann, who is a chemical engineer (who I pumped for information about ingredients!  Long story short - we're on the right track with Erin's Faces :)).  I got to do Christine's makeup since everyone made a food run right before we did the makeup portion of the evening and I didn't want to separate anyone from their homemade apple cake!

In Melinda's beautiful backyard - and yes, same dress multiple times - long story :)

The next day I got to spend the afternoon with the super sweet and fun Melinda Hickey who also hosted a party in February.  It was such lovely weather that we got to do the party outside poolside which felt very non-New-Yorky since it just snowed here - love Texas!  I got to see some ladies who I had met before as well as some new girlies - all super busy and involved moms!

Top sellers for the trips were
Cream Eyeliners
Rose Quench Serum
Oil Free Night Treatment
Mineral Concealers
Mineral Sheer Tints
Firming Cream Concentrate for Eyes
Foundation Brushes
Enchanted Mineral Lipgloss - coming soon online!
Organic Chocolate & Peppermint Body Scrub Gift Duo - also coming soon online!
and Rhubarb Sheer SPF Lipstick
Thanks so much to everyone who hosted me - I had a wonderful time and can't wait to hear how your products are working out for you! 


New York Live!

Yours truly, Elizabeth Stanley, George Brescia, Teresa Stephenson and Jenny Neale in the hallways of the NBC Studios at 30 Rock
We had such a fun time today at New York Live with George Brescia of georgeBstyle with our beautiful models!
Click HERE to see the video segment from NBC and scroll down to see what Erin's Faces goodies we used on the girls ~

On Elizabeth ~ 
Pore Perfecting Face Primer
Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation in Cream Beige
Mineral Photo Touch Concealers in Light and Light/Medium
Aloe Powder to set
Magic Dust as highlight and around tearducts
Champagne, Navy and Night Mineral Eyeshadows
Onyx Cream Eyeliner
Earth Mineral Eyeshadow on brows
Sunkissed Mineral Bronzer as cheek contour
Rose Mineral Blush
Natural Lipliner
Enchanted Mineral Lipgloss

Teresa's Before

On Teresa ~
Organic Firming Serum
Retexturizing Face Primer SPF 20
Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation in Porcelain
Mineral Photo Touch Concealers in Light and Light/Medium
Aloe Powder to set
Magic Dust as highlight and as eyeshadow
Sunset Mineral Eyeshadow
Mahogany Cream Eyeliner in waterline
Espresso Mineral Eyeshadow on brows
Sunkissed Mineral Bronzer as cheek contour
Gerber and Tiger Lily Mineral Blushes
Natural Lipliner
Ava Matte Lipstick

Jenny's Before

On Jenny ~
Retexturizing Face Primer SPF 20
Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation in Tender Beige
Mineral Photo Touch Concealers in Light and Light/Medium
Aloe Powder to set
Magic Dust as highlight
Snow and Starshine Mineral Eyeshadows
Mahogany Cream Eyeliner in waterline - top only
Espresso Mineral Eyeshadow on brows
Sunkissed Mineral Bronzer as cheek contour
Tulip and Impatiens Mineral Blushes
Natural Lipliner
Micro-Spice Lipstick

My friend took this pic of her TV and it makes me feel fancy :)

We also used Mally Volumizing Mascara and Urban Decay Primer Potion on all the ladies.


Beauty Tips My Daddy Taught Me

My dad and me 12 years ago

It's a short list peeps as my dad did not have a wealth of knowledge to share on the whole beauty front, as is to be expected.  But I did pick up a few tips which I am happy to share:

Chlorine is very drying!  My dad, brother Jonathan and myself.
Always use cream after you get out of the shower (it was always "cream" to my dad, not lotion).  My dad was oddly good at this - he should have purchased stock in Vaseline Intensive Care - the yellow 16 oz. bottle with a pump.  To this day that smell reminds me of him.  He has, since having a daughter who got quite educated on ingredients, flipped to other body lotions/creams that are not petroleum and mineral oil based, but that was the original.

If you're worried about getting sweaty, throw some powder on.  This is going to get me into trouble but I have this image of my dad taking Johnson & Johnson's Baby Talcum Powder and puffing it onto himself after said shower, once he was in his skivvies, and snapping the waistband of said skivvies and a puff of powder would appear from where he had dispensed it.  I have utilized this technique in the summer when it is hotter than Hades and my thighs are rubbing together (yes, I have to give equally embarrassing information about myself).  Powder helps ya'll (though of course I now use a talc-free version).

My brother and I after putting charcoal all over our faces and holding a sign saying we were "Nancy Williams' children" as she was not impressed with our decision to sully ourselves and disowned us for about 15 minutes and we were smart-alecks. 

My dad was also really big on his children having a clean face - he would take out his handkerchief at any moment, spit on it and wipe our faces (which seriously grossed me out).  I'm currently a fan of cleansers instead of spit, but whatever works.

He also always had a tube of the Original Chapstick, or Mint, in his pocket at all times and possibly one to spare because lip hydration was key to him.  He has since flipped over to Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (yay!) and I totally inherited the lip balm gene. 

He also was my first masseuse!  I had HORRIBLE growing pains as a kid and would go into my mom and dad's room at night nearly in tears and every time my dad would rub my calves for me til they stopped hurting. 

Happy Father's Day Daddy!  I love you lots - here are some of my favorite pictures :) - xxoo Erin

I think we're in San Antonio here
Christmas circa 1984 - I'm sure that I had something to do with his lei and Care Bear but I take no responsibility for that hat 
This is what we do in Texas - bake cakes in the shape of our state.  It happens a lot.

My dad is always good for a dance

Quite possibly my favorite photo of my Texas Executive-level-business-man dad - doing the hula for me wrapped up in a blanket on my birthday when I was in high school