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Eyeliner to Blow Your Mind - or at Least Mine

Alright ladies, can we talk?  I am kind of beyond happy because a big moment happened for me this evening - and it's going to sound like a commercial but I'm excited so I have to share.

Reese Witherspoon with inner rim eyeliner going on (top and bottom)

Jennifer Lopez working out the same thing

Hayden Panettiere going for maximum contrast

Okay - so I love liner in the waterline (otherwise known as the inner rim of the eye) - every chick in Hollywood does it and I think it is super pretty.  I don't want to rock it on a daily basis but I would like to option it for an event where I feel like it would be nice.  Here's the thing - NOTHING stays in my waterline.  Nothing.  Not waterproof pencils (I've tried them all - Lancome, Urban Decay, Stila - you name it), not cream/gel eyeliners (again, have tried Stila, Bobbi - basically almost anyone owned by Estee Lauder) until the day I popped the Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner (Estee Lauder owned) on my eyes.  It looked awesome and it stayed put for hours!  However, I wanted to claw my eyes out - it was so uncomfortable I couldn't handle it and washed my eyes the best I could in the bathroom of the theatre we had gone to that evening with the soap in the dispenser.  If you know me you know how unacceptable I would normally find the concept of the soap in the dispenser touching any part of my face under normal circumstances but I just couldn't handle it.

The liner look I was going for - but I like lots of blush so Ms. Chiseled Cheeks and I differed on that front. 
So, tonight while going to a friend's concert I randomly threw my Mahogany Cream Eyeliner in my waterline.  I have put it on tons of girls, tightlining on the top lashline and waterlining on the bottom, and it totally stayed but I just always assumed it wouldn't work on me because I have freak tear ducts.  May I just share with you that it STAYED?!  All night!  I almost threw a party.

I have a client in Florida who wears it in the sticky heat while playing tennis - it stays.  Another friend is a Pilates instructor who wrote "Thank you for having the only eyeliner that will stay on my face during this summer heat, and will also come off of my face easily at the end of the day. I love it!" so other people like it too :).  It's an awesome combo of cream and gel - you have about 45 seconds to smudge it, after applying with a brush, if you want to soften it and then it is on for the day. 

It currently comes in Onyx (super black) and Mahogany (espresso brown) and I'm going to be launching a Navy and a Purple this fall so keep an eye out at www.erinsfaces.com!

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