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Candle Sweater Cozy How-To

You guys, my friend Katie Rooprai, of Bun Bun & Monkey, bought some of my candles to give as holiday gifts and posted the picture above on Facebook and I thought it was AMAZING!  She said she would be doing a couple more the next night with a different sweater and if I wanted her to share how she did it she'd take pics and write it all out - yes please! Read below for Katie's how-to:

"The idea I’m about to share with you is completely unnecessary because the Erin’s Faces Soy Candles are SO beautiful on their own. However, this time of year it seems I can’t resist a little unnecessary crafting.

I gave these “sweater sleeve candles” as teacher gifts this year to four of the most patient, loving Kindergarten and Preschool teachers. I hope they enjoy a few moments of relaxation this holiday season!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

1) One Erin’s Faces Soy Candle—I love all the scents but I think Spice is my fave.
2) One “Christmasy” sweater that you don’t mind sacrificing—I bought mine at Goodwill for $3,
but you might have something in your closet that fits the bill.
3) Scissors—sharp enough to cut fabric
4) Hot glue gun
5) Extra decorations—ribbon, twine, bells, etc.

Step 1: Measure the height of your candle. The Erin’s Faces candles are approximately 3” tall. This will help you know how long to cut your sweater piece.

Step 2: Lay out one sleeve of your sweater. Add 1.25” to the height measurement of your candle, and make a straight cut. I cut my sleeve piece 4.25” to fit the 3” tall Erin’s Faces candle.

Step 3: Slip the sweater sleeve on your candle, with the finished edge toward the top of the candle. 

Step 4:  Hot glue the bottom of the sweater closed. I used a simple envelope fold to do this—fold two opposite edges down, secure with a dab of glue. Fold down the other two opposite edges and secure with a dab of glue. Make sure you glue the sweater to itself, not to the candle—you want the recipient to be able to easily slide the sweater sleeve off the candle. 

Tip: you’ll want to work with your sweater fabric to achieve as “flat” a bottom as possible. If your sweater is really chunky, this can be a little challenging.

Step 4: Add some extra flourishes—wrap a piece of yarn, ribbon, or string around the candle. I also strung on a few mini jingle bells.

Safety Note: The sweater sleeve is meant for decoration only. Please remove before lighting the candle."

Thanks Katie!!!


How To Deal With Dry Winter Skin

If you can't view the video click HERE

If your skin is dry and flaky because of the winter cold this vlog walks you through simple steps to get you back to baby soft cheeks! 


My Current Obsession - Detoxifying Green Clay Mask

You guys.  You know when you randomly get a cluster of blemishes and you just don't know what to do - that was me this week - like 4-5 doobers on my chin that literally all popped up the same day.

But here's the thing - I had two fancy gigs where I had to look cute and I was distressed - normally I use my tried and true Mario Badescu Drying Lotion to dry those suckers out overnight (who doesn't like to smell like sulfur when you go to bed? Hey, it works.) but the issue is that that dryness means my foundation would look SUPER crusty and that wasn't acceptable when I needed to rep Erin's Faces as a fancy makeup situation.  No amount of primer was going to fix it.

So in the midst of all of this I threw on my Detoxifying Green Clay Mask to suck everything out but soothe at the same time.  I rinsed it off and my skin felt smooth and less irritated.  The redness went down.  NO CRUSTINESS.  Don't you love it when something you already loved comes through for you on a whole new level?!  Over the next two days I used the mask twice a day and there was NO dryness,  The blemishes went down, lickety-split, redness diminished and I found a new love.  I knew it helped clean my pores out but hadn't used it on blemishes in a pinch - and ya'll, it works.  


Certified Organic - What's the Real Story

I have so many feelings on this topic you guys.  This is going to be a bit wordy but it's hard to find comprehensive info on the internet about it so I'm going to do the best to break it down for as well as share my experience of getting certified to be organic.

So, the basic situation for guidelines for organic beauty products are regulated by the USDA, not the FDA and the products have three main requirements:

*they must be produced without genetic engineering, ionizing radiation or sewage sludge (um, gross).
*there is a list of National Allowed and Prohibited Substances and the ingredient list of said product has to use the stuff that's allowed and not use the stuff that isn't allowed (the issue with this is that the ingredients are all based on food, the organic industry hasn't caught up yet with the beauty world so if you have Vitamin E in your product, for instance, you can't eat that so it's on the Prohibited Substance list - no bueno).
*the product must be overseen by a USDA National Organic Program (NOP) authorized certified agent, following all of the regulations.  More on this in a sec.

Certified Organic products then they fall basically into three categories -

*100% ORGANIC- all of the ingredients must be CERTIFIED (we'll get to it) organic in this formula - every single one, processing aids have to be organic and they have to name their certifier on their label.  These products may use the fancy USDA Organic Seal and they can say 100% Organic in the Title.  All organic products must identify the organic ingredients in the ingredient panel.  Very few cosmetic companies have products that are 100% Organic unless it is an oil or a hydrosol (fancy water).

*ORGANIC - so these guys are 95-99% organic so you can have a total of up to 5% of non-organic ingredients provided that they're still on the National Allowed List (excluding salt and water) and the organic ingredients have to be CERTIFIED (stick around) and you have to say who your certifier is.  These products can also use the USDA Organic Seal and can say "Organic" in their title.

*"MADE WITH" ORGANIC -  the rule is that these guys are allowed to contain 70-94% certified organic ingredients.  The other 6-30% can be non-organic but, again, can't be on the Not Allowed list (like Vitamin E or like a Petrochemical).  These products can NOT use the USDA Organic Seal and canNOT use the word "Organic" in the title.  The ONLY place they can use the word "organic" on the front of the box/bottle is if they would like to say "Made with Organic" after the title/name of product and then they can list up to three certified organic ingredients.  They may also list the percentage of certified organic ingredients in the product on the front of the box/bottle and then they have to say who their certifier is.  If your product is 69% organic or less then it's a no dice situation and you can just notate organic ingredients in the ingredient panel on the back.

Josie Maran is famous for bringing Argan Oil to the States - she's able to say "Organic Moisturizing Oil" on the front of the label because her product contains one ingredient - Argan Oil and hers is a certified organic ingredient.  She did not pay to have the product itself as "Josie Maran's 100% Pure Argan Oil" (1.7 oz - $48) certified which is why she does not have the USDA Organic symbol on there.  Acure DID pay to have their "100% Certified Organic Argan Oil" (1 oz - $12.99) tested, it passed, and, wherever the facility where it was packaged is, also passed an organic certification site-inspection.  But the two products are essentially the same.  In fact, the cheaper one is produced in a facility that works under a more strict guideline than the more expensive one which doesn't usually happen. 
So what's the story with these certifiers and all of this certification stuff - I'll tell you my experience as an example:

First off, the reason I would need Erin's Faces to have its own certification is because I jar and label items in my home/kitchen.  Even if I purchase a formula that the labs and I have worked on, in theory, I could change (by adding additional ingredients, thus diluting its organic content) it once it got to my house so even if the lab is certified, because they aren't bottling it themselves, their certification does not apply.  Still with me?  Okay -

Companies whose names/packaging imply natural ingredients - most of them DO actually have organic ingredients going on.  For instance - The Body Wash from 100% Pure (genius name!) has six certified organic ingredients, three of which make up the bulk of the base of the product.  The label says 100% Natural which has no actual meaning.  Alba Botanical's SPF 15 looks super green right?!  It IS a physical sunscreen (yay!) but out of over 45 ingredients only three are organic, one of which is Alcohol.  Tata Harper's mask is listed as 81% organic on their website but because they're not certified they can't list it on the label, so they say 100% Natural which, again, is unregulated.  Zoe Organics Diaper Balm is actually 100% Organic - every ingredient in there is certified.  They just haven't paid to have the diaper balm itself certified which they discuss HERE.  Instead they say "100% Organic Ingredients" on the front in a very small font (when you say "organic" it can't be bigger than half the size of the largest text and it basically has to be in black on the front panel - there are SO MANY RULES).
I was getting new labels made for my skincare and my labs, whose formulas I work with, had given me a breakdown of the organic percentages for all of my products.  The products I was looking to get certified were all in the "Made With" category and ranged anywhere from 70-92% organic in content.  I thought it would be awesome to get an organic certification since my company's name does not imply a "green", "natural" or organic product as opposed to other lines who may or may not be certified but give you the impression that they are by the name Alba Botanica, Zoe Organics, etc.  I also was excited about being able to list the organic percentage on the label as an added bonus and proof of goodness of the product in addition to giving a one ingredient shout out in the "Made With Organic" portion of the label (skincare labels are small so there was no room for three!).

There are TONS of Organic Certification companies in the United States and you basically pick one (some charge you for every organic product sold - a small percentage - and some don't).  All charge an application fee, site inspection fee, processing fee and some other fees.  Lots of fees.  I ended up choosing a company called Eco-Cert as they said they could push my application through faster than anyone else could - thumbs up!

The application is a beast - you fill out what you wash your tools with (inclusive of ingredient lists), what you clean your surfaces with (more ingredient lists), what you use to protect against pests/rodents and draw a map of where all of that stuff is.  You draw flowcharts of where the product comes in, where it gets processed, where it is stored, where you do your shipping packaging.  You list all of your organic as well as non-organic (there's a fee for having both vs. just organic) products and you separate out all of the formulas, ingredients and finished products on clearly marked shelves with organic on top, non organic on the bottom.  You keep logs on organic ingredient/product purchases and show sales records of them to prove that you're using the certified stuff and not something else when selling your proudcts.  An inspector comes to your facility, or your kitchen if you're me, and checks all of that out, and makes sure everything is where it should be.  In addition to following FDA cosmetic labeling rules you must get your labels cleared by your certifier since their name will literally be on them.  They also look at your organic certifications - let's talk about those (you have documentation for each organic ingredient certifying that it is indeed from an organic farm that has been certified by a third party certifier):
The first version of the label - notice the 92% Organic, Eco-Cert Certification and "Made with Organic Aloe" Boxes

This is the revised version once I realized certification wasn't happening - we lost the %, the Eco-Cert symbol and cut "organic" out of the Made With statement.  We did add the green to the organic ingredient in the ingredient list to help show the product was "green" and it actually ended up getting the "Certified Organic" back I just don't have it in this pic :).
So - let's use my All-Natural (which is a totally unregulated word in the beauty world and kind of means nothing just to call a spade a spade - I'm using it since I can't say organic - more on this in a sec) Room/Linen/Body Sprays.  They have a 91% organic ingredient list according to the lab that makes it for me.  The lab has to produce a list of the certification of the actual ingredients - so, let's just use one ingredient - Aloe.  So, they have to prove, annually, that the Aloe comes from a facility or from a farm that proves that it has been manufactured/farmed using all of those rules we talked about in the beginning.  A certifier is a third party who comes in, checks all of that out and says yep, these folks are good - they're telling the truth.  Great, so it's basically a paper chain of certifications from there.  In Europe that's enough - the lab telling you that it's 91% organic.  In the US that is not enough - you then have to get a third party certifier, like Eco-Cert for example, to take a sample of the Room Spray and verify that is is what they say it is.  Only one of my labs did that - fun fact - the one that makes my Peptide Eye Cream.  The rest did not which threw a wrench into the whole thing and ground it to a halt (as this was not information I was given in the beginning, only after I was nearly finished with the process).  I could have paid to have each product tested (in addition to paying the $2200 fee) but ya'll, I was tapped out.  Emotionally and financially.  So after all of that it's a no go for now.

My lipbalms are a different story because the facility that I'm having them manufactured in (here in the US) has their own organic certification and the product ingredient deck is at least 95% organic - so we get to use the fancy USDA seal.  They are also filling it and labeling it in THEIR facility.  If I had my Peptide Eye Cream filled and labeled in my lab's facility (the one who can prove it IS a "Made With Organic" and whose lab is certified organic) then I COULD use the Eco-Cert name on the product as well as the organic % (since Eco-Cert is coincidentally their certifier as well) but that entails ordering about 1,000 eye creams at a time and I'm just not there yet.

Sidenote - a funny thing with the lipbalms is that I was looking at a non-organic and an organic formula.  The organic formula was 25% more expensive than the non-organic.  I asked what the difference was between the two and the answer was "nothing".  So, I chose the organic, frankly because at that point I just wanted to be able to prove that SOMETHING in my line was organic, but I was paying for the certification fees (which is also why organic products tend to cost more - they cost the manufacturer more too).

My point in saying all of this is to read your labels.  If someone says their product is organic but they don't have a certifier listed then they're uninformed (which I was in the beginning which is why you'll notice some product name changes) or they're being deceptive.  If they're big enough to be in a store then they know better.  Dr. Bronner's got fed up and filed a suit saying that many lines, inclusive of Kiss My Face, Estee Lauder and more were touting their lines as green but using petrochemicals (on the Not Approved list).  As a result Whole Foods now requires lines to follow the NOP standards for organic labeling but they are the only big company I know of who does.

It's a bit of a quagmire and even the certifiers gave multiple conflicting answers (for example, one person at Eco-Cert officially certified one of my products, sent the proof of organic paperwork and everything and then, days later, another person shot it down) so I'm still learning - kudos to you if you made it this far in the post :).

My two cents would be a vote for a more significant sliding scale of fees for third party certification of products qualifying to be organic and fees for establishing your facility as organic dependent on the scale of your business.  They currently have a sliding scale for facilities but I don't believe there is one for certifying products.  Think of how nice it would be to have proof that what you're buying from your favorite lines is legit organic!  Instead of them trying to sell it to you in unregulated ways the imply it but can't prove it because the cost is too high.  I support the paper trail and the jumping through of many hoops, just vote for lowering the cost (and putting Vitamin E on the "okay to use list"!).

Let me know if you have any organic questions and I'll answer them as best I can!


Things I'm Grateful For

One of the place cards I made for Thanksgiving when I was a youngster
You guys, Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday!  I love how families come together, it's a little chilly outside so you snuggle more, our church has a beautiful service and the day is just about loving folks and sharing your gratitude.  Here are some of the things I'm grateful for a la Erin's Faces:

My new logo from Kristin Serafini of Krisanthemum Graphics - I had a not clear, yet very clear idea on what I wanted my logo to be and Kristin captured my "apothecary, vintage soap labels, hand written" logo situation in a way I couldn't have even imagined and I LOVE it!

Holy cow they look so much better
My new labels!!  They were an incredible labor of love but I'm so grateful that I was led to create them and that they turned out the way that they did.  You guys have been so supportive for the past three years in purchasing my products for yourself and as gifts for loved ones and I'm so happy that now you get to have something beautiful to look at and to give as a gift.  Without your support these labels never would have happened.  For real.

Tamar, myself and Joey at one of our lunch meetings (oddly whitewashed) - ah, to have brows like those two.
Joey Healy and Tamar Vezirian, of Joey Healy Brows and Gotham Glow respectively, my two entrepreneur partners in crime.  In the rare moments that our busy trio is able to meet for lunch the conversations about vendors, contracts, attorneys, wholesaling and everything in between are invaluable and full of lots of laughter and incredible support.

My accountant - you guys, he's the real deal.  Sean Maurice helps to guide me through a tremendous amount of paperwork, sales tax forms and resale certificates.  If you live in NY and need an accountant, he's the dude for you - sean@mcrtaxgroup.com.

Jessica Myhr who tells me what to wear and how to wear it.  I send her pictures from dressing rooms, from my living room, you name it and she yay/nay's everything and helps me feel pretty for my TV spots where I panic as I'm going to be interviewed by a toothpick in heels and I look like I could be her camp counselor.

Some of my beautiful ladies at a Derby dinner - Debbie Ballard, Tamma and Melinda
My Houston army of women who consistently overwhelm me with their generosity of time, energy and man power - Melinda Hickey, Tamma Howell, Jennifer Beach Cartwright and Emily Smith leading the charge.

At Ashley's house with Chelsea Bollea
My West Coast tribe - Lori Waldman, Ashley Waldman and Katie Rooprai - for hosting such amazing groups of women who I fell in love with this spring!

These two.  Jasper Grant, who literally walks every voice student of his into my Pop Up Shops when they're happening in the same building (he loves his Magic Dust) and Jen Waldman (are you noticing a Waldman theme?), who recs my products and me to anyone who will listen and whose Jen Waldman Studio family trusts me with every makeup and skincare question in the book.

My very patient husband, Daniel, who takes every order out to the mailbox in the morning and our pooch, Jasper, who licks the envelopes.  Not really :).
My husband and the rest of my own family who all sit through countless hours of "how do you feel about me making candles for the next three weeks and filling our kitchen with hot wax which will inevitably get all over everything?", "what you think about a champagne colored shimmer vs. a gold shimmer (coming soon!)" and emails saying "I'm sending you five samples of this serum/eye cream/cleanser and I need to know what you think".  There's a lot of that.

And, most importantly, YOU GUYS!!  Because without you and your trust I would not have a business.  Every single choice I make is to try to give you the best products on the block and I want to do the best job possible for you.  So thank you for believing in me and coming with me on my journey.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Holiday Gift Guide for Erin's Faces

I'm so excited to share these with you!  I've got stuff for daughters, moms, BFF's and even gents - here we go!

These 95% Organic Peppermint Lip Balm Stocking Stuffers ($10) are great for lip balm fanatics, dads, husbands, little girls - you name it!  Get your loved one out of petrochemical filled lip balms and into the healthiest choice (or split them up in three stockings OR save them to put one in each of your purses!).

These All Natural Room/Linen/Body Sprays ($16) are SO useful!  92% Organic and made with Peppermint, Lavender and Grapefruit Essential Oils instead of chemicals they're perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, diaper changing tables and even your gym bag as they're totally safe for body/face.  Another goodie you can give as a set or split up.

For the purists I've got full sizes of my best sellers (which all happen to be vegan!) and Chocolate is back! - 

The Peppermint Sugar Body Scrub and the Chocolate Sugar Body Scrubs ($25 for 8 oz) are 100% Organic and leave you feeling super hydrated because of the Coconut Oil base and are made with REAL Peppermint and REAL Chocolate - no artificial fragrances anywhere!

The Bamboo Lemongrass Scrub ($25 for 8 oz) has an amazing natural herbal fragrance and foams up in the shower, rinsing clean.

The Shea Butter Body Balm ($25 for 8 oz) is AMAZING for dry skin - nourishing with Organic Shea Butter and Organic Jojoba Oil to hydrate wintery dry patches.  It's also wonderful for pregnant ladies on your list who want to combat stretch marks.
The Scrub Sets are back!  We've got three options ($25 for 4 oz of each) - 

This Shimmer Gloss & Magic Dust Set ($27.50) is perfect for any girl on your list and any skintone.  The NEW raspberry shimmering Starlet gloss plumps lips (and is $25 on its own) and you get my favorite Magic Dust to use as a cheek highlight, eyeshadow, body shimmer - whatever you want! 

Brush Sets are a great gift for holiday - The Full Brush Set ($100) comes in a black cloth brush roll and the Travel Brush Set ($65) is great because most travel brush sets, frankly, stink.  Both sets contain my super soft Taklon fibers and wonderful values.

Now, we are nearly sold out of these Handmade All Natural Soaps ($7-7.50) already but I'm talking with the woman in Texas who makes them for me to see if I can get some more in time so if you like them grab them now (I literally have like six soaps left total).  There's Peppermint, Lavender, Lumberjack and Spicy Cocoa Butter and they smell phenomenal and leave your skin feeling clean but not stripped.

I'm also going to get some more of these since they sold out two times in a row(!) and I have three candles left but you guys, my 100% Soy Candles ($16 for 7 oz) burn for 40 hours and smell awesome!  You can choose from Mulled Wine, Pomegranate Cassis, and Spice - good luck picking because they are all SO yummy!

Don't know what to pick???  You can always purchase a Gift Card to Erin's Faces and let your little elves shop for themselves :) - happy shopping!


Girl Crush - Lauren Miller Rogen Shoot

Lauren Miller Rogen
My dear friend, JT Franchuk, and I did a shoot with the awesome girls over at Le Curate and the super chill, super funny, Lauren Miller Rogen was our model for the day who happens to be super funny and also happens to be married to Seth Rogen.  I had just watched "For a Good Time Call" which she wrote and starred in so we had a gab-fest about that and her dream for revamping "Troop Beverly Hills" - yes please!  Here are some of the pics:

Lauren Miller Rogen
She's wearing my Satin Lipstick in Red in case you're wondering :).

Photos by Sean C. Scanlin


November Giveaway Makeup Palette!

If you can't view the video click HERE

This palette is so fun!  It has 12 Eyeshadows and 12 Lipsticks - all targeting the trends of Spring - and, best of all - one of you can win it!
To Enter:  Leave a review for any product you've worked with on Erin's Faces (you'll see the little stars under products showing how many reviews each product has had).  
Every review you leave is an entry for the giveaway.  
If you see a product that has NO stars (no reviews) and you're the first to review it then that counts as TWO entries!  
There's no limit to entries so review away!

Please note, I'm not trying to garner reviews of items people haven't used or get you to say everything is awesome.  I want your honest opinion because I feel like those help other ladies like you who may have questions about a product and YOUR responses can help inform them if said product is right for them.  It's important to me that my reviews come from REAL clients so I'm just giving you a great reason to leave one :).

Don't know what to write?  Here are some helpers - 

What was your main concern about buying this product?  Was it addressed?
What feature did you like about this product?
Has this product helped you in any way?  If so, how?
Would you recommend it to others?  If yes, why?
And anything else you'd like to add :)

The giveaway will be open through Tuesday, November 4 at noon EST - Sunday, November 9 at midnight EST and is only open to readers over the age of 18 and those living in the United States.  A winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Monday, November 10.  Good luck!! 


Fancy Folks - Donia Lilly

Quite possibly my favorite work of Donia's, Blue Moon, which we have a print of :)

I LOVE love love original art and I am majorly into supporting small artists.  It is a habit I have had to curb because we have run out of wall space (and we live in like 750 square feet so there's not a lot of room for art storage).

This is at our house but you can get a print of Coral, Pink and Teal Swirl

One of my FAVORITE artists is my dear friend, Donia Lilly who has two fantastic Etsy shops HERE and HERE.  She is so good that someone literally stole one of her paintings off of the wall of our school in high school :).  We have three of her paintings in our home as well as one print.  She also does commissions which I have done for my mom and my dad and they were so special and unique.

One thing that Donia does a lot of is moon situations and super autumnal leaves which are SO much more chic than your run of the mill scarecrow and jack o'lantern come Halloween.  She also has THE most beautiful ornaments for the holidays so scroll down and check it all out.

Lunar Eclipse: Parto

Grab some Greeting Cards to get a little slice of goodness without breaking the bank

These Christmas/Hanukkah Ornaments are so pretty I just leave mine up all year hanging on my front doorknob