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10 Minute Makeup Application Video

Hi loves!

In the classes that I teach in NYC or during Erin's Faces parties it takes me about an hour to do someone's makeup - because I'm chatty and people ask a lot of questions so it's very stop-and-start.  I tell women that it can all really get done in about 10 minutes and half of the time they don't believe me. 
So, I wanted to do a video where I literally only had 10 minutes because I had to get out of the door and off to a gig so here it is - enjoy!

Click HERE for the video - enjoy!


Girl Crush - Olympic Beauties 2012

London Olmpics 2012
Holy cow you guys!  I love the Olympics!!  I love all of the swimming, the gymnastics, the opening and closing ceremonies, the Americans winning and the flag coming down and crying while the National Anthem plays, you name it - I will be watching it. 

Not all sports let you rock blue eyeshadow and a red lip - thank you Andrea Nott and Christina Jones and your Synchronized Swimming selves

So I think it's kind of nuts when you see these athletes, particularly female athletes, on the couch with Bob Costas hours after their event and all of a sudden they have makeup and hair and look so different from when you saw them competing.  I thought we could get a leg up and see some of our Team USA ladies in their element and then a little glammed up:

The Women's Gymnastics Team is always full of glitter and fun so we don't need to worry about them - they even put glitter in their hair - which is why I love them all

Hurdeler, Lolo Jones, looking RIPPED

Lolo taking it slow on the red carpet looking tre glam

Women's Soccer member Alex Morgan (on the right)

Methinks I see a set of fake lashes on Ms. Morgan - love it!

Do not mess with Shooter, Amanda Furrer

She cleans up with awesome curls, eyeliner and her dad :)

Taekwondo champ, Diana Lopez rocking a SERIOUS red lip and smoky eye

Lopez (on the right) kicking the tar out of her opponent.  Or blocking tar kicking.  Or something.  I don't do Taekwondo.

Fencing Olympian Mariel Zagunis with pretty long hair and some black liner

Mariel making a graceful leap towards her opponent - or getting pulled back from almost killing him.  I wasn't in the Fencing Club in high school so I'm not clear but it looks pretty!

Flyweight Boxer, Marlen Esparza (in red), fellow native Houstonian - yay!

Marlen looking GORGEOUS in a Cover Girl ad

Can you handle her?!  So beautiful!  Track & Fielder, Allyson Felix, works a natural look with a bold eyeliner

Allyson sprinting to victory - check out those thighs

Women's Soccer's Megan Rapinoe going for a goal - who am I kidding?  I have no idea what she's doing.  Again, didn't play soccer either. 

But Megan looks awesome with a smudge of lip balm and some eyeliner

Beach Volleyballer, Jenny Kessy going long (what am I talking about?!) for a bump (what do you call them?) on a knee in the sand

Ah!  Back to what I know - A berry lip with a contoured eye - shot for Cover Girl - muy bonita

Swimmer, Natalie Coughlin, looking up at, I presume, a winning time (I did swim so this verbage could be correct!)

I love Natalie because she always throws on some eyeliner for interviews and puts her hair in a ponytail or has it blown out - she embraces her inner girly girl out of the pool

And just in case you thought those Synchro Swimmers looked fruity, try doing this next time you're in the pool.  Now try it in 10 feet of water like they are.  And yes, her feet are ON THEIR HEADS. 


Spotlight on Glycolic Acid

Fancy Glycolic Acid Situation

Glycolic Acid is an ingredient that can sound pretty scary, and you are right to be cautious because it's no joke, but this little acid can do wonderous things for your face and body.  It comes from sugar and is in the alpha-hydroxy family.  The neat thing about glycolic acid is that it undoes the "glue" that can trap things like dirt or sebum in our skin or even just dry, dead skin.  It lifts it up and the other carriers in your product whisk the ick away and neutralize the acid so your face doesn't burn off.  It takes a village folks.

Chemical Glycolic Peels employ this "power scrubbing" in levels up up to, or over, 50% glycolic acid (NOT reccomended, or really even available, for home use).  The pictures above show what the ingredient can do with healing acne, clearing clogged pores, diminishing fine lines, evening out texture and addressing hyperpigmentation (though the progress is generally over the course of a number of peels).  If you use products at home they obviously have a much lower percentage so they take longer to give you the movie star look, but your face won't peel off and be beet red for a week - true story. 

Glycolic is equal opportunity because it is effective for fine lines as well as acneic skin which is one of the reasons why I like it a lot.  Here are some of my faves:

Peter Thomas Roth has their Glycolic Acid 3% Facial Wash which is great for a gentle application since you rinse it right off.  It gives the active ingredient a chance to work for the 30 seconds or so you're rubbing it over your skin but then it's gone so it won't wreck your face.  

Okay, full disclosure, this stuff tears my face up so if you're sensitive, skip it, BUT - if you have ever used the words "paper", "wood", or "leather" to describe your skin (not meaning you're wrinkly, just that you don't react to stuff) then Renee Rouleau's AHA Smoothing Serum in 10, 17 or 20% is your jam.  You use it on cleansed skin and leave it on which is why it's a serious situation and it WORKS. 

My Oil-Free Night Treatment from Erin's Faces is good for all ladies and gents - sensitive and not - using glycolic and salicylic acids as well as arnica, honey and Vitamin E to heal - it's kind of awesome and it has changed my skin and the skin of a ton of my clients.  It's one of those products that once you start using it, when you skip it, you feel it and see it.  And miss it.  And want it back in your life ASAP.

The Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask from REN is pretty strong but I've found it works for most people.  It uses four fruit acids - lactic, glycolic, tartaric and citric - as well as a papaya enzyme (so it smells awesome!) and you leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse.  Love it!

Now, this one used to work for me but now will tear my face off so I can't use it.  But again, if you're someone who never reacts to anything (skin-wise) you have just met your new paramour.  The Brazilian Peel comes with four one-use syringes which are full of the glycolic acid peel (in a 30% dose which is nuts!) as well as a neutralizer.  Again - don't use this if you're senstive or acne prone.  You should use something more gentle or go to the derm if you want a peel.  

Some call it chicken skin, some call it arm pimples (so crass, I know) - Keratosis is the official name for what I call the bumpy stuff on the back of your arms.  You know those little red dots that never seem to go away?  KP Duty from DERMAdoctor hits this stuff on the head with glycolic acid while urea hydrates.  They also make a KP Duty Scrub which is great for the shower. 

So if you've never used glycolic acid, give it a go, and if you already love it share what products make a difference in your skin!


Girl Crush - Kerry Washington

I don't know if you watched the new Shonda Rhimes show, Scandal, but I totally dug it and I became obsessed with Kerry Washington's skin - it is GORGEOUS.  She has beautiful bone structure and ridiculous cheekbones. 

Makeup-wise she tends to favor a serious lip, super natural or a smoky eye and she is crazy adventurous with her hair. 

Statement Lip:

Beautiful red lip with half up hair

Deeper red with hair up and a parted bang

Brick stain on the lip with flatironed hair - love it

Curls for days and a hot pink pucker

Classic red lips, lashes and hair with a nod to the 40's

Soft berry stain on the lip with soft curls

Fresh and Natural:

Healthy blush and a nude lip with a great blowout

Clean, simple - so pretty

Clean skin, minor smoke and a peach lip with a pony

Flattering nude hues - notice she wears a lot of nudes when she does a natural makeup look - with pretty curls

Nude lip/skin with kohl-rimmed eyes and a slicked back pony

Smoke Outs:

Lashes and some silvery/blue smoke with clean skin/lip

Black smoke with a little more blush (like her with a little more blush!), a soft lip and beachy hair

Soft charcoal eyes, great skin and soft waves in the hair (notice highlighter on her shoulders and  decolletage!)

Not so smoky but TONS of lashes and I really like her brows in this pic as well as the peach blush

Soft smoke with a little winged liner and braid

Updo with pewter smoke and serious contouring

Kohl-rimmed again but really playful with long, flatironed hair

Softer kohl inside and out of water line with contouring and peach cheek

Serious black liner, taking up entire lid, winged at the side with a LOT of contouring