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Joey Healy Brow Launch with Completely Bare Spa

My longtime friend, Joey Healy, already has his own brow studio in Manhattan because he is tre fancy, but he just launched in Completely Bare Spas and has a staff and everything - crazy legit!  I wrote a post on Joey back in June of 2011 HERE but this event deserved another :).  All of the Eyebrow Specialists were trained by Joey himself in his technique of tweezing and went through a serious vetting process (I was part of it so I can confirm!) and you can go to The Brow Shop at Completely Bare for one of three services:

Eyebrow Tinting - $35
Eyebrow Shaping - $55
Blueprint - shaping & tinting - $75

Cindy Barshop, owner of Completely Bare, with Joey Healy
I got to go to a private preview of the Brow Shop on 5th Avenue and here's what went down ~

Ronia doing Devyn Abdullah's, of "The Face", brows

Jenny working on Miss USA 2012, Nana Meriwether
Joey and myself, with freshly coifed brows
My girl, Tara Zielenski, who works for Joey
My beautiful friend, Di Ana Pisarri of I Got Naked Today, who was my date for the night with our Brow Specialist, Jenny

This is the handy-dandy brow card situation that your brow specialist fills out after measuring your brows and is able to make rec's for future visits, products you should grab and shows you how even/uneven your brows are.  Love it!

The awesome tweezers that were in our gift bags.

Joey Healy Architect Stylo Pencil in Wicker

Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder in Equestrian - my shade :)


Prettiness at the MTV Video Music Awards

Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Ciara, Lady Gaga
In case you didn't get the memo the VMA's were last night and while there were some nutty situations going on in the hair/makeup department (amongst other decisions) some ladies really turned it out (and I don't know who a third of these people are so I'm feeling old folks).

My one note is that the women seemed to either look ethereally beautiful or downright trashy.  I feel like the VMAs are a place where you get to take more of a chance, not go for the Oscar beauty, but go for the fun, risk-taking glam squad routine.  So I missed that but you can decide for yourself:

Allison Williams looked so pretty!  Fake lashes, a little smoke, and a neutral but present lip - like it.

Holy cow did Ciara look pretty!  Super neutral makeup, cheekbones for days and newly darkened tresses.

Ellie Goulding went tre natural with minimal makeup and beachy hair with a serious side part.

Holland Roden with fake lashes, strawberry lips and a smoothed bun.

Iggy Azalea looked so classically beautiful with her embroidered dress, sharp cheekbones and statement lip.

Jennifer Hudson has what I like to call "credit card eyes" - a makeup artist I used to know who did Britney Spears a fair bit liked to use a credit card to make a really sharp line with eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eyes - very fun!

You can always count on Katy Perry to bring out the wacky and I mean that in the best way possible.  That being said her makeup is always ON POINT and her artist kept it clean with a strong brow and fake lash.

Lady Gaga went against her norm and sported a peach lip, soft liner and that was about it.  Oh, and a long black wig.  There was that.

Nope, that is not Kim Kardashian, it's Naya Rivera from Glee with a serious blowout, super long lash and silvery liner.

Rita Ora going with a strong brow, nude lip, nude eye and blunt bob.

Selena Gomez working a berry lip and winged liner.

Shailene Woodley is giving you full waterline black liner, a silvery/taupe shadow and dewy skin.

I am a huge nerd and am very happy at the concept of Danity Kane, at least four out of five, getting back together again - manufacturers of hairspray, false lashes and self tanner agree - I love these girls!

Channeling her inner Veronica Lake, Taylor Swift looked stunning last night - red lip, retro hair, winged liner, strong brow (for a blond) - she was my fave of the night!


Current Obsession - Fleegal Farms Soaps

We just got back from a weekend in Wimberly, Texas - land of watering holes, the Blanco River and cypress trees.  One of our afternoons was spent making the rounds in "the square" which is full of fun shops.

One of the many rooms at Chick a Dee
Chick a Dee was one of my faves - antiques, vintage clothing, bath and body goodies - which is where I got introduced to Fleegal Farms from Austin.

To say that they have a roster of soap fragrances would be an understatement.  And you know I'm a nut for ingredients so when I flipped a bar over to read the list my eyes lit up - no parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates,or harsh detergents.  Instead they start with filtered rain water and add high quality food grade oils, choosing botanical oils over animal derived fats, that are handmade in small batches.

Spearmint Scrub

I walked out with Spearmint Scrub for me - a combo of mint and orange that gets its green color from spirulina and scrubbies from freshly ground flax seeds - and my husband, Daniel, picked out Lumberjack which uses spruce, fir, cedar, cocoa and a little cinnamon bark with wheat bran.  We both smell YUMMY.

Here are some others that call my name -

Mexican Chocolate

Palmarosa Bergamot
And pictures of Wimberly

Jacob's Well - the mouth of one of the longest underwater caves in Texas and headwater to Cypress Creek

Gorgeous cypress trees over the Blanco River

So pretty!


Fun Stationary

If you have ever ordered anything from me you know that I love a thank you note - I love shopping for the stationary, the feel of creamy paper, a good pen, choosing the right card for the right person and I have some favorite spots to find them.

I first went to Gwen Frostic's stationary store in Benzonia, Michigan when I was in elementary school.  She has a wall of cards that you pull from to choose what you like and the butterflies, flowers and ladybugs drew me in from the jump.  I later fell for the wrapping paper, calendars and even used the postcards for my wedding save-the-dates.  They have a beautiful deckled edge on both the card and the envelope and there are over 100 designs to choose from - love!

Yellow Mums - one of my faves! - with tiny cards too - so fun!
Elum has a wonderful cardstock which they letterpress with beautiful designs and colors - I love the way my pen feels on the paper and they make writing thank you notes fun.

I just made these cards HERE
If you like to personalize your cards to the utmost level you can go to Shutterfly and upload any pics you like to make holiday cards, thank you cards, you name it.    They have tons of designs to choose from and you can even personalize the text on the inside.
Who doesn't love a card with a bird on it?  I'm a sucker for birds.
I highly enjoy trolling the "paper aisle" in HomeGoods or Marshall's to pick up some George Stanley or Mara Mi Notecards - they generally have something cute for a great price.

I think they remind me of the cards in my baby book.
My other favorite place to go for stationary is Etsy - I love "glitter" cards from the 1960's/70's.  It's pretty easy to find Christmas or Easter cards but harder to find "everyday" cards.  They may not be your vibe but I am a big fan.

Worst case make a Target run - they've got awesome stationary there - and write a friend a note - they can be as fun to send as they are to receive!