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New Colors for Spring/Summer!

Can you tell how excited I am to share the new colors with you?!  VERY!  Click on the picture above to see the video that walks you through all of the colors or just read below -   

These LIMITED EDITION BAKED SPLIT SHADOWS are really fun to me because you guys picked them!  We had a vote on Facebook (like Erin's Faces if you don't already!) and these were your top three:

SERENE - icy gold with dark chocolate
TRANQUIL - silvery lilac with wisteria purple
HAVEN - shimmery champagne with milk chocolate

The pigment is bananas and you can use them wet or dry depending on how much depth you want.  They're great for travel/car makeup application as you've got a two in one and baked shadows can get thrown a little more than their pressed pan counterparts.  Grab them while you can as there's a limited number and when they're gone they're gone!

I am wearing the heck out of these new SHEER LIPSTICK shades (my top selling lipstick formula) and, again, have you guys to thank.  Some of my lovely clients wanted something super soft that would work for every day and I also got asked for a proper nude shade.  Most go too gray for me and suck all of the color out of your face so I literally went through over 100 colors to settle on these two and they're AWESOME!

PURE - is the perfect everyday shade - a nude with a little weight, it's a mix of pink and brown but is barely there
BUFF is a proper nude but is a little warm so you don't look like you just had a date with a vampire and all the color is gone from your face.

I have a BEAUTIFUL mask to share with you and as soon as I get it in I'll tell you all about it!

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