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Out for a Week

Where I'll be :)
Hi all! 

Posts are going to slow down this next week - I'm headed to Glen Arbor, Michigan (possibly my favorite place on Earth) to spend time with the family on vacation.  We've gone there since I was a little tiny thing and it's so quiet and full of blue water and green forests - I love it!

Walk from the house to the beach (Lake Michigan) 

Beach view from the house
See you when I get back!


Event Makeup How-To Video

Hi loves!

More fun humbling opportunities for me to be out with the world with not a stitch of makiage on my face - I did another video (well two really) for a benefit that I got to sing in which provided scholarships for LGBT teens with the charity Live Through Love (read HERE to find out how it all started).

I was a bad bunny and had no idea what I was going to do makeup-wise but that's kind of how I roll (which is totally NOT what I preach - I'm aware) so the first video is eyes and then the second is the rest of the face so please check them out and enjoy!

The first half is HERE and the second half (below) is HERE - I promise my hair ended up looking cute for the actual shindig :).  xoxo


Girl Crush - Eva Mendez

Eva with nose freckles peeking through - love!

How much do you love Eva Mendez?  I think she is super pretty and love how she always has beautiful clean skin and her hair always looks amazing.  She also seems like a real "girl's girl" who could get ready in 10 minutes if need be but would be totally down for a full on 3 hour glamour session.

In general Eva seems to fall into either a natural fresh look or a smoky eye.  She will occasionally get adventurous and rock a strong lip but it's not her steady situation.  Her norm is soft and classic but there seems to be a little eyeliner in every look and her brows are ALWAYS done.  The other thing I like is that she generally looks like she did her own hair - or could have.  I'm sure she didn't, but it doesn't look super sleek most of the time, it looks "touchable" which is such a funny word for hair but you know what I mean.

Here are some natural looks:

Soft pink cheeks and lips with Bardot hair

Super fresh with AMAZING eyebrows (I covet her eyebrows) and simple hair

Blow out with minimal makeup

Hint of blush and lip shade with a stong bang over to the side

Matte lip and tousled locks - so cute!

A smidge more of lip color but still very soft with approachable hair - really like this a lot

A little more shadow in the crease with a natural pinky brown lipshade

She looked so pretty here!  A little bronze on the eyes and a soft lip with sideswept bangs.
 A bit of smoke:

Row of lashes with some ebony on the outer corner (just like we do in class!) with sideswept bang (she loves a sideswept bang to the right)

Liner in the waterline with some lashes and glowy skin

Liner on the waterline as well as all around the eye and smudged with a small brush.  Brows looking impeccable as always.

Going dressy with lots of volume at the root and a silvery smoky lid

One of my faves - strong contour on cheekbone, black on the eyelids, matte lipstick and a textured blowout - gorgeous!

Love this too - more contouring on cheekbone (you can really see it on this one) and lots of liner with shades of brown eyeshadows and a matte lip - she likes a matte lip

Fresh with a stronger lip and a soft smudged liner on the eye

Super pretty soft curls and a winged liner on the eye
 And a couple of strong lips:

Not totally clear on the headpiece but she is working it with her berry lip

She looks so good in red!


Beachy Waves

Isn't she so pretty?

The best beachy waves, to me, are the ones that authentically look like they happened by the ocean, not via a curling iron.  How do you get them?  It's so easy you guys!  I promise - you will be so happy - it just takes a few products but it's simple and you can totally do it.  All of these will be Bumble and bumble products because that's what I use.  Okay -

Start with damp hair - I like to throw in a "primer" for my hair when it's right out of the shower.  PREP is like a vitamin water, detangler and primer for the hair.  If you are a product girl, a girl with long hair or a girl with unruly hair - you need this. 

Then you're going to apply a salt spray to the damp hair - I use SURF SPRAY.  I mean all over - root to tip.  The nice thing about salt sprays is that they don't make your scalp oily (as many products do if you overuse them) because the salt just sops that oil up.  They are the only thing, aside from dry shampoo, that can give you some volume on dry hair with no heat (blowdryer). 

So you've applied it and you can go one of two ways - scrunch or twist.  If you scrunch (which is what I do because it's the lazy way) you just wad up your hair and squeeze it - encouraging your natural curl.  You can either let it air dry this way (lazy - like it) or use a diffuser for more volume/waves.  Twisting is taking 1-3 inch sections, depending on how much hair you have, and literally just twisting it into a rope (even very short hair can do this).  Then you can let that air dry (which takes a little while before you can leave the house if you mind the rastafarian look) and break them up once they're dry or you can use your blowdryer on the cool setting with the attachment for when you straighten your hair so you're not blasting the heck out of it.  If using a blowdryer "pool" your hair in your hand instead of stretching out the rope that way you're not straightening it too much. 

Now, you've probably got some fuzzies going on - at the root/crown of the head and potentially the ends are looking a little frazzled because of the salt.  That's when I use GROOMING CREME or the new COLOR MINDED UV PROTECTIVE STYLING BALM (which is good if you have colored hair and you're going to be in the sun - it's SPF for your hair).  I do a teeny bit (like less than a pea) size and rub it all over both of my palms so it's thin and then just lightly touch the crown and pull gently down towards my ears/back of head to smooth those flyaways.  Then I divide my hair in half (on each side) and use a dime size for each side.  I do do some twisting here (away from the face)and it's only for the ends - I just like them to look a little polished and you can twist the whole half of the hair together so you have two big twists for a second because the minute you move it breaks up.  It gives a satin finish whereas the Surf Spray gives a matte one. 

If the idea of putting salt in your hair freaks you out because you feel like it will dry you out then try the REACTIVATING MIST - very similar finished product with less frizz and no salt.  You can use it on wet or dry hair.  And speaking of, you can refresh on dirty hair with the Surf Spray as well, and Grooming Creme for that matter.  If it's super dirty and you can't wash it, spray Prep in there which will break down your existing product and start all over. 

Here are some pretty beachy girls ~

Kate Hudson - I'm obsessed with her hair - and love this because it isn't perfect - some strands are curled, some a straighter - bueno

Jennifer Garner with a blow-dried bang (which is good if you have them because they can get messy if they're short)

So pretty!

Camille Belle with a shorter beachy situation

Loose beachy waves

Sarah Jessica Parker with a lovely touseled look

Very island appropriate

Kate Upton - love this hair

A little more polished (lots of frizz fighting at the crown) but beachy nonetheless

Vanessa Hudgens - beachy at the beach!


Caviar Manicures

Rainbow Set
Isn't this so fun?!  According to reviews on Sephora.com the Caviar Manicures from Ciate are good for a one night only situation, because the balls can start to fall off after that, but don't they look so neat? 

You paint your nails with the "Paint Pot" included in the kit, sprinkle your polish with the Caviar Pearls (they give you a funnel for less mess) and seal in the manicure across the outer edge of your nail with the shiny top coat. 

It's very Lady Gaga.

Mother of Pearl Set
Black Pearl Set - my fave!