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Mother's Day Green Beauty Gifts

You gave your mom a handprint, a noodle necklace, a subpar bowl you made in art class and a haiku you wrote in third grade.  This woman deserves something good this Mother's Day.  We've got green beauty goodies for everyone in a few price points - noodle necklace-free:

Roses on the Go ($75) is the perfect gift for someone you'd love to pamper!  Valued at $82.50 it contains:

  • 2 oz Rosewater Tonic Spray - vegan
  • 1 oz Rose Quench Serum - vegan
  • Erin's Faces Logo Makeup Bag
  • Gift Card
Let's get real for a minute - I don't know a single mother who isn't in to lifting, firming and brightening and the Rose Quench Serum is our top selling product for just that.  It will work on normal/combo/dry skin and is a lovely lightweight texture.  The Rosewater Tonic is perfect to use in the toner slot, after cleanser, to set makeup or even as a mid-day hydration boost (and theis size makes it TSA-friendly!).  And then there's our cotton catch-all makeup bag to fit all of her lotions and potions in - Mom is ready for her next vacation!

If she's a fan of growing things in the backyard our Garden Goodies Bundle ($50) is a flower and fruit combo (yep, cucumbers are fruit!) that's sure to please.  Valued at $55 it contains:
  • 4 oz Rosewater Tonic - vegan
  • 1 oz Firming Eye Gel - vegan
  • Gift Card
The glass bottle of the full size Rosewater Tonic is just super pretty and feels luxurious on her bathroom counter or vanity, in addition to being soothing and hydrating.  And the Firming Eye Gel is a DREAM - made with an Organic Aloe base and Cucumber Seed Oil it elevates the whole "cucumbers on your eyes" situation to one that depuffs, tightens and feels (and smells) like a spa treatment.  

What mom doesn't love a smooch from their little, or big, ones?  Kisses + Roses ($25) keeps her kisser looking cute and her skin in good shape.  Valued at $27 it contains:
  • 2 oz Rosewater Tonic Spray - vegan
  • Blushed Fair Trade Tinted Lip Balm (soft sheer pink shade)
  • Flushed Fair Trade Tinted Lip Balm (deeper strawberry shade)
  • USDA Certified Organic Lip Balm in Peppermint
  • Gift Card
Our best-selling Peppermint Lip Balm keeps her protected any time while the Tinted Lip Balms can be for a laid back day with Blushed or fancier occasion with Flushed.  And the Rosewater Tonic - can you tell we're super into it?!  

And what's this gift card we keep talking about?  Not to be confused with a $ gift card, this is one of those old fashioned things that people used to write a note on back in the old days, around the time you drew that portrait of your mom with stick arms and pasta for hair.
We'll personalize our beautiful new gift cards, or leave them blank for you to fill out, and include them with any purchase of these three goodies.  Aren't they so pretty?  I just want to frame it.  

And if you just want to grab a bundle for yourself that's good too :) - Happy Mother's Day everybody!