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Erin's Face of the Month

What you love most about your job?
My son, Nate, is 11 and has special needs.  He has the most amazing spirit and he conquers his challenges every single day.  I feel so blessed to be a part of his success.  It hasn’t always been easy, but there is nothing I’d rather do!
What makes you feel beautiful?
I feel beautiful when I feel good on the inside.  Lately, I have been focused on learning about nutrition and taking better care of my body.   When I feel good on the inside, I think it shows on the outside.   
Best Skincare Advice?
Protect your skin from the sun!  I grew up not wearing sunscreen and tanning my skin every chance I could, including regular visits to the tanning salon!  At the time, people weren’t educated about sun damage and the long-term effects on your skin.  I wish I had taken better care of my skin when I was young. 
What Erin's Faces item got you hooked?
Best Makeup Advice:
I love makeup!  I am also a woman who needs makeup because I am not blessed with beautiful skin (probably due to sun damage).  Even though I love my makeup, I don’t like to look “made up”.  I like to keep it natural.

Any other fave makeup items?

Why do you use Erin’s Faces - 
I met Erin in 2014 at a holiday market and bought a few of her products.  I was so impressed with the quality and the colors.  Once I tried her eye shadows and lip color, I was hooked!  It’s also so wonderful to know the person behind the name.  Erin has very high standards and it shows in the quality of her products.

New Mineral Makeup Shades For Spring!

I love new makeup colors, don't you?  I have been waiting a LONG time to launch these little guys so I'm really excited to share them - here's the breakdown:

My loose powder Magic Dust has been a top seller in the color category but it was a little much for some  folks who wanted to look a little more natural.  I went through countless samples of colors until I finally settled on this one - and it was love at first sight!  While Magic Dust is a warm soft gold, Fairy Dust is a cool champagne that reads as less "makeup-y" if that makes sense.  Every time I wear it I get complimented on my skin - it looks healthy and dewy - I LOVE Fairy Dust!  

You guys were big fans of the berry shade, Flushed, this past winter so I wanted to bring a softer color and settled on Blushed - it's a super duper sheer pink (think of pink quartz - it looks like that) with a slight shimmer.  It is Fair Trade Certified and packed with Organic ingredients and has the same Vanilla-Mint flavor that Flushed does.  It's perfect with mascara for the carpool or paired with a smoky eye for a soft lip.

I am over the moon about this!!  These are the first new Mineral Lip Gloss colors in three years and I think you're going to love them!  

Pleasant Pink on top, Fresh Nude on bottom
Fresh Nude is the perfect pinky brown neutral shade and Pleasant Pink is a strawberry/watermelon shade.  Neither have shimmer and both have a Vanilla Bean flavor.  

Wearing Fresh Nude at a wedding last week (a gorgeous wedding at Necker Island *swoon*)

They also are petrochemical-free (hard to find in a lipgloss!) and paraben-free.

The response with the new Micellar Water Cleansing Makeup Remover has been so positive but I just went on a trip and wanted a smaller size and thought you guys could use a 2 oz. version as well.  It's still petrochemical and fragrance-free, dries clean with no residue and removes makeup like a dream.

So head over to Erin's Faces and see what spring shades are right for you! 


New Candles for Spring!

The Soy/Beeswax Candles were such a hit for Fall/Winter and you guys voted for AWESOME new fragrances for Spring (and one for Summer but that'll come later!) so here's what you asked for!!  There are the Mason Jar size which burn 50+ hours and the Minis which burn 5+ hours.  They use cotton wicks and phthalate-free fragrance oils and everything is made in the USA.  They also get a super "clean and green" score of 0 on the Think Dirty App - here we go -
Dreamy combination of aromatic lemon zest and subtle vanilla cream with a hit of verbena - very light and beautiful mix of tart and cream

Blue lavender, mandarin, aloe, lemon leaf, lime, red ginger and oak moss allow the herbal fern base to come though - very botanical.

A true floral gardenia with light hints of lily of the valley and citrus.  It literally smells like a gardenia bush.

BLUSHING GRAPEFRUIT (year round scent)
Ruby Red Grapefruit - tart and clean - with hints of jasmine and vanilla.  Smells very true to real grapefruits.