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Vampire Makeup Tutorial

I love a vampire and had fun figuring out what I wanted the makeup to look like on this one.  It looked really good but I have to tell you that those colored contacts from AC Lens take it to the total next level - it was nuts!  Here's what we used -
Put in your red lenses in (Angelic Red - AC Lens) - we put them in after and I rec doing it first
Apply primer to eyelids (Brightening Eyeshadow Primer - Erin’s Faces)

Heather still had her Khaleesi braids in :)
Apply matte black shadow all over lid and bring almost to brow but leave a sliver of space for skintone to show through right under brow (Night Mineral Shadow – Erin’s Faces)
On the outer corner, on top of the black, pop a matte navy (Navy Mineral Shadow – Erin’s Faces) and on the inner half of the eye apply an eggplant shade on top of the black (Plum Mineral Shadow – Erin’s Faces)
Run the black shadow (Night) under the eye as a liner and soften with a fluffier brush so the line isn’t harsh.  Pull a little Navy in on the outer corner.
Line lower waterline and tightline with waterproof black eyeliner (Onyx Cream Eyeliner – Erin’s Faces)
Black mascara on top and bottom lashes (Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara)
Apply feathery long false lashes (Alcone Lash #315)
Deepen brows with a deep matte gray/soft black shadow/pencil (Twilight Mineral Shadow – Erin’s Faces)

Apply a pale foundation shade all over the face (Death Flesh Crème Foundation – Ben Nye)
Use gray shadows to contour cheeks (Dove & Twilight Mineral Eyeshadows – Erin’s Faces)
Apply loose white shimmer to cheekbones/browbone (Ice Lumiere Luxe Powder – Ben Nye)

Line lips with black eyeliner pencil and smudge so the line isn’t sharp (Baby’s Got Black Kohl Crayons for Eyes – Wet N’ Wild)
Fill in lips with wine lipstick shade or do what we did which was take red lipstick and mix a little brown eyeshadow in to it to make the perfect shade (Red Satin Lipstick & Espresso Mineral Shadow – Erin’s Faces)

Apply fake fangs to teeth (Scarecrow Deluxe Vampire Fangs) and I got the lace top here.

Photographer - Billy B Photography

Makeup - Erin Williams 

Model - Heather Botts

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