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Favorite Sunscreens!

Yay for the sun!  Boo for sunburns!

I don't know about you but I grew up in the suburbs of Houston and couldn't believe my luck when we moved into a house that had a pool in the backyard - I was in heaven!  From second grade til early high school I was out there, whenever possible, frolicking in the water and slipping down the slide.  That said, I love my parents, but I have no memory of regularly getting slathered in sunscreen for backyard funtime. 

Cut to high school and college when I was a lifeguard at summer camp - out by the pool or the lake every day, every summer, for eight years.  I got my act together at about age 19 and started wearing sunscreen on my face everyday but I keep hearing that song in my head "Too much, Too little,Too late".

Cut to my 30th birthday when I woke up to a new freckle....on my lip.  My lip?!  What?!  I was used to getting them in every other conceivable location but not my mouth.  That was the day I started leaving the house with sunscreen on my lips, face, hands, arms and decolletage every day.  I didn't like that freckle (which oddly faded which was nice) and I didn't want more. 

For info on SPF Facts click HERE and scroll to the middle/end of my prior blog post on SPFs. 

Here are my some of my favorites:

You would be shocked how many sunscreens have all kinds of crapola in them - seriously, it's alarming and you can go HERE to find out if yours makes the cut.  I just found this one one for the body this spring and I LOVE it. All of Josie Maran's products are infused with Argan Oil (which I'll be doing a post on later!) but her Argan Sun Protection for Body SPF 30 manages to be lightweight while being effective.  It's paraben and junk free and I love it for my bod.

The facial sunscreen I started using when I was 19 is this one, Daily Protection SPF 30, from Renee Rouleau.  It's lightweight and will work for sensitive as well as acne-prone skin.  Yummy ingredients like Green Tea and Licorice sooth inflamed skin and it works for everyone I've recommended it to.  Make sure you get it on your eyes - don't skip that part! - this formula won't sting.

If you are not into multiple steps my PepToxyl SPF 30 from Erin's Faces is kind of nuts - it's crazy anti-aging with Matrixyl 3000 (boosts collagen and decreases volume and depth of wrinkles).  CoEnzyme Q10, Macadamia Oil and Soy Protein round out the paraben-free formula that hydrates as a lightweight moisturizer and provides sun protection. 

If you are like my husband or his sister, who hate the feel of any type of moisturizer on your face, then translucent powder SPFs are right up your alley - they're also really great for reapplying over makeup through the day.  Peter Thomas Roth's Instant Mineral SPF 45 is great as it absorbs oil as well as gives you a dose of sunscreen. 

Back to freckles on those lips - as I have preached a couple of times I am in LOVE with Jack Black's Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 - it comes in six flavors, is $7.50 and contains no mineral oil - it's my FAVORITE clear lip balm of all time!

Delicious - Sheer Watermelon 

Zesty - Sheer Melon/Tangerine

Sweetie - Sheer Pink

If you want a sheer wash of color my Erin's Faces Super Balm SPF Glosses are perfect for every pucker.  Shimmer-free, they give you an SPF of 15, hydrate your lips, give you shine and a sheer shade that flatters every skintone.

So slather it on and if you're at the beach reapply every hour - I know it's annoying but you need to do it.  In 20 years you'll be happy you did :).  Or you'll look like this. 


48 Hour Sale - yay for sales :)!

Okay guys, so I am currently planning my outing to the outlet malls tomorrow as my husband and I are headed out to Riverhead.  It's our sixth wedding anniversary today and we are celebrating our romance, hopefully, with a sleeper sofa.  Love never dies, right :)?  So, I'm scanning all of the joints for deals and coupons and such and realized I wanted to do one too with Erin's Faces.  But I highly dislike crummy sales where last year's leftovers are marked down and they make a big deal out of it.  So --------

I took 10% off of every single top-selling item that I have - every one! - brushes, makeup, skincare - there's something for everyone.  It's going on til midnight EST on Tuesday, May 29 so go BBQ on Memorial Day and then hit www.erinsfaces.com to grab your favorite goodies.

Have fun!



Girl Crush - Jenny From the Block

Possibly one of my faves for Jennifer Lopez - the hair, makeup - the whole nine
I don't know if you are an American Idol watcher, but I watch it for the fun singing as well as to see what Jennifer Lopez looks like because hello, she's super pretty!  Since this could the last time we get to see her on the show as she might leaving I thought we could recap some looks:

super glittery eyes

really soft and approachable

this girl is not afraid of color on the lips - she seems to love either nude or SERIOUS color

Remember this?  She cried this episode but looks AMAZING - shiny skin, fuschia lip - pretty.

I really like this top to bottom - super clean skin, shimmery eyes, CRAZY shiny lipgloss (another trait of hers) and little girl hair - I like little girl hair


I am not a headscarf girl but if you look like her, then you can work it out

LOTS of black shadow - not my favorite but she's still pretty

Loved this makeup - her skin always looks gorgeous

Next time you wear your one-sleeved, sequin, burnout, peplum top you'll know what to do - stay neutral on the makiage!

Vintage JLo - bronzey goddess

Smoky eyes and a bit of a lip color

She's a very pretty girl but it's kind of nuts what makeup can do isn't it?!


IntenSati Class this Wed with Skincare Tips!


Jolynn Bacca, fitness expert and teacher of IntenSati is teaching a class this Wednesday from 9:30-10:30am and I'll be talking about summer skincare for the whole family from 10:30-11:00 (location below).  And you'll burn 800 calories!  What?!! 

WAIT! It gets better...on May 23, I will be giving away a FREE product from my line and Jolynn will be giving away a FREE class to one lucky winner!! How do you win? Easy...

Step 1: sign up for my blog
Step 2: if you're not already subscribed to Jolynn's blog, Fun Fitness For Mommis, click HERE and do that
Step 3: come to class on Wednesday, May 23 and be entered into the drawing for the fabulous prizes....it's ALL going to ONE LUCKY WINNER!!!

She's also giving 10 scarves to the first ten people who RSVP for class - RSVP to funfitnessformommies@gmail.com

Whew! That's it! Come join the intenSati fun!! Invite your friends!! We're building a community and getting some sweaty inspiration (almost) every Wednesday at Ripley Grier 72 @ 131 W. 72nd St!

From Jolynn:
Since the age of four, running around the living room in my tutu, I knew I loved fitness! As I've grown up, or at least gotten older, I’ve realized not everyone shares my passion or has the time to cultivate it. So, as a fitness professional for more than ten years, when I discover FUN and EFFECTIVE workouts, I want to share them with everyone I know! What do I love as much as fitness? Babies! They're cute, they're warm, they're cuddly, they make finding time to exercise VERY difficult! I've found a way to combine fun fitness and cuddly babies...a workout with on-site childcare!


Sparkle Lips

So, this is not a look for the faint of heart (meaning me!) but I was at the NYC Makeup Show this weekend and I saw a company I hadn't heard of before - Glitzy Lips.

They make CRAZY glittery and foiled lips that totally stay put and are VERY serious - here's a video that shows you how it works (for impatient folks, fast forward to 1:40 to see the adhesive; 2:20 for the application and 3:18 for lots of different colors) ~

So if you ever need to play Angel in "Rent" or fancy yourself a drag queen, these are right up your alley!  Just thought they were fun :).


Sunny California

I just got back from a lovely trip to Los Angeles where I got to meet lots of lovely California ladies and share Erin's Faces with the West Coast.  My husband, Daniel's, family all lives out there so we got to mix business with pleasure which is always my favorite way to do it!

We started at his lovely sister, Melanie's, home and her gathering of teachers and one accountant :).  They were an awesome group who were all about learning a smoky eye - right up my alley! 

Alli and me
Talking with friend, and client, Debbie Nulman who I had only ever spoke to on the phone before!  Was such fun to see one another in person!!

Me with my Stella & Dot necklace from Erin's Facer, Meredith Fulton - a bit off center, but lovely nonetheless

The frame that made the trip to list prices - the other one broke :(
My handsome husband who was our order taker
Next was the Country Fair at the Berkeley Hall School which was my first fair situation - it was super fancy ya'll!  There were fun rides, a petting zoo and a bunch of children whose parents are singing on your radios and starring in your favorite movies and TV shows - I felt really lucky to get to have my products in the group!  My girlfriend, Alli, just got off tour with Wicked and was lovely to come and help me. 

I also got to visit one of my labs and I think I found a Pressed Mineral Foundation Powder that I'll launch once I get organized - I need to play with the colors and make sure that they wear well on the skin but so far so good!

The last group I had was hosted by my girl Alli and we had a super fun tea party.  One of our friends was there (she's an actor too) whose pilot may have just gotten picked up so keep your fingers crossed for her! 

I always think it's fun to see what the top sellers are for each state that I go to so here's the Top Five for California:

Organic Clarifying Serum
LifToxyl Eye Cream
Lavender Shea Butter Body Balm
Organic Silk Cream
Loose Aloe Sheer Powder

View from the ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier

Can't wait to go back!!