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Amazing New Brushes and Discount!!

Okay people, I am beyond excited because I have so much to share with you - I have launched my own brush, makeup and skincare line - woo hoo!!  It's under the umbrella of erin's faces, http://www.erinsfaces.com/, and has tons of goodies for you to look at.  AND, through July 25 you can get 10% off all brushes - Yay for discounts :)! 

It all started in one of the classes that I teach here in NYC.  I had been recommending a beautiful foundation brush by Hourglass and the girls thought it was great, but didn't like the $58 price tag so much.  So I went on a mission to find a brush I loved just as much that would be WAY less.  Honestly, I went through a lot of brushes from a lot of vendors, but finally found one that I was passionate about and couldn't wait to share.  And since I had spent so much time in "brush land" I found other brushes that were amazing as well and...I got greedy - I wanted to be able to share them too :).  For example, the eye blender brush I was in love with was also from Hourglass but was $30.  I found one I loved just as much and am able to offer it for basically half.  Exciting, no?! 

So here's what the inspiration was and what I have to share - they are silky soft, anti-bacterial synthetic Taklon fibers and I think you will be as obsessed with them as I am!


The Foundation Brush from Hourglass ($58) - their brushes, as you will see, are beautiful and soft and lovely.  And a million dollars.  My brush "had me at hello" - seriously - I have been in serious like with a brush from Cover FX which had a firmer head than the Hourglass one but it wasn't synthetic so it wasn't ideal, in my opinion, for liquid foundations.  But my Foundation Brush is like Hourglass and Cover FX had a baby - perfect blending, airbrushed effect, soft, yummy - love it.  AND, it's $25! 


The other brush I was constantly on the search for was a beautiful eyeshadow blender brush - I had been using my old ones from Urban Decay which were no longer on the market.  Then Hourglass (whose founder also did product development for Urban) came out with this little baby for $30.  So I went on a search for a brush that wasn't too firm, wasn't too soft, but was juuuuuuuuuuuuust right - and I found it!  This Eye Blender Brush is amazing for smoky eyes or just blending out any two/three colors so you have a seamless effect - bellisima!  And it's $16. 

Since I already had two brushes I wanted to flesh it out with my other favorites, so I found a great "corner" brush - the brush that you put the smoky or crease color on with - 

though on this one I did end up choosing a badger hair instead of taklon because honestly I didn't like any of the taklon shapes.  Their domes were either too short or too floppy and this badger was a great fit.  The Hourglass Brush is $30 and the erin's faces corner brush is $16 - bargain, right?!

But then I found this little dude and he is wonderfully ideal for travel or makeup on the go as he combines both a blender and a corner brush all in one little happy package.  The Double Eye Brush is $25.

I also am always up for a big, fluffy powder brush and found this one that I'm in love with - just as soft as the $65 Hourglass Powder Brush, but the erin's faces Powder Brush is $28 - happiness!

And rounding it out are my fantastic little Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush ($15) (won't fray like natural fibers or pull on the delicate eye area) and my Concealer Brush ($16) which is awesome at blending out concealer under the eye and around the nose.

So if you are in need of new brushes scoop these up while the deal is going - feel free to shoot me an email - erin@erinsfaces.com - if you have any questions about any of them or aren't sure what brush(es) are best for you.

My faves from the makeup line and a new discount up next week!


Cleaning Brushes and Makeup Expiration Dates

Using a clean brush on bride, Kari Fitzer

Okay guys, one of our Erin's Facers (thank you Auri Marcus!) shared an Allure Magazine poll with me that said 45% of women never clean their brushes - EVER!!!  So chances are high that some of you just perked up because you haven't cleaned yours at all or since it was snowing.   Prepare for some tough love :).

Brushes need to be cleaned at LEAST once a month - once a week would be ideal.  Clean them as you would a paint brush - head down - and swirl your cleanser in your hand with your saturated brush, rinse, squeeze excess water and let it dry flat on a towel over night.

To wash your brushes I would suggest your shampoo or face wash since your face is already acclimated to that.  For synthetic brushes (which hold on a bit more to product) I just use straight up dish soap - it won't hurt them.  For your fancy natural brushes I also condition them with your hair conditioner.  If you paid $65 for a brush you would too :). 

And that leads us to how hygienic, or not, your makeup is - my list below is LENIENT so if you have had something too long please, please, PLEASE throw it out.  And if that's hard for you to do I would like for you to imagine licking the floor because that's basically what you're doing if you don't pitch old lipsticks/glosses.  They are liquid and they rot and then you put them on your mouth and then you eat them.  We eat the equivalent of one tube of lipstick a year of lip products.  So, sorry to be gross, but some people need to hear it like that.  If you have troubled skin it goes double for any skin items - foundation, concealer, blush, etc. 


Liquid/Cream Foundations/Concealers             1 year tops
Powders – Foundations, Blushes,                     1 ½ - 2 years
Mascara                                                          3 months – imperative!!!
Lipstick/Lip gloss                                            1-1 ½ years
Pencils – eye and lip                                        2 years – keep sharp
Sponges                                                         Wash or replace weekly
Brushes                                                          10-15 years if you are nice to them
Cleaners/Moisturizers/Serums                         6 months – 1 year
Toners                                                           1 year
Natural Products                                            6 months - 1 year

If something smells even slightly odd or is a different color than what you bought, toss it out.  And don’t share lip products or mascara – even with your best friend – just say no ladies!

If you go through your drawers and find that you are needing to replace some things please check out my new skincare, makeup and brush line (we'll get a full blog on it next week!) at www.erinsfaces.com - you can order samples and everything.  Til then!  xoxo


Airbrush Makeup 101 with Anni Bruno

Hi my loves ~

This week I wanted to introduce you to one of my very good friends, Anni Bruno, of NYC Faces, http://www.nycfaces.net/

Anni and I have known each other for ages and she is an airbrush QUEEN!  I get asked a lot about airbrushing and I feel like this video interview she did (and is letting us borrow!) is a great basic rundown on airbrush info.  So enjoy!