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Multi Generational Makeup

I really loved the book by Kevyn Aucoin, Making Faces, back in college when I started getting excited about makeup.  If you've never checked it out you should because he was a GENIUS and was super creative.

One of the entries in the book took two women, mother and daughter, and Kevyn did the same makeup on both of them to show how it totally can work on different ages.  Well, my mom is in from Florida and I convinced her to let me do a video using her as my model.  I figured you guys have seen me, and will continue to see me, sans makeup so we started with my makeup having already been completed and then used all of the same products/colors (except foundation/concealer) on my mom.  I think it's neat because it shows that the exact same look can look related but unique on different people. 

We may or may not have gotten the giggles a couple of times.

For Part I click HERE

For Part II click HERE

1 comment:

  1. I *loved* that!! You and your mom both look beautiful :) So much fun!