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Our New Space!

We moved out of my house you guys!  And it feels so serious!!  

After two attempts the third time was the charm and this past Saturday we moved everything over to our new space, unpacked it in 48 hours and had it ready to go Monday morning to get orders out that you were patiently waiting for (thank you for that!).  I spent the week leading up at Ikea and Home Depot as well as planning with my amazing team so that when we finally did get in we knew where every bottle would go (we very officially mapped it out on a shelving box).  

If you're in our private Facebook group you've seen some of this (join us!) but pictured is the progress so far - you walk in the front door which has a bunch of windows which are nice and bright and you've got our tester display.  Behind that is the shelving where we keep our components (jars/bottles/pumps) as well as tables for making products.  Then we have a magical wall of labels which are strung up on wooden dowels (32 feet of labels!) which also serves to separate the space.  They also had a dropped ceiling throughout covering up that beautiful original tin tile so we ripped that out and repainted the tin which I like so much more!

Past the labels, in the second area, you see more shelves and tables.  These are where all of the "live" products (ready to be sent to you) now abide.  It's pretty great for us because previously we had them spread into three locations due to space limitations in mi casa.  The steel tables are where we'll lay your orders out to fill and also double as housing for mailing supplies/green bags/sample cups are more while cubbies hold thank you cards, tape, etc.  And we have two bathrooms!  Which feels very fancy as we previously had one :).

Next you pass through a pretty barn door to get to our offices - my team's office is unpacked and is where we'll answer your emails and print your orders.  Then you get to my office which is still in boxes *lol* (sorry Mom!) - I'll get it unpacked in the next week but it was more important to get the space functioning first.  And then there are pretty flowers that we've spread out throughout the space that lovely folks have sent us in support of the move (thank you!).

It's already been remarkably better for us to have so much space as we are able to be more efficient and everything has its own place in one spot.  I'm so grateful that it has unfolded and grateful for your patience with us while we did it.