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Mother's Day Gift Guide

My mom and me on a recent visit in FL
It's time to send our mamas some love and if your mom is anything like mine she loves yummy smelling stuff.  Here are some of my, and my mom's, favorite things that the women who mother you are sure to love ~

Monoi Tiare Oil is AMAZING - ours is made with Tahitian Coconut Oil (whose trees are grown on coral rich beaches) which is infused with Polynesian Tiare Flowers (a cousin of Gardenias) and you can get it three ways:

  • Monoi Tiare Body Lotion ($25 - 8 oz) - 85% Organic lightweight lotion made with Aloe, Coconut, Vitamin E and Neem Oil which we then fold in Monoi Tiare Oil in by hand into.  It's the perfect body moisturizer for summer that dries quickly and leaves skin smooth and soft.
  • Monoi Tiare Oil ($25 - 2 oz) - The straight oil - ideal for face, body and hair, use it to hydrate dry skin and locks.  Baby-safe.  Great for post sunburn, massage and bath oil as well.
  • Monoi Tiare Oil Roller Ball ($12 - .33 oz) - New!  Use as a roll-on fragrance/perfume. Made for travel - throw in your purse to use as a cuticle oil, dry skin fixer and fragrance touch-up.
Love a Roller Ball?  This Flower Roller Ball Duo ($20) has the New Limited Edition Argan Oil with Lavender (only avail in the duo!) which is made up of Organic Argan Oil and Organic Lavender Essential Oil as well as the Monoi Tiare Oil Roller Ball.  Mom can pick a scent depending on her mood - she can grab the Lavender when she wants to instill some calm or the Monoi when she's feeling summery.

You guys voted for these amazing candle fragrances and these phthalate-free fragrance oils (i.e. WAY better for you to breathe in than your average candle) smell crazy good.  The Mason Jar Soy/Beeswax Candles ($20) burn beautifully for 50+ hours and have cotton wicks so you might grab one for yourself while shopping for your mom!
Scents are Ming Fern & Lavender
White Gardenia
Limoncello Cream
Blushing Grapefruit

Happy Shopping!