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New Video Blog - Eye Cream How-To

I get asked a lot how to apply eye cream and how to choose an eye gel vs. an eye cream so I did a video on it :) - enjoy!  xoxo

Click HERE to see the video.


Fun Bridal Trial with Angelique Cabral

Angelique Cabral
My sweet friend (and fabulous makeup artist herself!), Alli McGinnis, first set up an introduction with actress, Angelique Cabral, when Angelique needed her makeup done for the Tribeca Film Festival a couple of years ago for the movie "The Perfect Family". 

I opened the door to meet a tawny, long legged brunette who was a bundle of energy and sweetness and happened to be the kind of girl who would look amazing in a paper sack. 

Well, said girl is getting married in about a week and Alli is doing her makeup and they are using all Erin's Faces products so I wanted to share some pics that Angelique tweeted today from the trial they did -

Post trial - so pretty!!!
Excited to share more from her wedding which promises to be beautiful :)


Showboat at California Musical Theatre

Jennifer is the hot one in the purple dress wearing her Erin's Faces! :)

One of my sweet friends, Jennifer Hope Wills, happens to be an AMAZING singer and actor who has done everything from play Belle in "Beauty and the Beast" to Christine in "Phantom of the Opera".

We had a one-on-one makeup session earlier this summer to map out her performance makeup for concerts in general and for her upcoming role as Magnolia in California Musical Theatre's upcoming production of "Showboat".  She had awesome feedback "I really honestly think your makeup and hair tips made me look better than I ever have in these things  Had that makeup on all day and it never felt stiff or cakey. Woohoo!!!!"
Here are some pics:

Wearing Cream Beige Mineral Foundation, Mahogany Eyeliner, Rose Mineral Blush and Tea Rose lipstick

I just thought this one was fun :)

And who doesn't like a pretty dress?


Guest Post from Inside out...Beautiful! on Erin's Faces

Inside out... Beautiful!

If you aren't reading the Inside out...Beautiful Blog yet then hie thee hence and get on it!  My sweet friend, Alli McGinnis, who authors the site is so many things - an actress (who recently got off the road playing Glinda in the Wicked tour), a Pilates instructor and a girl who goes to Peru and volunteers to help with folks in need - pretty cool, right?!  And she writes about all of it on her blog, as well as her love of beauty goodies in the organic and natural realm.  

Alli was lovely and did an interview with me for her blog so I wanted to share it with you - thanks Alli!!  xoxo

I am honored and ecstatic to introduce and share a new line of skincare and makeup with all of you. Erin's Faces is a new brand created by makeup artist Erin Williams. After working for many prestigious brands or during New York fashion week, Erin realized her dream by launching her own brand in 2011. Check out my interview with her below.

What inspired you to create Erin’s Faces?

I wanted a safe space for women that could empower and educate them so they could get their “beauty ducks” in a row and then go on to changing the world.  Most of my clients are moms, teachers, actors on film and Broadway, nurses – people that do seriously amazing things! I feel like when your skin and makeup look good then you can get down to the task at hand because you’re not self conscious about what you look like.  It’s like having a great outfit or a new fabulous haircut – you know you look great so you can not worry about it and get to work.

There are so many lines out there but I wanted mine to have amazing ingredients, stellar quality and, equally as important, make sure my clients knew how to use the products.  I have a series of videos on YouTube  whose purpose it is to help women with application techniques and I spend a lot of time answering emails and talking on the phone with clients who have questions. I wanted to be the owner of a line who was accessible to the people purchasing my product and so I’ve created a way for that to happen.

Product wise, it all started with one brush. I was teaching makeup classes in Manhattan to normal folks and had been recommending a foundation brush that I loved which happened to be $60. My private clients snapped it up but the some of girls in class said “you’ve lost your mind if you think I’m spending $60 on a brush”.  Noted.  So, I started looking at brush companies to see if I could find something that I could offer my girls at a much less expensive price that I was just as passionate about.  I went through about 35 brushes before settling on my current Foundation Brush which I was able to offer for $25.  In investigating the brush companies I found other brushes I wanted to share with my girls so I quickly put those together as well.  Next came the makeup portion which stalled for a while since I couldn’t find pressed mineral eyeshadows and blushes with amazing pigments, which is what I wanted.  For a while I put the concept of the line on the backburner and then one day I was randomly shown samples from a lab and they were crazy good! So true to color, so intense – I loved them and went back to piecing things together.  Then came the skincare which took additional time as I used nearly every female friend and family member in my life to be my guinea pig – trying out serums, moisturizers, eye creams – to come to a consensus on what we all liked.  I knew I wanted paraben free skincare products and ended up with about 95% fragrance free as well.  About half of the skincare is Organic or All-Natural and 25% is Vegan.  That healthy aspect is very important to me.

What is the most exciting part about creating/owning your own cosmetic line?

Getting to put in whatever I want to be using!  For example, I love eye gels so I searched high and low for a formula I adored and now it’s in my line.  I don’t want to be eating petrochemicals so my glosses are totally petrochemical free.  It’s ideal because I get to use everything on real women who are on red carpets or in photo shoots and I get to see what works and what doesn’t. The stuff that works makes it into the line. 

What is the hardest part about creating/owning your own cosmetic line?

Running the show – I built my website, place my orders from my 14 labs, do stock counts, fill and ship orders, write thank you notes, answer emails – it’s a lot for one person but it gives me tremendous purpose which is what I wanted.

What is your best kept beauty secret?

Oh goodness, SPF everywhere the sun hits you, eye cream, a complexion product you love (foundation/tinted moisturizer), blush, mascara – I’m not good at having secrets or limiting them to one :)!

What is the most important skincare product we should be using on a daily basis?

SPF – it’s the least sexy of the group but it is the best anti-ager you can work with. Find one that you can put on your eyes too – if it stings you need a new one whose formula works for you.

If you were stuck on a desert island with only one of your Erin's Faces beauty products what would it be?

The Organic Clarifying Serum, hands down. I love that stuff and it makes my skin clearer, softer and would keep me looking young as I built my hut of banana leaves!  And my All Natural Mint Lipbalm with SPF.  It’s tiny so I’d sneak it in.

What makes you feel beautiful from the inside out?

When I help someone who didn’t feel beautiful or see how beautiful she can be – whether it’s by showing her a new makeup technique or changing up her skincare so she gets the outcome she’s wishing for – that feels really special to me.  It’s a very vulnerable thing to ask for help with one’s appearance and I strive to handle it with a lot of thoughtfulness and care. 

I also feel beautiful with my husband, family and dog.  Those are nice too :). 

Alli's favorites from Erin's faces:

I am obsessed with Erin's skincare line, but must admit I am also a huge fan of her makeup line too. My Favorite makeup products are :

You can shop Erin's Faces here, and also sign up for her adorable blog here