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We Are Launched!!!

Mineral Eyeshadows and Blushes from Erin's Faces

We did it!  It took a small army to make it happen, but thanks to numerous friends Erin's Faces officially launched this past Wednesday - and here's how it all went down :):

I stayed up til about 4am the night before - mostly because I've been staying up til roughly that time for the past month or so, prepping for the launch, so it was just my schedule (which stinks and I'm working on fixing that) but I wanted to see that all of the tester kits were packed properly, lipgloss gift bags were good to go and everything was set in general.

I woke up late in the morning - remember I went to bed super late! - and hopped in the shower, walked my dog, felt peaceful and zen about the whole thing - I was ready!

1:00pm - Daniel (husband) came home from work (because he's lovely and I asked him to take a half day).  Realized I hadn't printed the order forms.  Mild panic attack when it gets to be 2:30 and they're still printing. 

2:35pm - Daniel had loaded up the car - don't know what we would have done without the car we borrowed from our friend Meridith! - and we hopped in and headed into Manhattan.  The plan was I was going to a swanky salon to get my hair all pretty from 3:30-4 and then we'd head down to Tribeca to get everything unloaded.

3:30 - Arrive at said swanky salon.  Wait.

4:00 - Sit in chair with stylist and realize that I will be there for another half hour.  Make panicked call to Daniel asking him to please head over to the venue and start unloading the car because I'm going to be a half an hour late.  Make numerous other phone calls to get people to do things I was supposed to do as I realize it's going to be an hour.  Have I said I have lovely friends yet?  I have GORGEOUS friends!!!

5:00 - Finally done with hair! 

5:15 - After waiting outside in the wind for a taxi for 15 minutes hair is in shambles.  Almost have a break down because I can not find a cab to get into and all I want is to get the venue and line up blushes and eyeshadows!!

5:30 - Finally get a cab and arrive at the Tribeca Green building where the lovely DiAna Pisarri had provided us a beautiful room.  Yay!  Artists (of which there were six) start arriving and are amazing and set up the makeup/skincare kits.  Thank goodness for Stacey, Marie, Tannis and Katie!! 

6:00 - Dinner arrives for the artists/support ladies and we wolf it down and start in on our own makeup as well as the makeup of Shanna (food goddess), Amy (event coordinating goddess), Teresa (gave me a beautiful introduction), Jessica (styling goddess) and Jen (flower buying/makeover appointment queen).

6:30 - Run up to DiAna's apartment where she has lovingly steamed my blue jumpsuit.  And yes, you read that right - I wore a BLUE JUMPSUIT.  I had all of the ladies in the dressing room of the store I bought it at literally come out and give me their honest opinions.  They all approved as did my shopping buddy, Katie, and fancy stylist Jessica, so I wore a blue jumpsuit.  It still sounds funny to say.

I also wore AMAZING bracelets from Kelly Mealia's line Ollie and Boo, http://www.ollieandboo.com/.  Look her up - super pretty stuff!

Michael and Maura, my other two artists, also arrive and I promptly put Michael to work doing Teresa's makeup :).   

7:00 - Head back down to the event room and ladies begin to come in and the night officially begins. 

Tannis working on Maria

Marie giving Kelly a touchup

Shanna, after plating some of the beautiful tasty treats Katie got

IZZE!  Who donated drinks to quench the thirst of our lovely ladies.

Lots of IZZE :)

8:00 - I got up to give a brief overview on how the line started and went over the skincare.

8:30ish - Everyone got back to having fun with the makeup/skincare and deciding what they wanted to order.  Everyone left looking so pretty!!

Margot and her amazing cheekbones!

Jenny looking lovely

Annie looking so pretty!

Michael working on Cheryl - wish we had a pic of her from the front - she looked gorgeous!

Lisa - my first client from back in May! - with Daniel, ringing a sale with Square

Shanna and me - I'm wearing heels so I look like a giant

10:30 - got the car packed and back on the road home.  So grateful for every person who came that night - to quote one of the guests, "You could feel the love in the air" - and I really could - thank you guys!!!

And you can check it all out at http://www.erinfaces.com/ - the website is updated and full of all kinds of product info :) - xoxo


Gearing Up For the Launch!

The launch for Erin's Faces is a week away and I am, slowly but surely, getting everything in order! 

I'm so excited to share my new collection of mineral makeup, paraben-free skincare and super soft brushes with you guys. 

pretty colors of all of my mineral pressed eyeshadows!

We're going to have six makeup artists/skincare consultants who have been trained on the line, little noshies to eat, IZZE Sparkling Fruit Juices to drink, and lots and lots of eyeshadows :). 

If you didn't get an invite in your inbox let me know and I'll remedy the situation as I would love to have you there!