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Dry Hands, Lips and Hair, Oh My!

I don't know about you guys, but I love a hot shower and that does not work out so well in the winter.  And I am not about to do the lukewarm thing that all of the doctors in magazines tell you to do, but I will admit that my body gets a bit crackly and dry in the colder months without some specific attention, SO, here's how I make it all work - steamy shower and all!

I got a bit creative with some milk paint (great for furniture, hard for walls) and did some post-paint sanding on a couple of chairs that I was working on.  I did not wear gloves because I was not at my mental best.  Thus, I had the driest hands on earth - NOTHING would help them!  Not my tried and true L'Occitane, not Ahava, nothing.  I literally had torn my hands to shreds and nothing could fix it -- UNTIL I remembered my little tin of Bee Bar Lotion (http://www.beebar.net/) - this stuff is MAGIC!  It is solid so you rub it in your hands, or if they're crazy dry and you're a little trailer park as I am, you rub the back of your nail against the bar til you have a small "lump" of goodness and rub that over your hands.  I enjoy the Hawaiian scent but it comes in all flavors.  And I know my mother is cringing from that walk-through of the product, but it's how you do it and you need to know :).

And speaking of bars, my stepmom gave me  the All Natural Foot Balm in Peppermint-Tea Tree for heels and feet (I'm sure you can use the Bee Bar for them too but I like this one better as a foot fragrance) from Naples Creek Soaps (http://www.naplescreeksoaps.com/).  It has Emu Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba, Shea Butter, Aloe Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter and Beeswax.  Do it for three consecutive nights, wear socks (normal socks, not the fuzzy kind) to bed and voila!  Your feet and heels will be super soft literally overnight!

A little self promotion - I gave Erin's Faces Shea Butter Body Balm (http://www.erinsfaces.com/) to my family for Christmas after giving some to a friend with eczema who fell in love with it.  I am obsessed guys.  It's awesome.  I hadn't planned on offering a body balm but I think I'm going to add it because it leaves my skin hydrated, happy and totally soft ALL DAY - my husband even noticed!  I like it with Organic Lavender Oil but it also comes unscented and the Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5 pack a hydrating punch.   

I can't remember if I've expressed my love for Jack Black's Lipbalm SPF's yet (http://www.sephora.com/) but even if so, it bears repeating.  This is, hands-down, my favorite lipbalm of all time!  Mineral Oil and Petroleum free, it feels super hydrating, has an SPF and comes in a number of yummy smells (Mint and Grapefruit are my faves).  I put it on every night when I go to bed and every morning when I leave the house.
If your hair gets super dry in the winter, as mine does, the Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment (http://www.ojon.com/) is messy but crazy good.  You scoop out about a teaspoon, rub it together (it looks like a wax in the jar) til it liquifies and then rub that on your DRY hair.  You wait 30 minutes and then wash your hair like normal.  They say to do your whole head but I just do ears down because I feel like I'll be a greaseball otherwise.  Anyhow, your hair feels like silk!  So soft!  It's pretty gross while you're waiting before you shower but totally worth the results in the end.

So hydrate up and you can brave the rest of the winter with supple skin, lips and hair :).

Have a great New Year's everybody!


Great Gifts Ideas For the Holidays

Happy December guys! 

Sorry I have been MIA - I've been a busy little elf filling orders from the launch and getting gift sets ready for the holidays from http://www.erinsfaces.com/ - that are exclusive to erin's faces girls and boys - they're not even avail on the website yet! - but you can email me at erin@erinsfaces.com to get them. 

1 - This season giving the gift of great skin is a wonderful way to pamper the people you love.  You can do it with a gift certificate in ANY amount -

2 - These two sets were going to be exclusive at the Launch Party but they did so well I'm going to keep them as a permanent part of the line.  They're a crazy good deal and a great way to try five skincare pieces all at once.

Oily To Combination Skin Kit - $45
Oil Defense Cleanser (with Rosewater and Aloe) - 2 oz
Organic Clarifying Serum (with DMAE and Vitamin B3) - .5 oz
Organic Silk Cream (with Silk Peptides and Grapeseed Oil) - .5 oz
Oil Free SPF 15 (with Honey, Vitamin A and Witch Hazel) - .5 oz
Oil Free Night Treatment (with Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Arnica)- .5 oz

Normal to Dry Skin Kit - $45
Organic Milk Cleanser (with Aloe, Sugar Cane Extract and Green Tea) - 2 oz
Organic Firming Serum (with Niacinamide, DMAE and Alpha Lipoic Acid) - .5 oz
Organic Silk Cream (with Silk Peptides and Grapeseed Oil) - .5 oz
PepToxyl SPF 30 (with Matrixyl 3000, Soy Proteins and Peptides) - .5 oz
LifToxyl Creme (93% Shea Butter with Vitamin # and Sodium Hyaluronate) -.5 oz

How many holiday palettes do you buy and are stuck with eyeshadow colors you'll never use, or you search for one for your mom/sister and you can't find one with shades she'd like?  Problem solved!  With the You-Choose Palette ($65) can make your own and choose the colors - Choose from 28 Mineral Eyeshadow Colors (mattes and shimmers available), 12 Mineral Blushes (matte and shimmer available) and everyone gets the beautiful Mineral Matte Bronzer Sunkissed.  They come in a great compact with a HUGE mirror and you can be certain it'll be a perfect fit.

Boys.  What do you get for them?  I'll just say this - you don't want to walk around with your husband when you're 80 and you've been taking care of your skin and he looks like a wrinkled prune.  So do some recon and get something easy.  The Oil Defense Cleanser ($30) is PERFECT for boys and he WILL use it - maybe only in the shower, but he'll still use it.  It leaves skin squeaky clean but won't dry him out.  We can upgrade him to moisturizer (Oil Free Night Treatment is great!) and eye cream (PepToxyl Eye Cream is lightweight) next year.

Happy shopping!