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Healthy Sunscreen - Just in Time for Summer!

You guys!  I have an new Peptide SPF 30 Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB that I'm launching and finding this formula was like finding a unicorn - I'm over the moon to share it with you!!

Wait?  I thought you already had an SPF?
I had two and I am discontinuing them to replace them with this one.

Information has begun to come to light on physical vs. chemical sunscreens (grab your bottle - chances are high it's a chemical sunscreen).  Some chemical sunscreens are listed as

While physical sunscreens are listed as

So I'm switching from chemical sunscreen to physical - to be more healthy for you and for me.  More and more studies have come out since I launched my line outlining how chemical sunscreens, which enter into the bloodstream vs. physical which do not, are linked to hormonal disruption, skin allergies and potentially contribute to cancer (see the studies above for the breakdowns).  There are a whole list of sunscreen do's and don'ts HERE that are awesome (sprays are for the birds - who knew?!).

"Can we get in the pool yet?????"
Um, that stinks.  What else is different about them?
Chemical sunscreens absorb the sun's rays while physical sunscreens block the sun's rays.  Chemical sunscreens must be on for 20 minutes before they're effective while physical sunscreens are effective upon contact.  They also wear off and must be reapplied every 2 hours while physical sunscreens tend to stay put.

Not a great look
So why does everyone put chemical ingredients in their sunscreen?
Because they blend in super easily.  The one issue with Zinc/Titanium is they have a white cast to them and in the past have been super thick and hard to rub in.

My SunShield SPF 30 works on all these girls as well as a couple of shades deeper
Is this one different?
Yes!  It is 5% each of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide and is extremely lightweight and blendable!  I have tested it on every skintone imaginable - from super fair to deep chocolate girls and boys and it blends in on everyone.  It absolutely has to be rubbed in more than a chemical sunscreen but because the texture is so thin it's easy to do.  You apply, rub in and in a couple of minutes the white cast is gone.

Clockwise: Aloe Vera, Cucumbers, Avocados, Grapes, Blue Passion Flower
What else is in there?
So many good things you guys!!!  The base is a combo of Aloe Leaf Juice and Gel - super hydrating and yummy and then there's Cucumber (reduces hyper-pigmentation), Blue Passion Flower (anti-inflammatory), Avocado and Grapeseed Oils (nourishing) as well as Vitamin E (hardcore antioxidant).  There is NO Vitamin A/Retinyl Palmitate (something that is okay for evening, but not ideal for day).

Peptides keep your skin lifted - we like lifted!
Is it anti-aging?
Major league anti-aging!  It's a little nuts.  THREE different peptides help support collagen production to keep your skin firm and elastic instead of droopy and wrinkled.  Droopy and wrinkled are no fun.

I break out - is this going to mess up my face?
It is not oil free but it doesn't contain any oils that should give you any issues and they're low on the ingredient list.  It also contains silica which absorbs oil.  It's really lightweight so it actually feels lighter on the skin than my previous oil-free SPF.  And my test bunnies didn't break out from it, and neither did I, but you can always try a sample to be sure if you're nervous.

Is it safe/appropriate for my kids?
Totally - it's actually awesome for your kids and for babies over 6 months old (who can't wear sunscreen and have to stick with a hat).

Can I use it on my body?
You totally can but you may find another product a better fit financially for your body SPF.

Anything else special about it?
Yes!  A percentage of sales goes to CARE - an amazing organization that benefits women and children in crisis across the globe.

Speaking of that, how much is it?

Whoa!!  I am not a Kardashian!
Understood - my previous anti-aging SPF was 1.7 ounces and $48.  This is FOUR ounces - over TWICE the size - is $2 more and it's better for your skin on so many levels.  I promise - it's a great deal.

Okay - whew!  Got it.  Where can I buy it?!


  1. This is amazing Erin!!! Gorgeous product.

    1. Thank you so much Adriana! I'm really excited about it :) - xoxo