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Erin's Faces in Florida

My beautiful mother and me
I got to go to Florida this past weekend and visit my mom in Naples and my grandmother and aunt in West Palm Beach - we had a lovely time (got to watch "The Hunger Games" and spend some quality time with my grandma's pooch, Mitzi).

We started with the Naples ladies - a mix of friends from church, tennis and work for mi madre.

Izzes to drink and homemade pea hummus - yum!

My gorgeous model, Ann

The beautiful Miss Geri and myself
The next day we headed over to see my grandmother, otherwise known as Doty, at her independent living facility, Fountainview.  We met in the activity room and about 25 women came - it was awesome!  They were full of wit and were so attentive. 

My bellisima model, Betty Sue
The Organic Firming Serum was my top seller at both functions as well as the
Sheer Mineral Tints

We also got to go to my aunt Betsy's stable (she's a super fancy dressage rider) to see her horse Fino (shown below) and my stepdad filled the house in Naples with bowls full of gardenias - it smelled heavenly!

It was a wonderful trip and I can't wait to get back to sunny Florida!


Wedding Makeup Memories

Spring has sprung!  And to most people that means pretty weather and various flowers of the bulbed variety are starting to shoot up.  It means that to me too, but it also means wedding season!  I really love looking back at some of my wedding parties to see what look embodied their personality on such a big day.

Lovely Bridal Shoot
 Beautiful smoky eye - pretty on everybody and great for evening weddings.

Lovely Bride Shoot
 Soft and fresh - very lightweight makeup on this sweet girl.  I think we just did lipliner on her lips - no gloss even.  We went for super soft.

I loved this wedding!  You can't see her eyes but we did them UP
because she's a performer and is very comfy with some smoke :). 
She looked stunning from head to toe.

Love a sultry smudgy eye with a strong red lip.

Aw, doesn't she look beautiful? 
Soft eye with a little smoke, pink cheek, pink lip - yes please.

My official "wedding girl" from the first shoot I ever keyed many moons ago.

Brandi's wedding was so special - every detail was unique -
she's wearing red shoes!

Kari managed to look fresh as a daisy in SWELTERING heat!

I can only take credit for the beauty in the middle - the other two sisters
managed to do their makeup super well on their own. 
Love glowy skin on Mother's-of-the-Bride.

Mary looked so fresh and lovely - sunkissed, warm and natural.

I loved the simplicity of this - a matte nude lid,
winged liquid liner, clean skin and a bold lip -
so pretty.

This bride designed her own dress and her family played the accordion and drums all during our makeup application - it was a party!

My beautiful sister-in-law at her wedding - looking fresh and glowy - my favorite wedding look!

Me, on the right, after having done my own makeup waiting to go walk out.  My lovely cousin, Mandi and sister-in-law, Melanie. 

Me and my pretty makeup later in the evening - don't get in between me and nachos (yep, we were classy and had a nacho bar at my wedding).  My brother is on the left and my lovely husband is on the right. 

All makeup done by yours truly.


BB Creams - What the Heck are They and Do You Need One?

I have been getting LOTS of questions on BB Creams and now that every line from Smashbox to Clinique to Too Faced is coming out with one I figured we needed to have a discussion.

BB originally stood for "Blemish Balm" and now also stands for "Beauty Balm".  They were developed to be used after laser treatments for scarring and acne issues and were meant to soothe and protect the skin.  They are HUGE in Asia, especially Japan and Korea, and are making their way over to Europe and now our market.

The newest ones tend to hit a number of nails on the head:
*they have a slight tint providing a bit of coverage
*generally they have a moisturizing component
*they have an SPF
*from here they diverge -
  some are focusing on the original intent of preventing and healing blemishes
  others even out skintone (brightening/whitening)
  and still others focus on anti-aging the skin
*some have a primer in them - a dimethicone (silicone) of some sort that is in most makeup primers

So - they will hydrate, provide sunscreen, even out the skintone a bit and target a "skin issue" - whether it's breakouts, brightening or aging and possibly act as a primer.

Now, do you need one?  Honestly, I think they're a huge opportunity for the makeup industry to sell you stuff you've already got.  There are foundations and tinted moisturizers (Hourglass Cosmetics comes to mind) that have awesome treatments in them (anti-aging and blemish mostly, not so much on the brightening).  For instance, my Oil -Free Mineral Sheer Tints with SPF 20 have a Multi-Mineral Complex of Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Lysine and other vital elements. Potent antioxidants, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng and Vitamins A and E, protect against free radical damage while moisturizing skin (www.erinsfaces.com).  Sounds like a BB Cream, right?  I guess you could call it that and that's my point.  I'm just not sold on it as a new concept. 

Also - most BB Creams come in one color, like Dr. Jart, or two colors, like Clinique, though Smashbox (all at www.sephora.com) has stepped it up and has five.  They do NOT cover enough to cover blemishes of any magnitude but are great if you're looking for something super sheer.  Some are lightweight and some are a little heavier texture wise, but not really so much color wise. 

Bottom line - I'm not wowed because I feel like we already have them in the world.  That being said, if you are in the market for a new sheer complexion product that will multi-task, you should totally look at BB Creams as that's their niche.

I apologize for sounding like such a negative girl :), I'm just not on the BB Bandwagon.  If I end up hopping up onto it then I'll tell you all about my conversion!


Texas Parties and Top Sellers

Set up at Diane's in Houston
Holy cow you guys - I had an amazing trip to my home state of Texas - it was awesome!  I hit up two cities in six days and did six Erin's Faces Product Parties - it was nuts :)!

Top Ten Sellers for the Trip:
1 - Mineral Eyeshadows
2 - Foundation Brush
3 - Mineral Sheer Tint
4 - Cream Eye Liners
5 - Eye Liner Brush
6 - Organic Firming Serum
7 - Loose Aloe Setting Powder
8 - Magic Dust Powder
9 - Mineral Blushes
10 - Makeup Primers
all available at www.erinsfaces.com 

Set up at Courtney's house
I started out in Ft. Worth with my college roommate, Alison, from TCU.  We had a great time (no pictures sadly) and I got to visit with some TCU friends and introduce them to my line.  I learned that small children like to get up really early in the morning and like you to pay lots of attention to them at said time.  I "watched with my eyes closed" a lot.  

With Courtney at her house
The next day I went to another TCU friend's house, Courtney, and met tons of ladies in her family and from her neighborhood.  Lots of moms and lots of women who wanted a fresh face - my favorite!  

Set up at Melinda's house - look at all the "E's" - isn't that neat?!  And if you look closely you can see she cut out my logos too and put them all over - so sweet!
Fun set up with Melinda's super cute Erin's Faces sign - notice the black and white theme here people 
 Next day I flew to Houston and met Melinda, whose sister is a friend/client here in NYC who put us together (yay Meredith!).  Having never met me before, Melinda amazingly offered to throw me a party and invite all of her friends - how lovely is that?!  

With my lovely model at Melinda's 
The next afternoon I went over to my Aunt Jane's house which was full of teenagers and beautiful neighbors. I made a lot of new friends.

At Christine's house
With Dawn, Sherry, Sue and Emily in the back
That evening I got to be at one of my "homes away from home" where my stepmom, Christine, hosted a party with all of the women from our church who have literally known me my entire life.  It was really fun to have Sunday School teachers that I had had and women I had looked up to for so long all in the same room.  AND, craziness - the lights went out!

Me looking like we're at a seance with the church ladies
Fortunately we all re-focused quickly (and my Dad and Christine were super fast at locating flashlights and candelabras!) and finished up the skincare portion of the evening.  Thankfully the lights came on literally right before I got to the makeup demonstration - I was getting nervous!  I've done makeup in low lighting before but that would have been a real challenge!

Diane's beautiful dining room setup
Officially the fanciest tablecloth my blushes have, or ever will, sit on!
The next day I went to family friend, Diane's, house and she had little notepads for each girl - so fun!  Diane's kids and my brother and I all grew up together so it was neat to get to have all the girls together.

The next morning I got to work with sisters Jane and Kitty before I hopped on a plane to come home - it was a whirlwind of a trip!  

I have to say that I am so grateful for the enormous amount of warmth, support and "good vibes" in general that were thrown my way - it was overwhelming in a wonderful way and each night I would sit in my bed and beam with gratitude.  

A HUGE thank you to all of my hostesses - Alison, Courtney, Melinda, Jane, Christine and Diane - and every single lovely lady who came out to learn about my line.  I can't wait to come back!!