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Things I'm Grateful For

One of the place cards I made for Thanksgiving when I was a youngster
You guys, Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday!  I love how families come together, it's a little chilly outside so you snuggle more, our church has a beautiful service and the day is just about loving folks and sharing your gratitude.  Here are some of the things I'm grateful for a la Erin's Faces:

My new logo from Kristin Serafini of Krisanthemum Graphics - I had a not clear, yet very clear idea on what I wanted my logo to be and Kristin captured my "apothecary, vintage soap labels, hand written" logo situation in a way I couldn't have even imagined and I LOVE it!

Holy cow they look so much better
My new labels!!  They were an incredible labor of love but I'm so grateful that I was led to create them and that they turned out the way that they did.  You guys have been so supportive for the past three years in purchasing my products for yourself and as gifts for loved ones and I'm so happy that now you get to have something beautiful to look at and to give as a gift.  Without your support these labels never would have happened.  For real.

Tamar, myself and Joey at one of our lunch meetings (oddly whitewashed) - ah, to have brows like those two.
Joey Healy and Tamar Vezirian, of Joey Healy Brows and Gotham Glow respectively, my two entrepreneur partners in crime.  In the rare moments that our busy trio is able to meet for lunch the conversations about vendors, contracts, attorneys, wholesaling and everything in between are invaluable and full of lots of laughter and incredible support.

My accountant - you guys, he's the real deal.  Sean Maurice helps to guide me through a tremendous amount of paperwork, sales tax forms and resale certificates.  If you live in NY and need an accountant, he's the dude for you - sean@mcrtaxgroup.com.

Jessica Myhr who tells me what to wear and how to wear it.  I send her pictures from dressing rooms, from my living room, you name it and she yay/nay's everything and helps me feel pretty for my TV spots where I panic as I'm going to be interviewed by a toothpick in heels and I look like I could be her camp counselor.

Some of my beautiful ladies at a Derby dinner - Debbie Ballard, Tamma and Melinda
My Houston army of women who consistently overwhelm me with their generosity of time, energy and man power - Melinda Hickey, Tamma Howell, Jennifer Beach Cartwright and Emily Smith leading the charge.

At Ashley's house with Chelsea Bollea
My West Coast tribe - Lori Waldman, Ashley Waldman and Katie Rooprai - for hosting such amazing groups of women who I fell in love with this spring!

These two.  Jasper Grant, who literally walks every voice student of his into my Pop Up Shops when they're happening in the same building (he loves his Magic Dust) and Jen Waldman (are you noticing a Waldman theme?), who recs my products and me to anyone who will listen and whose Jen Waldman Studio family trusts me with every makeup and skincare question in the book.

My very patient husband, Daniel, who takes every order out to the mailbox in the morning and our pooch, Jasper, who licks the envelopes.  Not really :).
My husband and the rest of my own family who all sit through countless hours of "how do you feel about me making candles for the next three weeks and filling our kitchen with hot wax which will inevitably get all over everything?", "what you think about a champagne colored shimmer vs. a gold shimmer (coming soon!)" and emails saying "I'm sending you five samples of this serum/eye cream/cleanser and I need to know what you think".  There's a lot of that.

And, most importantly, YOU GUYS!!  Because without you and your trust I would not have a business.  Every single choice I make is to try to give you the best products on the block and I want to do the best job possible for you.  So thank you for believing in me and coming with me on my journey.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Holiday Gift Guide for Erin's Faces

I'm so excited to share these with you!  I've got stuff for daughters, moms, BFF's and even gents - here we go!

These 95% Organic Peppermint Lip Balm Stocking Stuffers ($10) are great for lip balm fanatics, dads, husbands, little girls - you name it!  Get your loved one out of petrochemical filled lip balms and into the healthiest choice (or split them up in three stockings OR save them to put one in each of your purses!).

These All Natural Room/Linen/Body Sprays ($16) are SO useful!  92% Organic and made with Peppermint, Lavender and Grapefruit Essential Oils instead of chemicals they're perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, diaper changing tables and even your gym bag as they're totally safe for body/face.  Another goodie you can give as a set or split up.

For the purists I've got full sizes of my best sellers (which all happen to be vegan!) and Chocolate is back! - 

The Peppermint Sugar Body Scrub and the Chocolate Sugar Body Scrubs ($25 for 8 oz) are 100% Organic and leave you feeling super hydrated because of the Coconut Oil base and are made with REAL Peppermint and REAL Chocolate - no artificial fragrances anywhere!

The Bamboo Lemongrass Scrub ($25 for 8 oz) has an amazing natural herbal fragrance and foams up in the shower, rinsing clean.

The Shea Butter Body Balm ($25 for 8 oz) is AMAZING for dry skin - nourishing with Organic Shea Butter and Organic Jojoba Oil to hydrate wintery dry patches.  It's also wonderful for pregnant ladies on your list who want to combat stretch marks.
The Scrub Sets are back!  We've got three options ($25 for 4 oz of each) - 

This Shimmer Gloss & Magic Dust Set ($27.50) is perfect for any girl on your list and any skintone.  The NEW raspberry shimmering Starlet gloss plumps lips (and is $25 on its own) and you get my favorite Magic Dust to use as a cheek highlight, eyeshadow, body shimmer - whatever you want! 

Brush Sets are a great gift for holiday - The Full Brush Set ($100) comes in a black cloth brush roll and the Travel Brush Set ($65) is great because most travel brush sets, frankly, stink.  Both sets contain my super soft Taklon fibers and wonderful values.

Now, we are nearly sold out of these Handmade All Natural Soaps ($7-7.50) already but I'm talking with the woman in Texas who makes them for me to see if I can get some more in time so if you like them grab them now (I literally have like six soaps left total).  There's Peppermint, Lavender, Lumberjack and Spicy Cocoa Butter and they smell phenomenal and leave your skin feeling clean but not stripped.

I'm also going to get some more of these since they sold out two times in a row(!) and I have three candles left but you guys, my 100% Soy Candles ($16 for 7 oz) burn for 40 hours and smell awesome!  You can choose from Mulled Wine, Pomegranate Cassis, and Spice - good luck picking because they are all SO yummy!

Don't know what to pick???  You can always purchase a Gift Card to Erin's Faces and let your little elves shop for themselves :) - happy shopping!


Girl Crush - Lauren Miller Rogen Shoot

Lauren Miller Rogen
My dear friend, JT Franchuk, and I did a shoot with the awesome girls over at Le Curate and the super chill, super funny, Lauren Miller Rogen was our model for the day who happens to be super funny and also happens to be married to Seth Rogen.  I had just watched "For a Good Time Call" which she wrote and starred in so we had a gab-fest about that and her dream for revamping "Troop Beverly Hills" - yes please!  Here are some of the pics:

Lauren Miller Rogen
She's wearing my Satin Lipstick in Red in case you're wondering :).

Photos by Sean C. Scanlin


November Giveaway Makeup Palette!

If you can't view the video click HERE

This palette is so fun!  It has 12 Eyeshadows and 12 Lipsticks - all targeting the trends of Spring - and, best of all - one of you can win it!
To Enter:  Leave a review for any product you've worked with on Erin's Faces (you'll see the little stars under products showing how many reviews each product has had).  
Every review you leave is an entry for the giveaway.  
If you see a product that has NO stars (no reviews) and you're the first to review it then that counts as TWO entries!  
There's no limit to entries so review away!

Please note, I'm not trying to garner reviews of items people haven't used or get you to say everything is awesome.  I want your honest opinion because I feel like those help other ladies like you who may have questions about a product and YOUR responses can help inform them if said product is right for them.  It's important to me that my reviews come from REAL clients so I'm just giving you a great reason to leave one :).

Don't know what to write?  Here are some helpers - 

What was your main concern about buying this product?  Was it addressed?
What feature did you like about this product?
Has this product helped you in any way?  If so, how?
Would you recommend it to others?  If yes, why?
And anything else you'd like to add :)

The giveaway will be open through Tuesday, November 4 at noon EST - Sunday, November 9 at midnight EST and is only open to readers over the age of 18 and those living in the United States.  A winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Monday, November 10.  Good luck!!