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More Braids

So, as of this moment in time nearly 18,000 people have looked at my post on Braids (click HERE to read/see it).  Meaning ladies like braids - me too!  And I feel like we're headed into the weather where braids really start to become not just a fashion statement, but a necessity as the hot weather rolls in.

The show that is really showcasing crazy beautiful braids right now is Game of Thrones on HBO but the ladies are sporting them on the red carpet as well ~

Kahleesi/Princess Daererys hair from Game of Thrones

Who knew Medieval hairstyles could be so hip?

Half-Up Braids ~

Molly Sims in a circle braid

Braids on the side

Love this! She's her own barette :)

Double braid - nuts

Kim Kardashian with two skinny side braids

Minka Kelly with natural texture and two braids

Short hair can do it too!  Carrie Mulligan with two tiny fishtail braids

Single Side Braids ~

Beyonce with a sideswept bang and sideswept braid

Eva Longoria with her version

Gabrielle Union doing a side braid which starts low near the  shoulder

Jennifer Hudson with a 40's style bang and side braid

Elizabeth Olsen with a very messy/twisted braid - like!

Kiki Palmer with a full and fluffed side braid

Salma Hayek with a center part, bangs out and messy braid with a long tail

Shakira rocking a twisted sort of braid

Miley Cyrus sporting an unkempt, super pretty braid

Alicia Keys and her fishtail

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss

I just like the center part with no bangs on this one 

Braided Updos ~

Jamie King with a bedazzled headband

A French-braided pony on Jennifer Morrison

Alicia Keys with a chubby braid and slicked back hair

Bella Thorne with a heavy bang and double circle braid

Drew Barrymore - love this! Braid in the front and BRAIDS in the back

Looks like four braids coming together to make a braid-a-palooza on Brittany Snow

A Heidi braid topping Candice Accola's pretty head

Florence Welch and a true Heidi braid - did anyone watch the Shirley Temple movie?  I loved that one :)

Kim Kardashian and her braided bun

Lydia Hearst with a double braid and full bang (similar to Bella Thorne,  no?)

And speaking of Bella, Kristen Stewart with wispies and a side braid

Sara Rue with a thicker braid 

Amanda Seyfried with an even thicker braid

Pretty French braid 

Don't know how this would look in real life but love it for the pic

Lots of braids on Beyonce!

And a single braid

Christina Aguilera channeling her inner Swiss Alps girl

Emily Blunt with a French braided bun
Super fun triple fishtail situation that I could never do but I like it!

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