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Girl Crush - Jennifer Lawrence

I have such a crush on Jennifer Lawrence!  I love how she always says something mildly inappropriate in her interviews and you can just see her publicist reading it and cringing but Miss Lawrence doesn't care in her "Hunger Games" and "Silver Linings Playbook" interviews.  She is who she is, she grew up with brothers and she seems to be a tomboy who happens to look super hot in dresses.  I also appreciate that she seems to be a tomboy who LOVES her eyeliner.  She tends to wear her smoky eyes Kardashian style meaning it's up above the eyelid to pull the eye "out".  It doesn't work on everyone but it looks great on her.  So let's look at her as a brunette and then as a blonde:

As a brunette ~

Soft pretty waves with liner rimming entire eye

Looking tre bronzed and natural with some highlighter on the cheekbone

Fun with liquid liner!

Totally not the norm on her hair or lip wise but it's fun to shake it up!
Hot pink lips, liner (noticing a theme here?) and a cute messy side updo

Nude lips, winged liner with some smoke

LOVE this on her - soft pink lips, pink cheeks and grey smoke brings out the blue in her eyes

Strong bangs, peachy lips and smokey winged eyes - makeup theme of JL

She looked so pretty here!  Staying true to her soft smoke with lots of liner and a peachy lip

As a blonde ~

A little smoke for the Golden Globes with a messy updo

Love this makeup and hair - she likes a liner all the way around on the eyes

An ashier blonde and a super clean makeup situation

Fun dramatic eyes in plum tones

I just really like her hair :)

Again, great hair and soft makeup

Smoky eye with a sensible pony

Liner again - all the way around the eye - just saying
LOVE her hair - I am always for a circle/Heidi braid and I love that she pulled pieces out for a modern edge

I feel like she looks like someone picked her up off the beach and threw a dress on her which I kind of love


Michelle Obama's New 'Do

Do you love it?!  I totally love it!  I feel like she's going to grab a mike, velcro off her dress and have some little swingy number underneath and start busting out Tina Turner songs.  Not very First Lady-esque but, you have to admit, it would be fun :).  And if Michelle Obama won't do that at least her bangs give her a new, fresh edgy look for her launch into the next four years.

Now, she has had bangs before, but they're always "up and away", out of Mrs. Obama's face.  I don't know how long she'll keep these wispy little guys but I totally support them while they're happening.  Observe various closings in of the bangs:

They're there but they're totally off of her forehead

Moving in a little more, still wispy though - can see forehead through the bang

A virtual curtain of bangs

Brushing the bangs front and center in the current bang situation
With a little flip she can totally change it up - so fun!


My Current Obsession - Josie Maran Argan Color Stick

So, in case you've been living under a rock, Argan Oil is one of THE hot ingredients of the moment and for good reason - you can read my blog post HERE to see why.

My friend Cheryl, myself and friend Jen on our trip - notice the pinky cheeks!
Here's the thing - I like a powder blush.  I like to contour and then do a highlight and blush it on the apples.  Even on days where I don't have a lot of time, I still do those three steps with a powder blush because it stays all day and gives you good pigment.  But Josie Maran's Color Stick in Rosey rang my bell on two key occasions - the first was a trip in the fall upstate that we take with friends.  We hike all over creation, eat tasty treats and end the evening with a super spooky haunted house.  This was our third year going and a LOT of pictures get taken because the surroundings are pretty and it's lots of friends in one place.  Well this year I was going to actually look GOOD in those pictures so I curled my hair the night before (yes, judge me, I curled my hair for a hike) but didn't want to look like I was trying to hard and needed something easy to touch up with through the day.  This little stick is awesome because it works over powder, it's the perfect color for nearly anyone, it looks really natural and, in a pinch, it can double as a lip color.  The girls in our group saw what was going on and wanted in on the action as you can see in the picture above.

Little Bryce - isn't he yummy?!

No blush in this shot of me with my nephew but who cares?  No one would be looking at my cheeks anyhow - he's too cute!

I also took it this weekend with me to see my brother in Memphis.  No outings were going to be made - we spent the time at his house with his wife and two yummy little boys - but again, pictures were going to be taken!  And cream sticks don't break like powders can when being shoved and re-shoved into overhead bins on various legs of your airline trip.

So, I am still sticking with my powder blush but this little Color Stick will stay in my makeup bag because it is SO EASY!


2013 Golden Globes

How amazing did Tina and Amy look?!
When two hot funny ladies host the Golden Globes you know it's going to be a good night in general and it was a lovely night for beauty.

The main trend that seemed to show up to me was a nude lip - there was nary a red smoocher to be found!  Possibly a sensible pinky brown, but generally, pretty nude.  Also not a lot of blush going on - I like blush so hopefully this is not a big trend peeps.  Hair also seemed to be in an extreme - either flatironed and polished or messy with the occasional updo.  

The Blondes ~

Amy Poehler rocking a side updo and lots of black liner

Amanda Seyfried with soft curls and a fresh face

Megan Hilty in a super nude lip, liner and an updo

Claire Danes with messy curls, smudy eyes and a shiny lip 

Glenn Close with really pretty windswept hair - like it!

Soft curls for Helen Mirren 

A soft berry lip and some blush (yay!) for Naomi Watts

One of the only red lips in the joint!  Francesca Eastwood looking stunning with 40's inspired hair and a bold lip
The Redheads ~

Jessica Chastain had a structured but soft wave, a berry lip and soft eyes

I need to do a Girl Crush on Adele because her makeup always looks AMAZING!  Love her black liner and strawberry blonde hair - could talk about her all day.

Amy Adams with an azalea lip, lashes, and a soft cheek

So, normally I would put Tina Fey in the Brunette category but on my TV she  had an auburn thing going on and I loved it!  

Connie Britton with black liner and soft everything else (noticing a theme here?)

Julianne Moore wore a brighter lipstick and a smoky eye - so pretty!
The Brunettes ~ which, PS, were more in number than anyone else which I thought was kind of fun since I think of Hollywood as being full of blondies

Julia Louis Dreyfess went with a super nude lip a lots of black liner

The ultimate gamine, Anne Hathaway looked very clean in her lashes and raspberry lip

I thought Michelle Dockery looked so pretty - perfect amount of eye makeup, soft pink lips and slightly messy hair

Kerry Washington went super sleek and chose a silvery blue smoky eye

Didn't Sally Field look pretty?  I love her :)  - she goes with what works - heavy eyes, medium lips and a soft bang

And you can always count on Zooey Deschanel for a strong lip, row of lashes and bump in the hair

Eva Longoria is just BEYOND for me - gorgeous skin, highlight on the cheek and cheekbone, truly nude lip, HUGE lashes - yes please

And Emily Blunt looked so pretty too!  So regal and refined  with a dusty eye and sleek updo

I have a Girl Crush coming up with Jennifer Lawrence because how can you NOT have one on her?  She  always looks effortlessly beautiful and that was no exception last night

Ombre hair was in full force with a coral lip for the lovely Jessica Alba

Jodie Foster's eyes just can't be beat and when you rim them in blue they stand out even more - so pretty!

LOVE the makeup, not so clear on the hair, but Katherine McPhee's eyes, skin and lips are perfection

Jennifer Lopez's skin is always glowy and paired with a smoldering eye and nude lip (to match her nude dress!) she looked amazing with sideswept hair

A highly bronzed Lea Michelle channeled her inner go-go dancer with heavy eyes and barely there lips

Lea Dunham worked the nude lip trend as well as kohl-rimmed eyes

This woman is 40 years old!!  Can you handle it?!  Lucy Liu is just stunning with her braid, watermelon lip and flawless skin

Salma Hayek always looks beautiful and went with soft eyes and a coral lip

Sofia Vergara ditched her usual curls for sleek hair and some serious lashes!
And Rachel Weisz worked a strong brow, 40's inspired hair and a berry stained lip