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More Braids

So, as of this moment in time nearly 18,000 people have looked at my post on Braids (click HERE to read/see it).  Meaning ladies like braids - me too!  And I feel like we're headed into the weather where braids really start to become not just a fashion statement, but a necessity as the hot weather rolls in.

The show that is really showcasing crazy beautiful braids right now is Game of Thrones on HBO but the ladies are sporting them on the red carpet as well ~

Kahleesi/Princess Daererys hair from Game of Thrones

Who knew Medieval hairstyles could be so hip?

Half-Up Braids ~

Molly Sims in a circle braid

Braids on the side

Love this! She's her own barette :)

Double braid - nuts

Kim Kardashian with two skinny side braids

Minka Kelly with natural texture and two braids

Short hair can do it too!  Carrie Mulligan with two tiny fishtail braids

Single Side Braids ~

Beyonce with a sideswept bang and sideswept braid

Eva Longoria with her version

Gabrielle Union doing a side braid which starts low near the  shoulder

Jennifer Hudson with a 40's style bang and side braid

Elizabeth Olsen with a very messy/twisted braid - like!

Kiki Palmer with a full and fluffed side braid

Salma Hayek with a center part, bangs out and messy braid with a long tail

Shakira rocking a twisted sort of braid

Miley Cyrus sporting an unkempt, super pretty braid

Alicia Keys and her fishtail

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss

I just like the center part with no bangs on this one 

Braided Updos ~

Jamie King with a bedazzled headband

A French-braided pony on Jennifer Morrison

Alicia Keys with a chubby braid and slicked back hair

Bella Thorne with a heavy bang and double circle braid

Drew Barrymore - love this! Braid in the front and BRAIDS in the back

Looks like four braids coming together to make a braid-a-palooza on Brittany Snow

A Heidi braid topping Candice Accola's pretty head

Florence Welch and a true Heidi braid - did anyone watch the Shirley Temple movie?  I loved that one :)

Kim Kardashian and her braided bun

Lydia Hearst with a double braid and full bang (similar to Bella Thorne,  no?)

And speaking of Bella, Kristen Stewart with wispies and a side braid

Sara Rue with a thicker braid 

Amanda Seyfried with an even thicker braid

Pretty French braid 

Don't know how this would look in real life but love it for the pic

Lots of braids on Beyonce!

And a single braid

Christina Aguilera channeling her inner Swiss Alps girl

Emily Blunt with a French braided bun
Super fun triple fishtail situation that I could never do but I like it!


Healthy Bath and Body at Drugstore Prices

She's happy because she's using good stuff :)
If you think that in order to get all-natural "green" bath and body products you have to spend a lot I would love to share with you some of my favorite things that you can find easily online or at your local drugstore that won't break the bank and are awesome.

Dr. Woods Pure Peppermint Castile Soap ($8 for 32 oz) is paraben and petrochemical-free and is loaded with Organic Shea Butter and Olive, Hemp and Coconut Oils.  I love Castile Soap - it's great as a shower gel, shampoo (for non color-treated hair), laundry detergent, shampoo for dogs and for washing your makeup brushes. 

I found this for my dad when he was having a hard time finding a reasonably priced body lotion whose ingredients I would approve of (he is a longtime Vaseline Intensive Care user which you can buy in bulk for a quarter).  So I scoured the internet and finally found 365 Everyday Value Maximum Moisture Lotion which is 32 oz. and around $12 at Whole Foods.  They've replaced petrochemicals (Mineral Oil) with Shea Butter and Macadamia Nut Oil as well as cut the parabens out and fragrances out. 

If you use a body oil after the shower try Nourishing Baby Oil from Burt's Bees ($9).  It smells SO GOOD and the base of Apricot and Grape Seed Oils make for incredibly soft and yummy smelling skin and it's great for mamas and babies.

Remember using Mr. Bubble when you were a kid?  I LOVED that stuff - loved the smell, the pink color and Mr. Bubble himself - I think I even had a Tshirt at one point.  However, Mr. Bubble is no bueno for your kiddos - it, and others like it (with synthetic fragrances), without being indelicate, can hurt your little ones delicate areas and even contribute to urinary tract infections.  AND, I lifted this off of their website "Do Mr. Bubble products expire? No, none of our products have expiration dates. As time passes, the fragrance and/or color may fade, but the performance of the product will remain intact."  Um, no thanks.  Yes to Carrots Naturally Cleaning Bubble Bath ($8) is Aloe Vera, Carrots and Honeydew Melon make up this sensitive-skin friendly product and it is WAY better for your babies (if you're on a budget this is another thing Castile Soap can be used for!). 

There is a whole argument against aluminum in deodorants - they're linked to neurological disorders and all sorts of cancer (Google it - it's a little nuts).  I have been thinking about making the switch and this is one that I'm looking at - Crystal Body Deodorant Roll-On has great reviews online and is aluminum and perfume-free.  Mineral salts comprise the bulk of the formula which kill odor- causing bacteria. 

We've been over this but if you're using Chapstick, most forms of Blistex, Vaseline, Rosebud Salve, Neutrogena's Lip Balm or Carmex you are EATING Petroleum which is a child of crude oil.  Gross right?  Agreed.  It's why I came out with my Erin's Faces All-Natural Mint Lipbalm SPF 15 ($4).  Palm and Olive Oils make up the base while Peppermint, Rosemary and Vitamin E round out the list of happy ingredients.  Folks, it matters. 


What's the Deal with Primer

I get asked a lot what the deal is with primer - do you need one, why do you need it, when do you use it, which one should you get - so here are my thoughts on all of that:

Do You Need One:

Honestly, to me, it depends.  Does your makeup "leave" throughout the day?  Does it settle into fine lines and wrinkles?  Do you have dry areas that could use some "smoothing out"?  If you answered yes to any of those questions then, yes, I think you need a primer.  If you answered no to all of those questions then you might be just fine without one.  Which leads us to -

Why Do You Need It:

Here's how primers work - they create a barrier between your skin and your complexion product (foundation/tinted moisturizer) which means that your skin's oils have to work harder to break down said complexion product.  So if you're oily (and you have the right primer for your skintype) primer can help your foundation stay all day as opposed to just til lunch time.

They also generally have an ingredient, generally some type of silicone (which could be listed as dimethicone or methicone), that fills in texture inconsistencies in our skin like fine lines and wrinkles.  Think of it as when you were in college and you were leaving your dorm room - you had to spackle over any areas that you had put a nail in the wall.  Primers act like spackle and fill in areas so your "paint", aka foundation, can glide smoothly over fine lines and wrinkles.  Then you've got the whole "it won't break down fast" thing going on as well which is also helpful with areas that wrinkle up.

Primers are used as your first makeup step complexion step - after you've done all of your skincare and are ready to paint your face - they are the first thing that hits your skin.  Use a pea sized amount and you can either put it on with your fingers or your foundation brush.  Skip your eyes because, generally speaking, most face primers make eyeshadows crease (and there are a whole slew of eyeshadow primers that are great!).

So, which one do you use?!  I have two in my line that I'll talk about but I also have some other favorites - it all depends on your skin's needs and the texture you like.

The Retexturizing Face Primer SPF 20 from Erin's Faces ($28) is for normal to dry skin who like a velvety texture.  The added bonus of SPF is lovely and Vitamins A and E seal moisture into the skin while soft light reflectors diffuse fine lines.  It's pretty awesome folks.

The Pore Perfecting Face Primer from Erin's Faces ($28) has a lightweight texture and targets an oily or normal skin.  Salicylic Acid smooths out oily skin texture and Silica absorbs oil to keep you from being a shiny bean all day.

Hourglass' Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15 ($52) utilizes Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, thus it's white hue which goes clear on fair-medium skintones, for chemical-free suncare as this formula targets a very sensitive skin.  It also makes anything you put on top of it water resistant which is pretty sweet.

If you want totally silicone-free (some people have sensitivities to it) 100% Pure's Luminous Primer Vitamins+Antioxidents with Resveratrol ($26) is your jam.  It's packed with yummy anti-agers and has light-reflectors to soften the appearance of fine lines.