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Erin's Faces Holiday Gift Guide

I am so excited to share all of these holiday goodies with you!!  There's something for everyone - girls AND guys - at super reasonable prices so have a gander (click on the images for a bigger view)!  

Back by popular demand, the Organic Peppermint Body Scrub comes in three sets this year.  This handmade sugar scrub leaves your skin silky, hydrated and polished and smells AMAZING - nothing synthetic here!  You can buy this for literally anyone and they will love it.
Organic Peppermint Body Scrub ($25) 
Peppermint & Cream Set ($25) - Scrub & All Natural Shea Butter Balm
Double Peppermint & Cream Set ($30) - Scrub, Balm & All Natural Peppermint Soap

New to the fold this year is an amazing Organic Bamboo Lemongrass Scrub that employs Bamboo and Walnut as the exfoliant.  Add water and it foams up a bit making for the ultimate spa experience.  If slippery tubs aren't your bag then this is the scrub for you and, as a result, it's perfect to use pre leg shaving.  Guys and girls love the non-fruity smell.
Organic Bamboo Lemongrass Scrub ($25)
Lemongrass & Cream Set ($25) - Scrub & All Natural Shea Butter Balm
Lemongrass, Lavender & Cream Set ($30) - Scrub, Balm & All Natural Lavender Soap

For the makeup girls in your life please believe me when I tell you that they will LOVE you if you get them the Mineral Gloss & Shimmer Set ($25) - no lie!  It includes a full size of my best selling (by a MILE folks) All Natural Lipgloss in Enchanted (a pinky peachy shade with a hit of gold) that literally looks good on ANY skintone and a mini of my best selling Magic Dust which can be used as an eyeshadow, cheek highlight, inner eye highlight - kind of anything - and it's perfect for any skintone as well.  

Okay, so I'm obsessed with these.  The All Natural Peppermint, Lavender & Cinnamon Aromatherapy Mist Set has three of the YUMMIEST smelling sprays that, I'm not kidding, will change your life.  Here's why - you can use them in the bathroom (SO much better for you than the chemical laden ones at the grocery store) as a room spray, in the bedroom as a linen spray, on face/body as a mist/toner (they have a wonderful aloe vera base - so healthy!) and even as an "I didn't get to the dry cleaners and I need to wear this dress again" spray - and yes, I did that - totally worked.  I feel like this is a great gift for teachers, nurses, or anyone with a bathroom.  

This is an awesome skincare set for just about anybody - the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask & Organic Silk Cream Set ($35) has two of my top sellers to retexturize and hydrate skin to the max.  Alpha Hydroxy and Glycolic Acids refine skin's texture in the Pumpkin Mask while Silk Peptide Protein Powder and Grapeseed Oil in the Silk Cream nourish and hydrate skin.  It is PERFECT for winter and great for sisters, aunts, moms and people who like pumpkin pie :).

These All Natural Soaps ($7) are beautiful and come in three fragrances - Peppermint, Cinnamon or Lavender.  They're currently "curing" and will be available on December 12 but I promise they're worth the wait!  I'm also doing the All Natural Soap & Shea Butter Set ($20) which pairs the emollient Shea Butter Body Balm with a soap of your choice.  And you guys, dudes love some soap so these are perfect for your dad, brother, gay neighbors (mine happen to be obsessed with bars of soap) amongst all the ladies in your life who are soap fans.  

Holiday is the time to go big or go home and brush sets are one of the most fun ways to do that.  My Brush Set ($100) is six of the softest Taklon brushes you've ever felt - everything you'll need from Powder and Blush to Foundation, Eyes and Liner.  They come wrapped in a black brush roll so you can keep them neat and tidy.  If you're into a more pint-sized situation the Travel Brush Set ($65) has the SAME awesome soft Taklon fibers (most travel brush sets have crappy brush hairs) of my full size brushes but are easy to fit into a small purse or travel bag. 


Natural Hair - Updos, Braids, Twists and More!

Diana Ross, the patron saint of au natural hair (whether it was all hers or not - wigs anyone? - she rocked the natural look)
So, let's be clear - I am fully aware that I'm a white girl who is writing this post (shout out to Lauren Hooper for her two cents!) but I love ladies rocking their natural hair.  I am all for a fancy Beyonce 'do but I'm also kind of partial to her sister, Solange.  So, here are some other women who are working it out -

Short Hair -

Obsessed and love the flower
Viola Davis showing off her gorgeous shoulders and face with her short cut.
So, she's just kind of too cute for words in general but I happen to also love her hair

Hair Down -

One of my FAVES - natural hair AND color - yes please!

Ebony hair and perfect skin - wouldn't it be nice to be her for a day?

Throwback moment with Ms. Ross

These twists are a great way to maintain a natural look

Solange Knowles working it out

Half Up/Pony

Kelly Rowland giving you Miss Universe realness (I feel like all the Miss Universe pageant women wear their hair parted down the middle, slicked back.  No?  Just me then).


Love it as there's a little nod to the 40's in there too

Okay, so Beyonce will rock a pompom for a photo shoot, I stand corrected.
Updos - quite possibly my favorite category as you get so much volume and texture in the hair and it just looks amazing.

Come on.  So pretty.

Corinne Bailey Rae with a messy updo of cascading curls

Okay, so she happens to be stunningly beautiful but that braid is EVERYTHING.

Love it!  So Brooklyn, waiting on the stoop, looking fabulous.

One of today's queens of natural hair, Jonelle Mone, in her signature look.


Annual Sale for Erin's Faces!

Did you hear the news?!  Erin's Faces, www.erinsfaces.com, is having our Annual Sale!

I launched my line two years ago and it's because of your support that we're up and running and GROWING. SO. MUCH!

Take 10% off of all purchases now through Sunday, November 17, 2013 at midnight, EST by using the discount code NOV2013.  Make sure to hit the "Apply" button to make sure it goes though.

Thank you bunches!  xoxo


Headshot Fun

Giving the gorgeous Lindsie a statement lip on her shoot
So I don't do a huge amount of headshot shoots but I thought I'd gather some that I did do this year and share them because these girls are as sweet as they are pretty.  Click on the pics to make them bigger so you can really check out the makiage :)!

I am obSESSED with Jen's blush in these photos - she is sunny and warm and I feel like that really comes across in these.  Pics by Billy B Photography.

My friend Alli was taking some funny pictures and we did pretty with a soft smoky eye for the first pic and used Flamingo lipstick for a pop on the second - they crack me up!  Photos by Jennifer McClure

We had so much fun with that berry/red lip on Lisa for a bolder look and went softer with a neutral pink in the second shot.  Photos by Billy B Photography.

Marisa is a super natural looking beauty so we went soft and fresh but I wanted to pump up her lipshade a smidge in the red dress.  Photos by Dave Thomas Brown.

Sarah has beautiful skin and we wanted to go super clean on the first shot and then had so. much. fun getting super smoky with a nude lip on the second.  Photos by Tia Byington-Noll.

We got to do a lot of fun things with the stunning Tara - we started out soft and natural, smoked up the eyes and then added a red lip - I love playing!  Photos by Ted Ely.

My sassy Susan wanted one look that was simple but would work in a casual look as well as something a little more dressy and I think we totally did it ;).  Photos by Billy B Photography

Cotton is one of the most fresh faced girls I know so I really didn't want to pile makeup on her because it would read as totally inauthentic.  She still has all of my "Fresh Face" steps but we just went really light with the application.  Photos by Billy B Photography.

Lindsie is another one of my fair maidens who shares my affinity for a strong brow and a good dose of eyeliner.  Photos by Yoav Levin

And little me - my big thing on this shoot was wanting my skin to be good and my eyebrows to match my hair, which was recently red.  Billy B Photography turned it out again :).


Silicone in Skincare - What's the Deal?

Silicone based makeup primers from Smashbox, Makeup Forever, Hourglass and Erin's Faces
If you flip over your makeup primer, foundation or concealer these ingredients are probably in at least one (if not all three) of them - dimethicone and cyclomethicone (any of the "cones" really).  And they are great for makeup - they are inert so they, generally speaking, don't break you out and, because they can't penetrate the skin, they don't clog pores.  They also form a barrier between your skin (generally a velvety yummy feeling one) and your complexion product so you don't break it down as quickly - bueno!

Here's my issue - I am not a fan of silicones in moisturizers and in serums.  I think it's false advertisement, a waste of your money and did a quickie 2 minute video on why:

So check your labels, see where you're putting your money and spend wisely!!